Ultimate Fighter TV report

By Andre Allen

Show kicks off with Roxanne and Jessica talking. Roxanne tells Jessica that she's bummed she lost but if she was gonna lose, she's glad it was to Jessica. I don't think there's ever been a more likable person on TUF than Roxanne. She's not a great fighter at all, but she's so likable that you just want to see her win. Hopefully she gets a fight in the finale. Later they show Roxanne crying about the loss. Next scene had Louis Fisette and David Grant talking about their upcoming fight. Both guys acknowledged that it was part of the job and they were friends before the fight and they'll be friends after the fight. David talks about how his life was going nowhere till he met his fiance. Says she encouraged him to follow his dreams and would take care of the kids and work fulltime while he trained. Now that's a girl you marry. 
After the break, a few of the fighters were playing truth or dare. Just silly stuff really with the only interesting part being when Anthony Gutierrez was asked who he thought was the weakest link in the house. He said Louis Fisette. Fisette was a little bothered by it and asked Anthony why. Anthony said basically because he tapped to Holdsworth. In my opinion, Fisette was the only logical answer as he lost his initial fight to get into the house. Fisette said he respected Gutierrez for answering the question. Later Fisette talks about growing up in Canada, he never really got into fights and when he was 18 his friend introduced him to MMA and he loved it. He says he's fine with being the underdog and that while he respects David Grant, he doesn't fear him.
After the break, they show how some guys (Anthony Gutierrez in particular) aren't always eating clean. That led to David and Louis who have to make weight for their fight. Louis was at 145 lbs and said it was no problem whereas David was at about 150 and said cutting weight is worst part of a fight. Ronda brought her mom, Dr. Ann Maria Demars, to training. She is pretty intense and you get a better understanding of why Ronda is how she is. Rondas mom showed up at the house later to talk with David (he missed training to cut weight) and gave him a good pep talk.
After the break Miesha and Bryan Caraway sneaked into Team Rouseys lockeroom and put a count dracula figurine with Edmunds name on it and a coupon to get his eye brows waxed. It was actually pretty funny but Shayna Baszler and Ronda found it first and figured Edmund would go nuts if he saw it, so they decided against showing him. Ronda said that she's gonna kick Mieshas ass again. Both David Grant and Louis Fisette made weight.
David Grant vs Louis Fisette
Round 1- The first couple of minutes were spent standing and Grant was just having his way with Fisette. Grant then took Fisette down and landed some good clean shots. Grant actually went for an armbar but in doing so, lost position and Fisette ended up on top. Grant quickly got position back and was raining down elbows just as the bell rang. Easy round for Grant and most likely a 10-8 round. Grant 10-8
Round 2- Fisette came out and immediately went for a takedown that was stuffed by Grant. Grant ended up getting a takedown of his own. Grant landed a bit of ground and pound, got Fisettes back, sunk in a rear naked choke, and Fisette tapped.
Winner- David Grant
I think this was the best fight of the season granted it was one sided. Grant looked really good here and he's going to be hard to beat.
Fight announcement had Team Rousey picking Jessamyn Duke (team Rousey) vs Racquel Pennington (team Tate)
The streak of good shows continued with this episode. This season is just so good. I find that there are a lot of fighters who stand out where in past seasons, not many fighters stood out. Tonights episode didn't have much drama between Ronda and Miesha but it did have a great performance by David Grant.

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