UFC live coverage from Sao Paulo, Brazil - Maia vs. Shields

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC's Fight Night from Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil:


First round: This crowd is hot. Patrick got a takedown right away. Whiteley up. Patrick kicked him in the groin and we have a time out. Patrick did a cartwheel kick but didn’t quite land. Whiteley stunned himwith an uppercut. Patrick landed a left and another left. Left by Patrick. Knee by Whiteley. Left by Patrick knocked him down and Patrick with lots of punches on the ground and it was stopped by ref Marc Goddard.


First round: Trading kicks. Body kick by Santos. Body kick back by Cariaso. Santos is way bigger. Takedown by Santos. He landed in side control. . He got a few rights in on the ground. Santos got his back and going for a kneebar but Cariaso spun to the top. Body kick by Santos and Cariaso landed a punch. Santos landing several hard shots. Trading body kicks. Another right by Santos. Left by Cariaso. Santos working for a takedown and got it. Santos 10-9.

Second round: Cariaso throwing left kicks. Cariaso in and out now. Both throwing punches. Santos with a knee and a kick. Cariaso landed an uppercut and a left. . Cariaso hurt him with a punch and landing punches on the ground. Cariaso landing punches on the ground. Santos up and landed a knee. Santos bleeding for the mouth and nose. Right by Cariaso. Cariaso landing a lot of punches. Santos wanted a takedown. Both winging punches now. Body kick by Cariaso. High kick and several punches by Cariaso. Cariaso shoved him away. Cariaso is landing more punches and a high kick. Cariaso put him down with a punch. Knee by and punch by Cariaso. The ref stopped the fight. Fans hated the stoppage. Santos was hurt against the fence.


First round: Cabral took him down and has his back and got hooks in. Mitchell turned and is underneath him. Cabal landing several punches. Michtell tried a heel hook but Cabral spun out. He moved to side control. He got Mitchell’s back again. Now he’s back in side control. Mitchell back to his feet. 10-9 Cabral.

Second round: Cabral dropped him with a right and throwing punches on the ground. Cabral has his back again. Mitchell tried an ankle lock but Cabral escaped and moved to side control. Cabral dominating him on the ground. Mitchell finally got to his feet. Mitchell dropped down but Cabral spun to the top. Mitchell tried an uma plata. Cabral dropping punches. Cabral moved to side control. Another takedown by Cabral. Cabral’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Cabral took him down. Cabral moved to a full mount. Now into side control. Cabral showing a great Jiu Jitsu game. He worked for a choke but Mitchell escaped. Now Cabral moved to back control. Mitchell went for a triangle but Cabral out. If you like Jiu Jitsu, this was your fight. Cabral went for a head and arm choke but Mitchell survived. Cabral’s round, should win 30-27 easily. Some people would find this fight boring and some would really like this.

Scores: 30-27 across the board for Cabral


First round: Araujo threw two kicks and shot in for an attempted takedown that he didn’t get. Alcantara threw him down. Knee by Alcantara and another knee to the body by Alcantara. Araujo tried a takedown but ended up on his back. Alcantara on top. Nice sweep by Araujo, but Alcantara reversed back to the top. Alcantara grabbed a kravat choke but Araujo escaped to the top. Araujo got a few punches in. Alcantara 10-9

Second round: Araujo landed a few good punches. Alcantara took him down. Araujo tried an uma plata. He tried a gogoplata but Alcantara escaped. Now Alcantara throwing punches. Trading punches and Alcantara landed a right, Alcantara took him down and Araujo reversed to the top immediately. Araujo staying on top but not doing much damage. He landed a few more punches as the round ended. Close round to Araujo so 19-19 after two rounds.

Third round: Araujo working for a takedown and got Alcantara down. Alcantara looks really tired. Alcantara tried a heel hook but Araujo out of it and on top. Alcantara again trying for a heel hook. Araujo landing punches and ended up in full mount as the match ended. Araujo’s round for sure, should win 29-28.

Scores:  29-28 across the board for Araujo


First round: Assuncao landed a right. Crowd super hot. This is probably the best fight on this show. Takedown by Dillashaw. Assuncao right back up. Dillashaw landed an uppercut. Left landed by Assuncao. Dillashaw with a low kick but missed punches and missed a high kick. Assucnao landed a left. Dillashaw landed a right and high kick. Dillashaw got his back and now in piggy back position working for a choke. He doesn’t have the choke. He’s working for the choke again but doesn’t have the throat. Assuncao back up to his feet. Crowd loves the fight. Assuncao swelling under the left eye. Dillashaw threw a flying kick and slipped. These guys are both very good. 10-9 Dillashaw.

