UFC 166 live coverage from Houston - Velasquez vs. Dos Santos, Cormier vs. Nelson

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 166 from the Toyota Center in Houston.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Horiguchi is the training partner of Kid Yamamoto. Pague tried a takedown and working for something. He’s got a body triangle on Horiguchi. Pague on his back working for a choke from piggy back position. His right arm is under the chin. Horiguchi blocking the other arm. . Pague kept the position which is wearing out his legs and finally let go of the body triangle. Knee by Pague and right by Horiguchi. Another knee by Pague and a hip toss takedown. Pague is on top. Hiroguchi reversed to the top a few seconds before it was over. Crowd gave both men a huge hand. 10-9 Pague.

Second round: Horiguchi landed a few punches and decked Pague with a left hook. He’s doing great pound and pound. Pague is in trouble. Crowd gave Pague a huge reaction for surviving. Pague reversed to the top. Horiguchi back up. Horiguchi throwing knees to the thigh. Horiguchi took him down. Horiguchi landing punches to the top of the head. Horiguchi trapped he arm and continued to land. Hard lefts from the top by Horiguchi. He’s landing more big shots. Pague is in trouble now.  Horiguchi throwing tons of shots from the top, and they are hard shots. Herb Dean stopped it.   Entertaining opener.


First round: Fili missed weight, but he took the fight on ten days notice and he was training to fight at welterweight. He cut from 178 to 148 in ten days. Fili is from Team Alpha Male and that team’s record the last few months has been awfully good. Fili was training for a fight at welterweight when he got the call as a late fill-in. Hard low kick by Fili. Fili’s stand up is looking good. Fili hurt him with a right. Fili throwing several hard knees and took Larsen down. Fili going to town on him . He’s throwing several hard knees. His right hands are hard. Larsen bleeding terribly. Fili’s face covered with blood and it’s all Larsen’s blood. The ref called time to check the cut. Larsen wanted to continue and the doctor let him. Larsen landing hard shots now. Big right by Fili. Both landing hard shots. Larson caught a kick and took Fili down. Fili escaped from the bottom. Hard right by Fili. Good round. 10-9 Fili.

Second round: The ref warned Larsen that they may have to stop it because of the cuts. Brutal right by Larsen. Left uppercut by Fili. These guys both have pop in their punches. Fili hurt him a left hook to the head and a right hook to the temple. Larsen lost balance and went down. The ref stopped it. Another entertaining fight.


First round: Rio landed a left hook but can’t get the takedown. Ferguson hurt him with a left hook just as Rio threw a punch and immediately grabbed a D’arce choke. Rio tapped. 1:52


First round: Waldburger throwing low kicks. Amagov landed Crowd super hot. Waldburger wants a takedown. Amagov with hard lefts when Waldburger was holding a single leg and Waldburger gave up the attempt. Amagov landed a spin kick and landed several hard lefts, knocking him down with a punch while in the clinch.  Amagov continued to punch and knocked him cold with a few punches on the ground.


First round: Fans booing fast. 90 second and nothing has happened. Noons throwing a few jabs to the body. Noons with a body shot. Crowd booing heavily. Another body shot by Noons. Sotiropolous poked Noons in the eye. Noons hurt him late in the round. 10-9 Noons.

Second round: GS started to land. GS with a jab. Right by Noons. Uppercut by Noons. Right by Noons. GS got the takedown. Noons back up and out of trouble. Trading punches. Noons swinging wildly. GS’ round close so 19-19.

Third round: Spin kick by GS. Hard right by GS. Uppercut by GS. GS landing more punches. GS bleeding from the left eye. Noons landed a right. Noons hurt him badly with a right. The punch almost put GS down. GS bleeding bad. Noons with a knee.. GS tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Another takedown stuffed by Noons. Good right by Noons. Uppercut by Noons. Good right by Noons. Another right by Noons. GS with a left. GS throwing lots of low kicks. Good head kick by GS. Left by GS. GS missed kick and Noons with a left hook. Hard right by Noons. Spinning punch by Noons but it didn’t land solid. Rihgt by Noons. Another close round. I think Noons 29-28 but if it went the other way, that would be okay.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 all for Noons


First round: Eye landing uppercuts in the clinch. Eye with a left jab. Kaufman landed a right. Both landing punches. Kaufman now landing a lot of shots. Eye now landing punches. Elbow and and left by Eye. Right by Eye. Right by Kaufman. Both trading punches again. Right by Kaufman. Kaufman 10-9 but close.

