Ultimate Fighter TV report on one of best fights in show history

By Andre Allen

Show kicks off with both Raquel Pennington and Jessamyn Duke talking about how they are excited to fight each other. Apparently they were supposed to fight a while back but Duke's coaches talked her out of it by reasoning they didn't want her making her debut as an underdog. Umm Ok. Julianna Pena gives some of the girls in the house a makeover. She put make up on them, had them wear dresses and heels, and then walk like they were on a runway. I don't know what it is but I find Julianna very annoying. Raquel Pennington talks about being gay and how her mom never supported it.  The fighters and coaches went to a resort for the day. They had a pool party, food, the hooters girls were there, and they watched a UFC event. Unfortunately, no drama between Ronda and Miesha. Jessamyn Duke decided to stay home because of her upcoming fight. When everyone got back from the party, Anthony Gutierrez was drunk and being loud and obnoxious. He went and woke up Raquel who wasn't pleased. They exchanged words and Raquel said she get him back. The next morning Julianna and Sarah Moras woke up Gutierrez and flipped him off his mattress. Both Jessamyn and Raquel are confident they will win the fight. Raquel said even though her and Jessamyn are friends, she's distanced herself from Jessamyn because she doesn't want to go into the fight having respect for her. Its all business.
Jessamyn Duke vs Raquel Pennington
Round 1- Both standing and trading. Duke had a standing guillotine in but Pennington was able to break free. More standing and trading. Pennington was barely getting the better of it. Pennignton landed the harder shots. Close round 10-9 pennington.
Round 2- Standing and trading. This time Duke getting the better and landed some good knees in the clinch. Both girls teed off on each other and neither backed down. Pennington started taking over towards the end of the round. This was a great round! The whole round was stand up and it was awesome. 10-9 duke
Round 3- More Standing and trading and neither girl was slowing down. Raquel landed the cleaner shots. These girls kept an incredible pace the entire fight. It was a close round but I'd say Pennington landed more significant shots. 10-9 Pennington
Winner- Racquel Pennington
After the fight Miesha tried to shake Ronda's hand and Ronda flipped her off. Miesha said she doesn't even dislike Ronda anymore, she just finds her behavior amusing.
Fight announcement. Team tate selected  Josh Hill (team tate) vs Michael Wooten (team rousey)
Overall I thought the show was good. It by far had the best fight of the season so far and this fight was a breath of fresh air after the Maia/Shields fight from earlier. 

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