Ultimate Fighter TV report - Roxanne Modaferri vs. Jessica Rakoczy

Show kicks off at the training centre in Team Rouseys locker room. Ronda's pissed that Miesha would pick Jessica Rakoczy of Team Rousey to fight because she has an injured shoulder. Ronda said it doesn't matter though because Jessica will win. Miesha brings in former UFC fighter Dennis Hallman to be a guest coach. While Hallman's there, Edmund (trainer on Team Rousey) is giving him the death stare non stop. They exchange words and Hallman challenges Edmund to settle it right then and there but Edmund says he can't cause he'd get kicked off the show. Edmund came off so bad here because he pretty much initiated this fight and then backs down. So after Edmund refuses to fight, lunatic Ronda gets right up in Hallmans face and tells him to be a man and fight Edmund at a time when it won't affect his job, and Hallman says no problem. All of a sudden Dana's there and he explains to the camera how all this bad blood dates back to the negative comments Bryan Caraway made about Ronda. Edmund is demanding an apology from Bryan and Dennis and Dana, who looks a little annoyed, tells Edmund Bryan has already apologized. Dana then sat out in his car and waited for everyone to leave to make sure no fights broke out. While in the parking lot, he had a talk with Ronda and explained how an altercation would be good for nobody. At team Tates practice, it was revealed that Roxanne Modafferi doesn't like to go hard in practice and that frustrated her training partner Racquel Pennington. So Miesha decided to let the girls and guys train together.
After the break, they show Roxanne teaching Shayna Baszler japanese. Shayna said she fought Roxanne years ago in japan and won. She said after the fight, Roxanne showed Shayna around japan and they became friends. Pretty much the entire house (members of both team Tate and team Rousey) love Roxanne. They all think she's funny and extraordinarily positive. 
After the break, Jessica talks about how she grew up. She said she lived with a very abusive step father. He was abusive to Jessica, her mom, and her brother. At the age of 15, Jessica couldn't take it anymore and moved out. She said her mom would always have black eyes and that she thought her mom was stronger than that. Then one day she got a call saying her mom was dead. She doesn't say how her mom died, but it doesn't matter because its a sad, terrible story regardless.
The consensus for the fight between Roxanne and Jessica is that Jessica will win if its kept standing and Roxanne will win if it goes to the ground.
Roxanne Modafferi vs Jessica Rakoczy
Round 1- It took Roxanne about 30 seconds to get the fight to the ground with an easy takedown. Roxanne didn't do a whole lot except keep Jessica down as she tried to get up. After continuously failing to get up, Jessica was able to reverse Roxanne and get top position. Roxanne was extremely busy off her back trying a bunch of submissions. They both got back to their feet with about a minute left, and Roxanne took Jessica down again and finished the round on top. 10-9 Modafferi
Round 2- Roxanne is gassed!! She makes Kimbo slice at the end of a fight look like Clay Guida. Roxanne was going for takedowns but Jessica was clocking her and actually dropped her. Roxanne got back to her feet and was working for a takedown while Jessica grabbed the cage. Ref stopped the fight to give Jessica a final warning about grabbing the cage. I thought for sure he was taking away a point but he didn't. The fight resumed in the position they were in prior to the warning. Roxanne got the takedown and that took her last bit of energy. Jessica was able to reverse it and land a couple of clean shots before the ref stopped it.
Winner- Jessica Rakoczy
After the fight, members of both teams seemed really sad the Roxanne lost. It just shows how well liked she is in the house. Shayna was very upset and she went over and consoled Roxanne.
Fight announcement had team Rousey picking David Grant vs Louis Fisette.
Another good episode. I really like this season. Between the coaches rivalry, the assistant coaches rivalry, the combination of men and women in the house, plus the fights themselves, I feel this show is great.

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