UFC live coverage from Sacramento

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC on FOX from Sacramento's Sleep Train Arena.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Uyenoyama came out to the Pride entrance song. There was no audience response to that at all. Ozkilic is a wrestler from Turkey fighting out of St. Louis. Michael Beltran, nicknamed Ox Baker, is referee. Ozkilic on top. High kick by Uyenoyama. Uyenoyama with kicks. Another takedown by Ozkilic.

Second round: Ozkilic controlled the top position most of the round. Uyenoyama tried for submissions from the bottom but never came close..

Third round: Uyenoyama missed a flying dropkick. Ozkilic started landing good punches. He landed right by Uyenoyama went down but it wasn’t a knockdown. Uyenoyama shot in and Ozkilic ended up on top. Both up. Ozkilic has the better standup. Uyenoyama missed a spinning backfist but then landed some body kicks. Ozkilic should take the decision.

Scores:  30-27 Ozkilic, 29-28 Uyenoyama,  29-28 Ozkilic


First round: This is a grudge match stemming from their last match where Trujillo destroyed Bowling with an illegal knee on the ground which caused a no contest ruling. Truill landed a right and moving in fast with more punches. Trading punches and Trujillo landed three good shots. Trujillo got a takedown. Bowling back up and trying a guillotine. He turned Trujillo over. Trujillo up with punches. Trujillo landed a right. Trujillo with a left and knee. Big right by Trujillo. Trujillo landed a left. Hard knees and a punch by Trujillo. Left by Trujillo. Bowling cut under the right eye. Trujillo landing more punches. Bowling went for a takedown, it was blocked and Trujillo took him down into side control and throwing knees. Trujillo killing him with punches. Bowling bleeding badly under the right eye now. Almost a 10-8 but not quite for Trujillo.

Second round: Hard low kick by Bowling, but Trujillo got him down. He let him up. Right by Trujillo followed by a trip and Trujillo on top. Trujillo landing hard punches on the ground, Bowling is done and ref John McCarthy stopped it.


First round: McKenzie walking to the ring with his head down and a weird look in his eye looked like he should be in the Wyatt family. McKenzie took him down right away. Stout back up. McKenzie took him back down. Stout was running trying to get out of his grasp while McKenzie held on and took him down. Stout back up. McKenzie with knees. McKenzie landed a left. Body kick by McKenzie. McKenzie cut under the left eye. He’s throwing kicks bu they’re slow. He went for a takedown but Stout moved away this time. McKenzie landed a left. McKenzie shot and didn’t get anything. Stout with a hard body kick. McKenzie landed a jab. Stout’s standup and footwork is better but McKenzie is holding his own even though it looks like Stout should be taking McKenzie apart. Stout dropped him with a left and let him up. Hard body punch by Stout. Body kick by Stout. Right by Stout nearly knocked McKenzke own. Left by McKenzie landed. Close round. 10-9 Stout.

Second round: McKenzie tried a low single and Stout moved away. He tried again and Stout sprawled. Body kick by Stout. Another body kick by Stout. McKenzie wanted a takedown but not getting it. Stout with a punch and trip. Trading punches. Body kick by Stout. Kick to the chin by Stout. Right by Stout snapped McKenzie’s head back. McKenzie trying for a single but Stout stepping out of them. Stout’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Stout landed a body kick. Another body kick yy Stout. Right by Stout. Stout working for a D’arce choke. He let McKenzie up. Stout getting aggressive with punches. Stout got behind him on the ground but let him up. Hard body shot by Stout. Kick by Stout to the body. Hard body shot. Body shot by Stout. Body kick by Stout. Both on the ground but Stout up. Body shot by Stout. Stout’s round should win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27 across the board for Stout.


First round: The former Bellator bantamweight champ Makovsky debuts here in a short notice fight against Jorgensen, also dropping from bantamweight. Ox returns as ref. Jorgensen landed a few including a good left. Makovsky got a takedown but Jorgensen up right away. Knee by Jorgensen. Big right by Jorgensen. Makovsky with a left. High kick by Makovsky. Left by Makovsky. Makovsky hurt him with a punch. Jorgensen got a takedown. Makovsky right backup. Another takedown by Jorgensen. Makovsky reversed to the top. Good round 10-9 Makovsky.

Second round: Makovsky with a takedown. Jorgensen working for a guillotine and used it to get to the top. Makovsky with another takedown. Both in a clinch. Jorgensen with a takedown. Makovsky back up. Left by Makovsky. High kick by Makovsky. Close round, Makovsky 20-18 but could go the other way.

Third round: Makovsky landed a left, Makovsky landed another left. Knee by Makovsky to the body. Takedown by Makovsky and Jorgensen reversed to the top right away. Jorgensen landed and Makovsky back. Makvosky shot, Jorgensen blocked and landed a knee. Makovsky trying for a takedown. Jorgensen reversed to the top and Makovsky reversed to the top. Makovsky has his back. Makovsky working for a choke with 20 seconds left. He doesn’t have it and time ran out. Close fight. I’ve got Makovsky 30-27.