Second round: Assuncao landed a left. Assuncao with a low kick. Body kick blocked by Assuncao and Assuncao landed another two body kicks. Left landed by Assuncao. High kick landed by Dillashaw. Assuncao is a much bigger guy. Good right by Assuncao. Dillashaw went for a takedown. Assuncao grabbed a guillotine. Crowd super hot. Dillashaw out of it and both on their feet. Assuncao landed a hard left hook. Dillashaw with a body kick. Assuncao went for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Dillashw got a takedown and got Assuncao’s back. Dillashaw bleeding like a faucet from the nose. Assuncao back up. Left by Assuncao. Both trading punches. Assuncao getting the better of the stand-up. Assuncao’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Assuncao got Dillashaw on the ground but he was back up . Dillashaw’s kicks are slow and Assuncao is able to grab the leg almost every time. Body kick by Assuncao. Trading punches. Assuncao working for a takedown but didn’t get it. Dillashaw bleeding a lot. Dillashaw cut bad over the right eye. Right by Assucnao. Takedown by Dillashaw but Assuncao right back up. Assuncao trying to get the takedown but couldn’t complete it. Riggt by Dillashaw. Close third round. I’ve got Assuncao 29-28 but could go the other way.

Scores: 29-28 Dillashaw 29-28 Assuncao 29-28 Assuncao. Couldn’t argue either way.


First round: Pierce moved in with punches and got a takedown. Palhares went for a leglock from the bottom. Palhares dropped down again and grabbed an ankle lock and Pierce’s knee was tearing up and he tapped before he even hit the ground. Pierce was mad that Palhares kept the hold on after he tapped. :31


First round: Beltran moved in going for a takedown. Beltran was warned about low blows. Beltran landed some punches and again trying for a takedown. Maldonado body punching and Beltran threw a knee. Beltran landing several punches. Beltran controlling the head and nice body shot and uppercut. Knee by Beltran. Right by Beltran. Maldonado throwing body pucnhes. Another uppercut by Beltran and Maldonado with punches and an uppercut. Big left by Maldonado. Knee by Beltran. Beltran landing more body punches. Maldonado working for a guillotine but Beltran throwing more uppercuts. Beltran 10-9.

Second round: Both trading body punches. Maldonado with a series of big punches. Beltran with a knee and severa elbows and knees. Beltran with more dirty boxing. Maldonado’s lack of aggression is costing him this fight as he’s clearly the better fighter but is just holding back waiting for Beltran to tire. Maldonado keeps daring Beltran to punch him in the chin. Maldonado landing a lot of punches now. Beltran wants a takedown but is too tired. Maldonado with body shots from close range. Maldonado landing a lot now. Beltran landed a nice punch. Both trading punches. Maldonado’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Both trading punches but Maldonado landing more. Maldonado continuing to land jabs. Good right and left. Beltran missing punches. Beltran landed a good right. Maldonado mocked him like Anderson Silva would. Beltran was way too slow when he shoots for a takedown. Maldonado hurt him with a right. Maldonado landing lots of jabs. Maldonado taunting him and inviting Beltran to punch him. Beltran landed a right. Beltran landed some good punches. Uppercut by Beltran. Maldonado bleeding from the mouth. Knees by Beltan and body punches by Maldonado Maldonado with a low blow. Mario Yamasaki warned him about it. Maldonado bleeding bad from the mouth. Maldonado landed a right. Beltran with uppercuts. Beltran with a takedown and a knee to the body. Beltran landing lots of lefts and punches at the end of the round. Beltran won the fight in the last minute in my mind 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Beltran 29-28 Maldonado 29-28 Maldonado. Crowd cheered Maldonado winning because he’s the Brazilian.


First round: Hamill looks in good shape. Silva missed weight and doesn’t look in his best shape, but I don’t know that Hamill has what it takes to beat Silva. Hamill got a takedown right away. Silva up and moved away. Silva landed a few shots. Silva blocked a takedown. Silva hurt him with a right. Silva now landing more punches. Silva is landing low kicks. Silva landing more punches. Nice body shot by Hamill. Silva landing lot of low kicks. Left by Silva and now Hamill landing. Silva 10-9.