Second round: Kaufman landed a few punches. Good right by Kaufman. She also landed a few knees from the clinch. Left by Eye. Good right and left by Kaufman. Eye landed a left. Eye landed several punches. Kaufman landing several punches. Eye landed and then Kaufman with another right. Eye stomping on Kaufman’s foot. Another right by Kaufman. Kaufman’s left eye looks bad, though. They are in the clinch. Eye broke away. Eye with a left. Trading punches again. Another close round by Kaufman so up 20-18.

Third round: Kaufman hurt her with a right. Eye with a nice right. Kaufman back with a right. Both swinging. Kaufman landed a good right and another good right breaking for a clinch. Big right by Kaufman. Kaufman hurt her with that one. Eye did a good job of clinching Kaufman to break the momentum. Eye smothering her so she’s not going to get knocked out that way. Several punches by Kaufman. Eye back with right. Kaufman missing punches late. Big right by Kaufman. Another winner of a fight. 30-27 Kaufman.

Scores: 29-28 Eye 29-28 Kaufman 29-28 Eye. She was very lucky to get that one. Crowd booing like crazy.

T.J. Waldburger went out on a stretcher after his fight.


First round: Lombard moving forward and Marquardt backing up. Marquardt looks 20 pounds heavier in the cage. Marquardt hurt him and Lombard back. Lombard hurt him with a right and landing a left and right and left put him down and a few punches on the ground finished him.


First round: Both landed hard shots. Boetsch with a low kick and threw Dollaway down. Dollaway landed a nice punch. Dollaway landed a right. Low kick by Dollaway. Nice left hook by Dollaway. Nice left hook by Dollaway. Nice uppercut by Boetsch. Boetsch took him down but Dollaway right back up. High kick by Dollaway just missed. Boetsch labded and Dollaway mocking him. Dollaway then countered with a right and a body shot and a hard left. Dollaway with a low kick and series of knees and an uppercut. This is the best I’ve ever seen of Dollaway. Big left by Dollaway. Hard punches by Boetsch. Dollaway bleeding from the right eye. Dollaway 10-9

Second round: Another left by Dollaway and right by Dollaway. Front kick by Boetsch. Dollway go the takedown. He’s trying to pass. Looked for a Peruvian necktie but didn’t get it. Boetsch with punches and a knee and Dollaway took him back down. Uppercut by Dollaway. Boetch going for a guillotine but Dollaway out of it. Now Boetsch on top. He threw a knee to the body and Dollaway back up. Elbow and another by Dollaway. Boetsch landed a right. Another takedown by Dollaway, this time into side control. Boetsch working for a Kimura. Dollaway throwing elbow after elbow to the body. Close round I’ve got Dollaway so up 20-18.

Third round: Accidental eye poke by Dollaway and Boetch went down hard. That was a nasty eye poke. Boetsch is bleeding out of his eye. The doctor is checking the eye. Boetsch said he can see so they fight will continue. Boetsch said he was eye poked again. They took a point from Dollaway. Boetsch hurt him. Now Dollaway back. Dollaway went for a takedown. Boetsch went for a guillotine but it slipped off and Dollaway is on top. Some body shots by Dollaway on the ground., Dollaway got full mount. Boetsch powered out and got to his feet. Knee by Dollaway in the clinch. Body shot by Dollaway. Both missing. Boetsch landed a hard right. Dollaway back with a couple of punches. Takedown by Dollaway. Boetsch reversed with a guillotine and Dollaway out. Great fight. Crowd booing Dollaway something fierce. I think Dollaway won the round so it’s 9-9 and 29-27, but this easily could end up a draw.  This was the best fight so far, and this has been a great show so far.

Scores: 30-26 Boetsch, 29-27 Dollaway 30-26 Boetsch. There is no way Boetsch could have won the first round. I don’t think he won the third. Second round could have gone to Boetsch.


First round: Dodson landed a left. Montague with a low kick. Hard left by Dodson. Low kick by Montague. Hard right by Dodson. Dodson dropped with a left. Dodson swarming him. Dodson dropped him again. Montague going for a takedown. Montague back to his feet. Tremendous recovery by Montague. Dodson landed two hard lefts and another. Dodson with another left. Left by Montague. Dodson dropped him again with a left and it was stopped. Dodson ran around doing walkups on the cage. 4:13


First round: Low kick by Gonzaga. Gonzaga dropped him and it’s over. This show is crazy.  1:33


First round: Melendez with a kick. Sanchez took him down with the kick and got his back. Melendez out and took Sanchez down. Melendez now firing punches to the body. Sanchez landed a right. Body shot by Melendez and another. Knee and punch by Melendez. Both trading punches. Melendez with an uppercut. Uppercut by Melendez. Two big rights by Melendez. Sanchez with a kick. Melendez tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Melendez landed an elbow that cut Sanchez. Sanchez bleeding from the left eye. Both landing punches. Sanchez with a few body kicks. Both landing punches. Melendez with a body kick. Both trading punches and Melendez put him down. Fantastic ending of the round. Melendez 10-9.