Scores: Makovsky 30-27 across the board


First round: Green got the takedown and got Healy’s back right away. Healy back up and out. Green is quicker but Healy bulled him into the fence and got the takedown. Another takedown by Healy. And Green back up. Both landing punches but Green a little quicker. quicker. Fans liked this round. 10-9 Green but close.

Second round: Left and right by Green. Green landing right to the face with clean shots and shoulder rolling when Healy throws back. Green got his back standing. He went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Healy with a takedown and got Green’s back. Green flipped him off his back. Healy got another takedown. Healy landing punches from close range and staying on top of him. Front kick and punch by Green and Healy moving back in. Green got a takedown late as the round ended. Good round. Green close 20-18.

Third round: Green landing shots as Healy came forward. Healy’s face is all swollen up. He’s moving forward. Green landed solid shots. Healy took him down and has his back. Green flipped Healy off his back. Green with a takedown with 38 seconds left. Healy got on top and was pounding on Green as the round ended. Healy’s round because of the late barrage being the most significant offense. All three rounds were competitive. Green 29-28.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Green. Crowd booed the decision heavily. Have no idea why, seemed pretty clear Green won.


First round: Crowd heavily booed Barboza and huge reaction to Castillo, the first Team Alpha Male fighter on the show. Crowd has been mostly subdued until this fight started. Castillo tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Barboza stopped another takedown attempt. Castillo landed a left. Barboza landed a right. Castillo rocked him twice and Barboza is in trouble, going down from both shots. Castillo then got the takedown , has his back and working for a choke. He gave it up to pound. He’s landing hard shots on Barboza. Barboza has regained his bearings . Another hard shot by Castillo. Another hard shot. Castillo working for a choke again. But he couldn’t get under the chin. Castillo landing hammer fists from the top. Barboza bleeding from the forehead. Barboza working for a heel hook , Castillo on top with more punches. 10-8 Castillo but I think judges will go 10-9.

Second round: Body kick and low kick by Barboza. Castillo with a big right didn’t quite connect. Hard low kick by Barboza. Another hard low kick by Barboza. Awesome spin kick to the body, move of the fight by Barboza. That would have finished some guys. Another low kick by Barboza. And another. Castillo tried a takedown but nothing there. Super spin kick by Barboza. Another hard low kick. Castillo’s left leg has to be killing him. Another low kick by Barboza. Spin kick by Barboza missed this time. Barboza dropped him with a left and now Barboza pounding him on the ground. Barboza with a D’arce choke attempt. Castillo out of it. Barboza backed off and wants Castillo standing. Almost but not quite a 10-8 for Barboza so I’ve got 19-18 Castillo but judges probably have it even. This would be an easy 10-8.5 though.

Third round: Barboza starting with low kicks. Body kick by Barboza. Right by Barboza. Hard low kicks by Barboza. Castillo landed the right. Loud "Danny" chant. Left by Barboza landed. Spin kick by the body by Barboza was a killer. Body kick by Barboza. Left to the body by Barboza. Barboza looking great here. Hard left by Barboza. Spin kick by Barboza knocked Castillo flying. Takedown by Barboza. Castillo moved in and tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. I’d go another 10-8.5 for Barboza, since you can’t do it, 10-8 and a 28-27 win, judges may have 29-28 for Barboza.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 28-28, majority decision for Barboza. Crowd booing heavy because the local guy lost but clear Barboza took the fight.


First round: This show desperately needs a finish right now. LaFlare with a takedown. McGee up and taken down again. McGee up and taken down a third time. McGee up and landed a body kick. Crowd quiet after the last fight. Both trading punches and landing. McGee has a scalp cut. McGee tripped him down. LaFlare back up. LaFlare with punches and knees and McGee with punches. McGee with a body kick. Spin kick by LaFlare. McGee out of the way and got behind him. Close round. 10-9 LaFlare but close.

Second round: LaFlare with a takedown. McGee with a takedown but LaFlare back up. Takedown by LaFlare. Tons of blood. McGee bleeding everywhere. He’s got the crimson mask face. LaFlare’s round but close again 20-18.

Third round: Left by LaFlare. McGee went for a takedown but LaFlare right back up. McGee landed a good right. Low kick by McGee. Body kick by LaFlare but he failed a takedown attempt. Left by LaFalre. Takedown by McGee. LaFlare back up. LaFlare landed several punches. Body kick by LaFlare. McGee wants a takedown. LaFlare tried a Kimura but that just enabled McGee to get on top but LaFlare back up. LaFlare with a takedown. McGee right back up. Another takedown by McGee. McGee trying a guillotine but LaFlare out. McGee on top punching Competitive fight. 29-28 LaFlare with McGee taking three but it could easily go the other way.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 LaFlare. Like I said, could have gone either way.

