UFC News: Ben Rothwell suspended for elevated testosterone

Ben Rothwell, who defeated Brandon Vera on 8/31 in Milwaukee, publicly stated to MMAjunkie.com that he had been suspended by the UFC for nine months for elevated testosterone levels.

Rothwell had been given a testosterone replacement therapy exemption by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Servicdes, which oversees MMA. 

The local commission gave Rothwell a warning as his testosterone replacement therapy put him at above the allowable limits for the fight.  However, the UFC chose to suspend him for nine months.

However, because of local commission did not suspend him, the result of his fight has not been overturned.  That makes it more of a question because Brandon Vera could have been cut with the loss, and the loss still stands.  Vera was cut once by UFC after losing to Thiago Silva, but the result was overturned by the Nevada commission when the urine Silva submitted for his sample was not human and thus was considered a positive test.

Rothwell released a statement saying he had been tested once a week for the final eight week before the fight and fell within legal limits.  He said he was going to fight the suspension.

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