UFC Fight Night 35 results & live play-by-play: Rockhold vs. Philippou

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC Fight night from the Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA:


First round: Brenneman landing a lot of punches from close range.  Dariush with an overland left to the jaw put Brenneman down.  Dariush throwing some hammer punches on the ground, and was working for a choke.  He got the choke and Brenneman had to tap.  Very impressive debut for the Iran native.  1:45

They just showed the 2/22 PPV commercial.  Doesn't mention anything about two Olympic medalists going head-to-head.  Just built around the names and brief clips of the top three matches on the show. (Rousey vs. McMann, Evans vs. Cormier and Maia vs. MacDonald)


First round: Whiteley out to Prince Devitt music.  I’ll bet he doesn’t even know that.  I know, it’s originally from Karate Kid.  Pichel landing low kicks.  Pichel got the taekdown.  Whiteley in with punches and knees to the body.  Pichel worked for another takedown, Whiteley went for a flying triangle but didn’t come close.  Pichel got him on the ground.  Whiteley back up. .  Pichel took hmi back down.  Elbows off his back by Whiteley.  Pichel working for a heel hook.  Whiteley escaped and up.  Whiteley working for a a choke but Pichel out.  Knee to the body by Whiteley.  Whiteley with a body shot.  Uppercut by Whiteley.  Pichel got another takedown as time ran out.  Even though Pichel had the takedowns, it was close.  10-9 Pichel.

Second round: Good body shot by Pichel.  Left hurt Whiteley followed by a takedown by Pichel.  Pichel with some punches.  Whiteley back up.  Pichel with punches and is working for another takedown.  Takedown by Pichel.  Pichel throwing body and head punches.  Big punches on the ground by Pichel.  Pichel moved to side control.  Pichel clearly won this round, 20-18.

Third round: Whiteley’s corner told him they need this round.  I’d have told him he needs to finish because you can’t count on him winning round one.  Whiteley with a pounch and body kick.  Pichel got the takedown.  Pichel with knees to the body.  He’s working a D’Arce choke.  He’s trying a second time.  Whitely escaped.  Pichel with a knee.  Whiteley up and landing knees.  Pichel landed an elbow.  Whiteley went for a Kimura but Pichel out.  Pichel pounding the body and threw a back suplex as time ran out.  Pichel clearly won rounds two and three, maybe one, I’ve got it 30-27.

Scores: All three had it 30-27 for Pichel.


First round: Smolka a Hawaiian kicker.  Takedown by Ozkilic.  He moved to side control.  Smolka back up.  Ozkilic with punches and Smolka with knees.  Smoka hurt himwith a left hook  Ozukilic hurt Smolka with a right.  Smolka landed a right.  Another takedown by Ozkilic.  Nice rerverse by Smolka and lots of knees to the body but Ozkilic took him back down.  Smolka back up.  Good round.  Ozkilic 10-9

Second round: Hard left by Ozukilic and a right staggered Smolka.  Left to the body and Smolka landed a kick.  Right by Ozkilic.  Takedown by Ozkilic.  Smolka landing a lot of knees to the body.  Another set of knees by Smolka.  Tons of knees.  Smolka landing lefts.  Good left by Smolka.  Ozkilic with a good right.  Big right by Smolka , actually it was the elbow.  Big right by Smolka and another right.  Another right landed by Smolka.  Ozkilic got a takedown with 54 seconds left.  Another takedown by Ozkilic.  Smolka’s round, I’ve got 19-19 going into the third round.

Third round: Ozkilic took him down to start the round.  He’s got his back.  Smokla scrambled to his feet.  Ozklic landed two elbows.  Good left by Smolka.  Smokla landing a lot of punches now.  Ozkilic couldn’t get the takedown Spin kick by Smolka.  Smolka using his reach to land.  Smola is eating him up standing now.  Ozkilic is exhausted and getting tagged.  Smolka hurt him but Ozkilic took him down.  Smolka reversed and back to his feet and landed another knee to the body.  Another takedown by Ozkilic.  Ozklilc has his back.  Smolka escaped and is now on top.  Smolka going for a D’arce choke.  Ozkilic survived.  Smolka gave it up.  Lots of punches by Smolka.  Smolka killing him with punches as time was running out. .  I was really time to stop it right at the finish.  Smolka’s round, I’d go 10-8 in this one so 29-27 for him.

Scores: All three had it 29-28 for Smolka, so no 10-8 thirds.


First round: Smith moved in with a takedown but Houston back to his feet.  Knee by Smith.  Trading knees to the body.  Spinebuster slam takedown by Houston.  Smith back to his feet.  Trading body kicks.  Takedown by Smith.  Smith moved to full mount.  Smith with elbows.  Smith controlling him in mount.  Now he moved to side control.  Smith controlling position but didn’t do a lot of damage.  10-9 Smith.