Second round: Melendez landing rights. Hard rights by Melendez. Sanchez landed a hard right. Sanchez landed a hard right . Melendez with a hard right. Sanchez with body shots. Sanchez’s cut looks horrible. They’re letting him go. Body kick by Melendez. Sanchez landed a right coming in. Both trading punches. Both trading again. Sanchez slipped on a kick and Melendez punched him once on the ground until Sanchez got right back up. Good right by Melendez. Body kick by Sanchez. Melendez landing a several punch combo. Sanchez took him down but Melendez right back up and throwing punches. Sanchez with a right. Sanchez slipped and Melendez hit him a few times. Sanchez shot in, Melendez with a sprawl and hit a knee. Right by Melendez. Spin kick missed by Sanchez. Melendez 20-18.

Third round: Sanchez landed an uppercut. Both landing. Both swinging and landing. Another big exchange. Melendez landing several punches . Incredible exchange. This is incredible now. This is a fight of the year caliber bout. Diego chants. Melendez landed several punches. Sanchez bleeding like crazy. Both landing some more. They’re going to check the cut. The crowd is booing the ref taking Sanchez to the doctor, but he really has to. The cut looks awful. The blood is going down the side of the eye so it’s very long and deep but he may be able to go on. The doctor let the fight continue. Both came out swinging like crazy. Sanchez is just incredible in firing up the crowd. Sanchez landed several punches. Sanchez decked him and is working for a choke. Melendez is real trouble. Sanchez now has a guillotine and Melendez popped out. Melendez with a knee and landed more punches. Melendez cracked him with a punch. Both landing. Sanchez got his back and landed a body kick. Both are swinging like crazy as the fight ended. Sanchez’s round 29-28 Meldnez. This was one of the best fights in UFC history.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 Melendez. Some booing but Gilbert won the fight.

Both did great promos when it was over.  Melendez said he was a Mexican warrior and he'd rather go out on his shield than dance away.  He said he considers himself the uncrowned world champion.

Sanchez wants a rematch but next time a five round fight.


First round: Cormier took him right down. Cormier pounding the body. Cormier got his back. Knee to the head by Cormier. Nelson back to his feet. Nelson trying for a Kimura. Cormier escaped. Cormier took him down and has his back again. Nelson back to his feet. Knee by Cormier to the body. Cormier landed few punches. Knees to the body by Cormier. A second knee landed low by Cormier. That’s a big thing because Nelson is getting a breather that he needed. Nelson landed a right. Nelson threw a home run shot and Cormier missed. Cormier landed three big punches. Nelson missed another haymaker. Cormier with great combo back. Nelson missed another punch. 10-9 Cormier.

Second round: Cormier went for a takedown and Nelson blocked it. Uppercut by Nelson. Low kick by Cormier. He faked a takedown and Cormier landed a punch. Cormier threw a few punches. Front kick by Cormier. Nelson landed a right. Cormier landed a flurry of punches and moved Nelson into the cage. Knee to the body. More punches by Cormier. Cormier took him down and got his back but Nelson right back up. Cormieri landing more punches and pinned him against the fence. Nelson grabbed a guillotine and Cormier out. Cormier landing combos against the fence. Another combo by Cormier. Nelson landed one punch back. Low kick by Cormer and a low kick by Nelson. Cormier landing more punches. Front kick by Cormier. 20-18 Cormier.

Third round: Nelson with low kicks and a high kick. Cormier is wary of Nelson’s power and dancing away. Cormier landed a right. Crowd booing. Low kick by Cormier. Another low kick by Cormier. Right by Cormier. Spin kick by Cormier. Front kick by Cormier. Cormier missed a high kick. Cormier landing lefts. Hard body kick by Cormier. Cormeir landedc a series of punches. Front kick by Cormier and a body kick by Cormier. Cormier is looking at the clock. Cormier landing lefts. Hard right and takedown by Cormier but Nelson is right back up. Front kick by Cormier. Nice high kick by Cormier. Nelson stuck out his chin and dared Cormier to throw. Nelson missed an uppercut. Jab by Cormier. Cormier landed a right. Nelson with a nice low kick. Cormier’s round easily. Only possible score is 30-27. Crowd booing the fight. Probably shouldn’t but compared to everything else on this show it was more tactical by Cormier.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Cormier.


