Ultimate Fighter recap

By Andre Allen

Show kicks off with Dana talking to Raquel Pennington in the parking lot after her fight. He tells her that if she throws her hands more, she could win the whole season. Everyone in the van were wondering what Dana and Raquel were talking about. Julianna Pena said Dana had told her that he's rooting for her and it would devastate her if Dana told Raquel the same thing. Ronda brought in fathers day gifts for all the dads in the house including the dads on Team Tate.
Josh Hill reveals that his great uncle was former WWF wrestler Jerry Valiant back in the 80s. Tate thinks Hills greatest weapon is his ground game. Greatest or only??
Tate and Caraway went around the gym hanging up unflattering pictures of Edmund (targeting his unibrow). Somebody let Dana know about this and he headed to the gym to take them down before anybody on Team Rousey saw them. Dana was not happy about this at all. Unfortunately for him, he missed a couple and Anthony Gutierrez found one in the sauna. He immediately brought it Edmund. Edmund left the training centre persumably to cool down. Ronda was pissed and said making fun of a unibrow is racist to armenians. 
Michael Wooten is a huge 135er and cutting weight is a little more difficult for him because of it. He ended up weighing in at the 136lbs limit. Dana said he was not impressed with Hills fight to get into the house (was anybody) and Im thinking Hill has to get a win here as I cant see him fighting in the finale.
Mike Wooten VS Josh Hill
Round 1- Hill immediately went for the takedown and picked Wooten up and slammed him down. Hill took his back he was trying for a rear naked choke and at one time got it in pretty deep, but Wooten escaped. Wooten got back to his feet and landed a good knee. Hill landed a couple of clean shots and took him down but Wooten popped right back up. Hill had Wooten up against the cage and was trying to get Wooten back down till the end of the round.
10-9 Hill

Round 2- Wooten rocked Hill with a big knee to start the round and followed it up with a takedown. Wooten is a much busier fighter on top than Hill is. Hill made it back to his feet and both guys were trading in the clinch. Wooten went for a takedown but him in a guillotine as he was coming in. Hill dropped down with guillotine but Wooten popped out and ended up taking Hills back and put on a rear naked choke. Hill escaped and ended up on top with about a minute left in the round. Hill grinded out the last minute on top. Very good round.
10-9 Wooten

Round 3- Hill came out and went for a spinning back fist that missed. Both guys were clinched against the cage as Hill tried for takedowns. Wooten actually ended up getting the takedown but Hill popped back up. More clinch work. Both guys constantly reversed each other up against the cage. Wooten landed the cleaner shots. They eventually separated off the cage and Hill went for another spinning back fist and missed again which led to a takedown from Wooten. Wooten controlled Hill on the ground for the final minute of the round. 

Winner- Michael Wooten

Miesha tried to shake Rondas hand again and again Ronda flipped her off. I understand a little more on this episode because Miesha did put up all those pictures.
Fight announcement
There are only two fights left for this round so Ronda got to pick both. Ronda selected Peggy Morgan (Team Rousey) vs Sarah Moras (Team Tate) and Anthony Gutierrez (Team Rousey) vs Cody Bollinger (Team Tate).
Next weeks episode looks to be a recap of the season and the final two fights will air on Oct 30. 
Overall this was a pretty uneventful show. It wasnt bad, it was just a forgettable show however, I was pleasently surprised with the fight. I thought it would be awful but I enjoyed it. 

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