Ultimate Fighter TV report

By Andre Allen

Show kicks off with Miesha talking about how Sara Moras and Julianna Pena fought each other about a year ago. She said Sara won with an armbar although Pena refused to tap. Sara is pretty upset because she feels Julianna is the coaches favorite. Sara broke down in tears while in the sauna. Miesha came in and smoothed it over and said she was removing herself from coaching either girl.
The whole house, except for Roxanne, finds Julianna annoying and they are all pulling for Sara to win. Both fighters are assigned two coaches and train in the opposite sides of the gym. During training, Sara accidentaly gave Roxanne a shiner. Roxanne of course, didnt complain. Ive said this before, but my god, Roxanne is the most likeable person to have ever been on TUF. She will not make it as a fighter, but man I hope they find something for her to do. 
Ronda dropped by the house and made some of the girls "Ronda shirts" which are essentially the Hulk Hogan shirts from the 80s with the rips in the back. Sara said she was going to sell hers on Ebay so she wouldnt have to work when she got home. Sara really came off likeable in this episode. 
Julianna asked Roxanne what her and Sara worked on during training. Roxanne refused to tell her and Julianna seemed surprised. I dont know why she would be surprised.
Heading into the fight, it is clear that more than wanting to see Sara win, the majority of the house just really wants to see Julianna lose.
Sara Moras vs Julianna Pena
Round 1- Both girls standing and trading with Julianna getting the better of Moras. Julianna gets the takedown about a minute in and spends the entire rest of the round on top. It wasnt a lay and pray situation but by no means was Pena close to finishing. 10-9 Pena.
Round 2- Julianna immediately pins Sara up against the cage and eventually got the takedown. Julianna started laying a beating on Sara and busted her open with a vicious elbow. She then sunk in a guillotine and Sara tapped. You have never heard such a lack of reaction for someone winning.
Winner- Julianna Pena
Overall I thought the show was so-so. Nothing major happened and the fight wasnt great but to be fair, this is coming on a week where there is so much hype around UFC 167 and the AWESOME conclusion of the primetime series.

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