Second round: Houston landed a punch that cut Smith.  Smith working for a takedown.  Smith bleeding badly.  Smith landed a left and right but couldn’t get the takedown.  Smith with a low kick.  Houston landing.  Houston’s round so 19-19 going into the third round.

Third round: Houston dancing and keeping his distance.  Houston landing some jabs.  Smith landing more late.  Smith with a body kick and low kick. Smith tried a takedown but Houston sprawled.  Knee by Smith.  Smith landing more.  Houston tried a takedown and didn’t get it.  Very close third round, this right could go either way.  I’ll go Smith 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Houston 29-28 Smith 29-28 Smith.  Fans booed, but what are you going to do in a fight that close. 


First round: Silverio with a takedown.  Silverio dropped him with a left hook.  He’s now on top.  Silverio landing some punches.  Right by Silverio as Vallie-Flagg got to his feet.  Left by Silverio.  Silverio’s round 10-9.

Second round: Silverio took him down right away.  Silverio threw a knee to the head when Vallie-Flagg was down and the ref stopped it.  He docked Silverio one point.  The replay looked like the knee was aiming for the chest.  Both swinging.  Silverio geting the better of the stand-up.  Silverio with a takedown.   Vallie-Flagg up just as the round ended.  Silverio’s round, but with the penalty point it’s a 9-9 round.  19-18 Silverio.
Third round: Silverio took him down and got his back.  He’s punching from the back.  Silverio landing punches.  Silverio in full mount.  Boring fight.  Silverio trying to open up a choke.  He’s going for it.  Silverio trying to get a neck crank.  He couldn’t finish Vallie-Flagg but won handily, should be 29-27.

Scores: All three judges have it 29-27 for Silverio. Only score possible.


First round: Both standing.  Edwards trying to be the aggressor.  Spin kick by Njiem and Edwards landed a knee and high kick.  Nijem started landing counters as Edwards pressed.  Nijem with an uppercut.  Nijem went for a heel hook after Edwards missed a spin kick and then took him down.  Edwards 10-9.

Second round: Takedown by Nijem.  Edwards is working for a guillotine.  Nijem popped out and is now on top.  Nijem working the body.  Edwards tried an armbar from the bottom but didn’t have it.  Nijem landed a knee as Edwards got up.  Front kick by Nijem.  Niejm threw him down, landed a knee, a punch and a kick. Edwards is in trouble and Nijem took him down.  Nijem into mount and got Edwards back and is working for a choke.  Edwards out of the choke.  Nijem has a body triagle and he’s working for a choke again.  Edwards keeping back position.  Nijem working for a neck crank.  Nijem’s round so 19-19 after two rounds.

Third round: Takedown by Nijem.  Edwards bleeding badly from the left eye.  Uppercut by Nijem.  Nice spin kick by Edwards.  Takedown by Nijem.  Nijem landed punches and Edwards go up.  Edwards landed a nice left.  Spinning elbow by Edwards.  Nijem tripped him down.  Edwards working for a calf slicer as time ran out.  Nijem’s round 29-28.

Scores:   30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Nijem   


First round: Sicilia hurt him with a right late.  Miller landed a right.  Siclia missing punches.   Not much to the round.  10-9 Miller

Second round: Miller landed a good right .  He hurt him again.  Siclia cut under he left eye.  Sicilia wanted a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Miller dropped him with a right.  Miller landing more punches and went for a guillotine.  He gave up the guillotine and got Sicilia’s back and is working for a choke.  Sicilia had to tap out.  We desperately needed a finish at this point.

Miller promised to be more consistent.  He said he thought he broke his right hand during the fight.  He challenged Donald Clown Boy Cerrone, told him to lay off cheeseburgers and twinkies.  He told Cerrone to bring in Mike Dolce and he’d pay for it if he can get him to 145.  Miller's delivery was dry but he tried.


First round: Ortiz got behind him but couldn’t take him down.  Ortiz took Moraga down.  Whole place going Whoo! like crazy.  Whole place a matter of speaking because the advance for this show was weak.  I heard Flair was going to the show.  10-9 Ortiz.

Second round:   Moraga with a low kick.  More whoos.  I heard more people earlier were into Herschel Walker than the prelims.  Walker is there because he’s good friends with Luke Rockhold.  Moraga hurt him with a left.  Ortiz holding on.  Ortiz slipped as Moraga went to throw a punch.  Moraga throwing elbows on the ground.  Moraga got his back and is working for a choke.  Ortiz survived but Moraga still has his back.  Ortiz reversed to side control.  Moraga landed two punches.  Ortiz got the takedown and now has Moraga’s back.  Moraga flipped him off but Ortiz is keeping the position.  Moraga’s round so 19-19 after two rounds.