With the main card starting, it looks like about 12,000 fans here.  It's not sold out, but the crowd size is comparable to the WEC shows here.  Crowd hasn't been that hot except for the Castillo fight.  We've had six decisions in seven fights.  Castillo fight easily the best thing.  Those who I've talked with had it a draw because of a 10-8 first although Barboza won the fight overall so can't say a bad decision.


First round: Takedown by Lauzon. He moved to full mount. Lauzon worked for an armbar and Danzig defended well and moved to the top. Lauzon going for an armbar again. But Danzig defended. Lauzon back up. Danzig landed punches and a knee. Lauzon with another takedown. Lauzon 10-9.

Second round: Both in a clinch and punching. The fans are booing and I have no idea why. They do want explosive action and we haven’t had that since the Barboza fight. Now they are in a clinch against the fence. Trading punches from a clinch. Takedown by Lauzon. Danzig is bleeding a lot from elbows Lauzon is dropping. Lauzon moved to full mount and again going for an armbar, but Danzig defending as time ran out. People gave both a hand. Lauzon’s round and up 20-18.

Third round: Danzig landing punches and a high kick. Danzig landing a lot of punches. Another combo by Danzig. Looks like an accidental head-butt took place. John McCarthy checked both guys and it’s continuing. Danzig continues to land punches. Danzig continue to land until Lauzon took him down. Lauzon landing hard elbows fromhe top. Lauzon landing elbows to the body. Danzig reversed to the top. Lauzon up and powered Danzig down. Another decision. We may set the record tonight, as this is No. 7.  Lauzon in side control as time ran out. Lauzon 30-27, no other score possible.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Lauzon


First round: Mendes got a huge pop. What do you expect, he Faber and Benavidez are the stars of this show. Low kick and left. Mendes hurt him right away with a right. Lentz stayed in there. Trading punches. Body kick by Lentz. Lentz bleeding from the nose. Mendes took him down. Lentz back up. Lentz trying for a takedown but can’t get it. Lentz landed a left but missed on a kick. Another takedown by Mendes. Mendez got up and landed two shots. Another takedown by Mendes. 10-9 Mendes

Second round: Mendes with low kicks. Lentz back with a low kick. Lentz landed a left. Body kick by Lentz and Mendes back with a low kick. Takedown by Mendes. Lentz cracked Mendes in the jaw. Another takedown by Mendes. Mendes landed a good punch but Lentz got up. Mendes landed a left, and took Lentz back down. Mendes round up 20-18.

Third round: Lentz looks fresh. He’s moving forward and landed a good left. Mendes countered with a right. Mendes failed on the takedown attempt for the first time. Lentz landed a left. Lentz landed several punches. Low kick by Mendes. Body kick by Mendes. Lentz complained of an eye poke but wanted to keep it going. Takedown by Mendes. Another takedown by Mendes. Lentz tried to kick him off and Lentz got back up. Knees from a clinch by Lentz and he landed a right. Body kick by Lentz. Knee by Mendes and he went for a guillotine. But , he doesn’t have it. Mendes threw a big punch a few seconds before it ended. Mendes round, closer. He should take it 30-27 but no question he wins easy.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Mendes. No post-match interview for Mendes.


First round: I hope they show the Faber entrance. Big reaction, but not like the old days here but the scene of all the fans dancing when he comes out would make for really good TV. I didn’t expect people to boo McDonald to the level they did even against Faber since Modesto, where McDonald is from, is not far from here. But this is a total Faber crowd. Faber threw a punch and took him right down. Faber held him down. Herb Dean ordered a standup. Nothing much was happening. McDonald tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. High kick by Faber. McDonald with a kick. Faber caught the leg and punched him. Traded punches. Good right by Faber. Left by Faber. Faber’s round 10-9.

Second round: McDonald landed a right. Faber kicked McDonald in the groin and he called for a time out. Faber hurt him with a right. Kick to the face but McDonald hurt Faber with a punch coming in. McDonald threw a left. McDonald with low kick. McDonald tried a high kick. Faber hurt him with a punch, then dropped him and nailed him with a punch on the ground and went for the guillotine and this could be it. McDonald tapped out. Place went freaking crazy. This pop was enormous. Faber looked very good against a younger guy who is a hard hitter with a big reach edge in a mostly standing fight. 3:22

No interview here.  Both FOX and UFC have to realize the importance in getting personalities over after wins as opposed to just fights.  Especially in the case of Faber and Mendes who are both high in the title picture.


First round: Crowd booing DJ, but I expected that much. Thewe two look so tiny next to John McCarthy it’s almost comical. DJ tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. DJ caught him with a punch and knocked him out on the round. . Nobody expected that one, not a first round KO win for Johnson. It was a big right that knocked him out cold. Benavidez was down for a while.

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