First round: Dos Santos heavily booed. Dos Santos hurt him right away. Velasquez got a takedown and went for a guillotine. Velasquez landing lefts. Dos Santos hurt him bad with an uppercut. Velasquez back with a right. Velasquez pinned him against the fence. Velasquez with punches. Dos Santos with a knee. Super loud Cain chants. Dos Santos back. Velasquez pinned him against the fence. Knee by Velasquez. Now they are trading punches. High kick by and a left by Dos Santos. Dos Santos landed left back. Knee by Velasquez. Both now trading punches. High kick by Dos Santos missed. Left by Dos Santos. Velasquez has him against the fence. Knees to thigh by Velasquez. Velasquez took him down and has his back. Knee by Velasquez. Velasquez working hard for takedowns. Uppercut by Velasquez. Left by Velasquez and body punches by Velasquez. Velasquez 10-9.

Second round: Dos Santos landing punches and Velasquez back. Velasquez took him down again but Dos Santos right back up. Velasquez with knees to the thigh. Velasquez landing a lot of punches. Velasquez landing a lot of punches. Velasquez moved back in and pinned Dos Santos against the fence. Knee to the body by Velasquez. Dos Santos is clearly trying to rest for the late rounds while Velasquez is pushing the pace constantly. Velasquez drove him into the cage. Dos Santos with a judo takedown but Velasquez was up immediately and landed several punches. Velasquez pinned him against the fence. Velasquez throwing knees to the thigh. Dos Santos got a punch in. Velasquez continued to hold him against the fence. Velasquez with several lefts. Dos Santos hurt him with a short elbow and a punch late. 20-18 Velasquez

Third round: Dos Santos landed a hard right. Velasquez against working for a takedown. Velasquez pressuring him and landing some punches. Hard right and another by Velasquez. Velasquez kneeing the thigh. Dos Santos bleeding. Dos Santos landed an elbow but Velasquez still pressuring him. Uppercut by Velasquez. Dos Santos landed a right. Velasquez back pressing him against the fence. The crowd is booing. Dos Santos with a kick and Velasquez tried to take him down but couldn’t. Velasquez decked him and has him in real trouble. Velasquez going for a guillotine. Dos Santos out. Herb Dean walked in to stop the fight when Velasquez was pounding on him but let it go. Velasquez pounding on him now. Velasquez missed a kick. Right by Velasquez. Dos Santos is still in trouble. Velasquez landed a hard left. Uppercut by Velasquez. Hard right by Velasquez. Velasquez landing solid punches. Dos Santos is exhausted. Velasquez 30-27.

Fourth round: The doctor checked Dos Santos who said he wanted to continue. Velasquez hurt him with a right. Dos Santos is bleeding from the mouth. Velasquez is killing him with punches now. This time it was Dos Santos who tied him up. Velasquez landed another flurry of punches and then tied him up. Dos Santos bleeding from the left eye and mouth. Blood is covering the entire left side of his face. They traded punches with Velasquez landing several hard ones. Velasquez was stomping on his foot. Nice elbow by Dos Santos. Left by Velasquez. Dos Santos landed a hard right. Body kick by Velasquez. Nice uppercut by Dos Santos. Velasquez tied him up against the fence. Velasquez with elbows. Velasquez bleeding from an elbow by Dos Santos. The doctor again checked by Dos Santos’ left eye. He wants to continue. The doctor is letting it continue but it’s bleeding badly. Jab by Dos Santos and Velasquez back with a hard right and a knee. Nice elbow by Dos Santos. Hard right by Velasquez. The blood is pouring into Dos Santos’ left eye. Dos Santos is landing punches but Velasquez is landing more and better punches. Elbow by Velasquez. Knees to the body by Dos Santos. Velasquez’s round and should be up 40-36.

Fifth round: The doctor checked Dos Santos’ left eye which is swollen almost completely shut. The doctor again let it go. Dos Santos landed some good shots but Velasquez took him down. Dos Santos went for a triangle but Velasquez easily evaded it. Velasquez with lefts. Rights by Velasquez. Velasquez has him against the fence and is throwing punches. I’m amazed at this stage that Dos Santos is still strong enough to block the takedowns. Elbow by Dos Santos. Velasquez landed a hard right. Another hard right by Velasquez. Velasquez with another hard right. Dos Santos went for a desperation guillotine and Velasquez slipped off and nailed him and ref Herb Dean stopped it. Dos Santos took a horrible beating in this fight and never quit.

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