Second round: Hamill with a low kick knocked Silva down. Hamill threw punches and Silva ack. I wonder about Silva’s conditioning here. Hamill got the takedown. Silva right back up. Silva is exhausted. Hamill with a body shot. Silva still landing low kicks. Hamill landing punches now. Hamill tripped him down but Silva back up. Silva kick to the body. Crowd starting to boo. Big right by Silva. Silva knocked him down. If Silva wasn’t so tired, he’d have finished Hamill by now. Silva throwing punches on the ground but Hamill back up. Silva landing hard punches. Hamill is exhausted now. Knee by Silva. Hamil got a takedown but Silva right back up. Hamill got the takedown. Silva’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Hamill tried a takedown but can’t get it. Silva has Hamill’s back on the ground. Hamill back up and Silva landing low kicks. Hamill can barely move. Hamill went for a super slow takedown that Sivla easily evaded. Hamill is so tired. Another low kicks by Silva. Hamill poked him in the eye. The doctor came in to check on Silva. Silva said he could go. Silva landing low kicks. Uppercut by Hamill but so slow. Another low kick by Silva. Hamill was trying a takedown. Left by Silva. Another low kick by Silva. Knee to the body by Silva. Hamill is just dead. Hamill is about to go. Silva is killing Hamill with low kicks. 30-27 Silva can’t be any other score.

It looks like Silva broke his right hand.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27, and 29-27 for Silva


First round: Spinning elbow by Silva. Kim working for a takedown. Silva blocked the takedown. Silva evaded the takedown again. Silva throwing several knees. Silva landing big shots and knees. Kim tied him up. Silva got away. Kim pressed him against the cage. Kim missed a spinning backfist by a mile. Silva with knees. Sivla missed a punch badly. Kim knocked Silva down with a left. Now Kim on top in the mount. Kim remained in mount. Silva hasn’t been able to get off his back. Kim doing no punching from the top. Silva fighting hard from the bottom but can’t get Kim off him. Now Kim throwing some pucnhes. 10-9 Kim.

Second round: Silva with hard punches and a flying knee. This is great. Silva dropped him with an elbow. Kim is trying to wrestle him. Kim tied him up again. Silva broke free. Kim looks tired and then landed a high kick. Uppercut by Silva. Silva missed a killer punch. Knee by Silva. Both now are really tired. Silva landed a hard right. Kim ducked a spinning shot. Silva landed big punches. Knee by Silva. Silva got his back. Silva took him down. Front kick by Kim. Kim knocked Silva out with a left out of nowhere. Both threw at the same time and Kim ducked and knocked Sival cold with the left. Great fight.


First round: Maia shooting for a takedown immeidatley. Shields blocked him. Maia finally got him down after a 40 second struggle. Loud Jiu Jitsu chant. Maia punching on the ground. Sheilds back up. Shields really wants a takedown. Maia blocked it. Maia took him down again. Maia in the piggy back position. Shields flipped Maia down and now Shields is on top. He stayed on top the rest of the round throwing some elbows. Close round Maia 10-9

Second round: Both working for a takedown to start the round. Both blocking the other. Shields has a bloody nose. Shields got the takedown and is on top. Shields again throwing some elbows. Shields not doing any damage past the short elbows but Maia has ben on his back the entire round and threatened at no point. Shields’ round. So 19-19 after two.

Third round: Neither going for a takedown. Left by Maia. Shields went for a takedown but Maia blocked it. Now they’re in a clinch. Maia now going for a takedown. Back to their feet. Maia landed several punhces. He got behind Shields. Maia got the takedown. He’s got Shields’ back. Maia throwing punches and Shields reversed to the top. Great move by Shields. Fans booing but this is what you shoud expect with these two. Maia doing nothing off his back. Crowd booing heavy. Shields with a few elbows as the round ended. Shields round, up 29-28.

Fourth round: Shields again working for a takedown. Maia defending. Maia got underhooks. Marc Goddard broke up the clinch. Don’t know why since they’re going to end up right back there. Shields went for a taekdown. Maia blocked it and back up. Shelds again went for a takedown and not getting it. Maia landed on top with 2:00 left. Maia landing some body punches. Goddard threatened to stand them up. Maia throwing body shots. He ordered a standup. Fans booed the standup because Maia was going to win the round. Both guys are exhausted at this point from all the wrewtling. Maia’s round 38-38.

Fifth round: Maia landed a few punches standing. Shields with slow low kicks. Shields went for a takedown but Maia sprawled. Shields went for another takedown. Maia blocked it and got underhooks on Sheilds. Good chance the next takedown wins the fight. Body kick by Shields. Left by Maia. Shields landed a left. Shields shot for a takedown but didn’t get it. Left by Maia. Shields again went for a takedown but not getting it. Maia sprawled. Nobody has done anything offensive of note this round. Marc Goddard separated them. Maia landed a left. Another left by Maia. Kick by Shields. Very, very close round. I have Maia by a hair but Goddard won the fight for him with the separation because until those late punches I had Shields bya hair 48-47 Maia.

Scores: 48-47 Shields 48-47 Maia 48-47 Shields.

Both of these guys fought their way out of a possible title fight.  The real winners were Carlos Condit and Matt Brown. 

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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