Third round: Body kick by Moraga.  Right by Moraga.  Ortiz got the takedown, that was big.  Ortiz landing short elbows from the top.  Moraga up.  Moraga tried to take his back but Ortiz got behind him.  Ortiz got another takedown.  Both are throwing punches as time ran 29-out.  Ortiz’s round, he should take it 29-28. I think all three rounds are solid so only score possible.

Scores: 29-28 Ortiz 29-28 Moraga 29-28 Moraga.  Really?

They just showed Flair and Wendy Barlow on the screen.  Joe Silva must be happy.


First round: Big left and flying knee by Romero.  Brunson took down the silver rmedalist.  Brunson landed a left and a right.  Great head kick by Brunson.  Front kick by Romero.  Body kick by Romero.  Flying knee by Romero and Romero powered him down but Brunson up and dropped Romero with a punch.  Brunson has his back.  Romero went for a Kimura and Brunson suplexed him down.  Brunson landing punches.  Brunson 10-9.

Second round: Romero threw a shot to the groin.  Brunson with a nice left, Romero back and then  Brunson back.  Romero landing punches and a flying knee as well as another punch.  Brunson got another takedown.  Brunson moved to full mount.  Romero back to his feet.  Romero with an uppercut.  Romero looked tired.  Brunson up 20-18.

Third round: Left by Brunson.  Switch kick by Brunson.  Romero cracked Brunson with a left that staggered him.  Knee by Brunson.  Romero landed some uppercuts and a hard left. Romero landing big shots.  Romero dropped him with a left. Romero has him hurt.  Romero landing hard shots.  Romero dropping elbows to the body over and over and it was stopped.  Once again Romero looks like nothing for two rounds, slow, and the explodes in the third.


First round: Traded body kicks and Easton’s kick knocked Dillashaw down.  Dillashaw got the takedown.  Crowd chanting whoo! Again.  Easton up.  Dillashaw landed a few punches and moved in.  Both landing from short range.  Dillashaw landing several punches.  Lots of punches and body kicks by Dillashaw.  Left by Dillashaw.  Knee to the face by Dillashaw.  Dillashaw looking really good here.  Dillahsaw landed a series of punches.  Dillashaw landing several more shots.  10-9 Dillashaw.

Second round: Both trading shots.  Both kicking the body.  High kick by Dillashaw.  Easton bleeding from the left eye.  Easton has his back.  Knee and punches by Dillahsaw.  Spin kick by Easton didn’t land solid.  Dillashaw got another takedown and firing punches.  Dillahsaw landing elbows.  Dillashaw has his back .  Dillashaw with more punches.  20-18 Dillashaw.

Third round: Dillashaw landing more punches.  Dillashaw continues to land.  Crowd wooing loudly right now.  Knee by Dillashaw.  Good third round.  Easton can really take shots which is why this went the distance.  Dillashaw has to win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27 across the board for Dillashaw.  Again, only score possible.


First round: Tavares landing body shots.  Crowd dead except for whoos.  Tavares with a low kick.  Body kick by Tavares and another low kick. Low kick back by Larkin.  Good uppercut by Larkin.  Larkin with a right.  Tavares back with a rigjht.  Tavares landed a a combo.  Tavares working for a takedown and got it.  Tavares with a few punches on the ground.  10-9 Tavares.

Second round: Tavares landing another combo.  Both trading.  Tavares moved in with more punches.  Tavares got the takedown and got Larkin’s back.  Larkin reversed to the top.  Tavares’ round, up 20-18.

Third round: Larkin landed a few punches.  Tavares tried a spinning backfist but Larkin blocked it.  Larkin tried a guillotine but couldn’t get it.  Larkin let him up.  Tavares going for a takedown.  Larkin is nailing him with elbows almost like Travis Browne in the Josh Barnett fight except not as devastating.  Hard uppercut by Larkin. Tavares took some good shots and he’s still up.  Tavares wanted a takedown but Larkin stepped out.   Tavares working for another takedown. Larkin landed elbows.  Larkin won the round but Tavares has to win the fight 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Tavares


First round: Body kick by Rockhold.  Rockhold hurt himwith a right hook and pushed him into the fence.  High kick by Rockhold.  Both landing, two more body kicks by Rockhold.  Another body kick.  Rockhold nailed him with a body kick that paralyzed Philippou.  He went down and he was done.  Very impressive win here.  2:31

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