Velasquez retains title with fifth round TKO

Cain Velasquez retained the UFC heavyweight title with a TKO at 3:09 of the fifth round.

The fight was similar to the first in that Dos Santos took a terrible beating.  He was stronger, blocked more takedowns and landed more punches but Velasquez was just too well conditioned and landed first most of the time.

The finish saw Dos Santos go for a desperation D'Arce choke and Velasquez escaped and in doing so, Dos Santos hit his head on the ground and Velasquez landed a punch and Dos Santos was done.  Herb Dean came close to stopping it in the third round.  Dos Santos was bleeding terribly from the left eye and it could have been stopped.  The left eye was swollen almost compeltely shut by the fourth round.

Dos Santos was immediately taken to the hospital after the fight.

This was among the greatest shows in UFC history.  Both Dana White and Joe Rogan said this was the best show in UFC history.

They were talking about Sanchez vs. Melendez like it was the best fight in UFC history.  It's up there.  

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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