Weekend fights feedback


Thumbs up. Great night of fights. Home field advantage for the Alpha Male guys (Castillo, Mendes, Urijah and Benavidez) didn't necessarily help.

Best fight: Barboza vs. Castillo

Worst fight: really wasn't one

KO: DJ (duh)

Sub: Urijah (double duh)

Really good web opener as ex Turkish Greco champion Alpetkin Ozkilic coming in favored despite it being his UFC debut and a late sub, overpowers Darren Uyenoyama for a some reason split decision. People already know about this guy. Uyenoyama is caught on mic telling him after the fight 'I know guys are ducking you.' Ozkilic like recently debuted stablemate Sampo will be an immediate force @ FlyW.

On the TV prelims, Abel Trujillo settles all controversy destroying Roger Bowling stopping him on strikes in the 2nd after battering him from the opening bell and both taking and knocking him down pretty much at will. Very impressive. After a quick start by Cody McKenzie who looks like he trained by sleeping on bus benches and wore shorts with the sales tag still on that I suspect he shoplifted on the way to the arena, Sam Stout takes control of the fight with body strikes to sweep the cards. Impressive UFC debut from late sub and ex Bellator BW champ (which of course they don't mention) Zack Makovsky, sweeping the cards over Scott Jorgensen, who continues to regress since starting to train under Joe Warren, with both dropping to FlyW in a solid scrap. Bobby Green upsets Pat Healy via UD with only one judge giving Healy a round in an entertaining fight I thought was closer than the cards indicated. 

This deserves its own paragraph. Edson Barboza and Danny Castillo blow the roof off the joint. 1: Castillo rocks Barboza early, takes him down and keeps him there, batters him with G&P and threatens twice with chokes and I scored this round 10-7. 2: Barboza comes back like nothing happened, shreds Castillo with low kicks and body kicks and punches, drops him with a left hook and nearly finishes him with a D'Arce choke. I scored this round 10-8. Bang going nuts in Castillo's corner spouting 'motherfucker's left and right. 3: Castillo keeps coming, eating punches and kicks, getting dropped, getting kicked across the ring, but landing enough himself to keep the round a 9-10 and adding it up I end up with a 27-27 draw. The judges give Barboza a 29-28 X 2, 28-28 MD, meaning only one scored even ONE 10-8 round in the fight, which even by the bullshit 'guidelines' escapes me. Any case goes on the FotY list.

In the final prelim, Ryan LaFlare in as a late sub for Kelvin Gastelum too sharp for Court McGee in the first two and keeps it competitive in the 3rd to take a 29-28 UD. I had the 1st even and this a draw also. Quick paced fight but the crowd was booing, after the previous fight.

Opening the top card, Mac Danzig opens well in every round but Joe Lauzon takes him down and grinds, pounds and tries to sub his way to a card sweep UD. Not sure why this rather than Barboza-Castillo was top card, especially given Castillo's hometown. Props to Danzig for no ads on his shorts and NOT FOR SALE across his ass.

Chad Mendes looking bizarrely reverted to the old, boring Chad Mendes from WEC nearly KOs Nik Lentz early but seems to gas and appears to be having trouble breathing and is reduced to TDs and L&P all night, before giving finishing another shot with a late flying knee and Guillotine attempt. 30-27 UD. Mendes later attributes his performance to a sinus infection.

Urijah Faber refreshes his individual proprietorship of the No Man's Land between the BW champions and everybody else, blowing away dangerous 22 yr. old phenom Michael McDonald with a totally dominant performance, splattering him with overhand rights and pouncing on a Rolling Guillotine to finish it early in the 2nd.

In the main FlyW title rematch, Demetrious Johnson ends all speculation by repeating his prior SD win over Joseph Benavidez, this time with a quick, stunning, Holy Shit clean power right hook one punch KO. With the recent retirement of GSP and humanization of Silva and Jones, there is a very good possibility Mighty Mouse is the P4P.  


Only saw the main. Very entertaining fight. Marcos Maidana drops Adrien Broner twice and takes a lopsided UD and the whichever WW title, in spite of losing a point for a blatant headbutt right after the 2nd KD. There were about 900 fouls the ref could have penalized Broner for but just kept warning him. Guess the judges were bought off the other way as I had the fight even in rounds and Maidana winning by a point with the 2 KDs vs. the one point deduction. Any case Broner is just too small for WW and would be well advised to drop to 140 or even all the way back to 135, where he was knocking everybody out.

Crimson Mask

Showtime boxing: Broner vs. Maidana

Finally boxing read the script and went the way of pro-wrestling with the humble babyface upsetting the odds and triumphing over the cocky heel. When Marcos Maidana solved "The Problem" Adrien Broner in a contender for "Fight of the Year" and without a doubt the most enlivening boxing match I've seen since Marquez-Pacquiao IV. 

I've always thought Broner's a highly overrated Mayweather knock off. Mayweather walks the walk giving him the right to talk the talk, he's earned that honor by creating a great bad guy persona and an unsurpassable skill level. Tonight Broner proved to be a cheap imitation who's ability is nowhere near Mayweather's stratosphere. However, he did certainly show some of Floyd's traits, like leading with the elbows, although he wasn't as quick and slick as the man called "Money". Another thing Broner lacked was knowing when to stop the kidology. He got right into Maidana's face before the bell, showing a complete lack of boundaries and regard, to which the mature Maidana just laughed off. 

The disrespect continued in the first round, when amazingly, Broner mimicked humping Maidana. Something I've never seen in a sporting contest. Maybe he should of bought Maidana dinner first, because revenge came swiftly in the second when Broner hit the canvas for the first big moment of the fight. After that, the Argentinian slugger seemed to punch himself out looking for the KO and Broner got into the groove, picking up rounds. That was until the eighth, when Maidana scored his second knockdown. Unfortunately, later in the very same stanza, Maidana cost himself a point following an intentional head-butt in the clinch. Broner sold this like a soccer player from Maidana's homeland, further antagonising the crowd and myself. From there, Maidana assumed control and lived up to the promise he made in the build-up show, saying he'll give as good as it gets if Broner disrespects him. So, in the eleventh, when the opportunity arose, Maidana reciprocated Broner's earlier advances and humped him right back, to the delight of the San Antonio crowd. Also in the eleventh, a frustrated Broner wasn't penalised for landing a punch after the bell. Broner came out fighting in the twelfth, having his best round, but the fight was already lost. His undefeated streak and path to PPV stardom has been halted by a powerful Argentine who refuses to be a stepping stone.

To be honest though, Broner's performance was probably the most entertaining of his career. The only problems for "The Problem" were being outworked, not consistent with his defence and never looking powerful enough to hurt Maidana. Rest assured, he got taught a lesson in humility.

Besides that, the undercard was solid with four world title matches, two of them finishing by knockout. The best of the two being Keith Thurman who solidly dispatched Jesus Soto Karass in the ninth. Thurman then cut an excellent post match promo. I'll leave you with the highlight line... "The ref knew it was over before it was even over, baby."

Jonny Clare

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