WSOF & UFC feedback

Thumbs up for what did air but were supposed to be streaming weblims, but they never came up. The top card on NBC-SN was good though except one fight.
Best fight: Gaethje-Patishnock
Worst fight: Bollinger-Nam
Sub: Aguilar

Good veterans opener as Miami-based Peruvian Luis Palomino has a very good performance, blowing away Texas-based Brazilian Jorge Patino with strikes in the 2nd.

Cody Bollinger doesn't do his rep much good coming off the embarrassing failure to make weight on TUF with a safety-first decision over Tyson Nam.

Jessie Aguilar takes the vacant initial women's SW title with a quick sub over undefeated but overmatched Alida Gray. Jessie took her down twice and worked her way to the arm tri. Danny Trejo looking like he should be taking a machete to his plastic surgeon is nice enough to let Jessie get interviewed after the fight. I think he was hitting on her. Kinda confused why Jessie isn't in UFC.

Anthony Johnson starting to look like hitting his stride @LHW knocks Mike Kyle cold with a counter right hook a couple minutes in. AJ might be on his way back to UFC.

Justin Gaethje takes the vacant LW title with a quick demolition of outmatched late sub Rich Patishnock, possibly little bit early stop with Gaethje drilling Patishnock with an elbow against the cage but not really worth arguing. War while it lasted.

Thumbs up. Terrific card, solid, plenty of upsets and near upsets. Point of interest, during one fight, forget which one, the audience starts going whoo unrelated to anything in the ring. I think 'Flair must have walked in' and sure enough after the fight they cut to him. Jonny Pipik and Florian just continue to get worse. They should just put 'fastly' and 'beautiful' on an audio loop and trigger it randomly. Be less annoying.
Best fight: Romero-Brunson
Worst fight: nothing really
KO: Rockfish
Sub: Dariush

The weblims are now on fightpass. Charlie Brenneman ceoms back off 4 wins in the minors, drops a division, but gets blown away by the very impressive debuting Beneil Dariush, who drops him with a punch and quickly secures the RNC. Vinc Pichel, who had to drop from TUF due to injury a few seasons back, dominates Garett Whiteley for a onesided decision in an active grappling-intensive scrap.

On the TV midcard, 22 year old FlyW phenom Louis Smolka makes a stunning debut with a onesided pasting of the feared Alptekin Ozkilic and moves directly into the contender mix. Ozkilic did well to survive the distance. The more experienced Trevor Smith outworks the more athletic Brian Houston for a SD that didn't look that close. Elias Silverio lays a total drubbing on Isaac Vallie-Flagg, dominating all aspects for a 29-27 UD, getting docked an unjust point by the local yokel ref for a knee actually to the chest. The redneck seemed to get annoyed at Silverio not understanding him and then took the point. Something needs to be done. Ramsey Nijem looking like a different fighter battered Justin Edwards with disciplined striking for a card sweep UD.

Cole Miller opens the top card with a career best performance, outstriking powerpuincher Sam Sicilia, dropping him and finishing quickly with RNC in the 2nd.

John Moraga takes an very dubious SD over Dustin Ortiz, who seemed to clearly dominate the 1st and 3rd.

In a total stunner, Derek Brunson took Yoel Romero to school for 2 1/2 rounds, but Romero's incredible punching power and athleticism again pulled the fight out as he dropped Brunson in the 3rd and finished him with elbows to the body. Very late stop from the redneck ref. Romero is baffling. He has the best wrestling pedigree of any MMA fighter but he disdains using it, not even defending takedowns, and relies solely on striking. He is pushing 40 and has to make his move quick but his style makes for dramatic fights and in the current MW division that spells d-i-n-e-r-o.

T.J. Dillashaw puts a three round drubbing on Mike Easton. The improvement in all the AM guys striking is just amazing. Easton's best offensive move was as usual complaining to the ref about imaginary fouls. Talented but a whiner.

Brad Tavares executes a perfect fight plan keeping Lorenz Larkin back on his heels for the entire fight and taking an impressive UD over a very talented opponent.

Rockfish put on the show he should have put on vs. Vitor if he hadn't been so unnerved, taking dirty fighter and loser Costas Philippou apart. You could see Phillipou start to dog it almost immediately as Luke was nailing him pretty much at will, scoring a quick flash punch TD and then drilling him with kicks. Phillipou was looking for the soft spot on the canvas and Luke obliged him with a liver kick. Luke moves into the MW mix where he belongs and Phillipou should be future endeavored after two wimpouts in a row. Althogh Luke made a very telling comment in the postfight, that he wanted a Vitor rematch in the States. I don't blame him, but if he has a weakness, it's that he got used to fighting at home himself in Strikeforce where all the cards were in the same place as his gym AKA, San Jose, and he totally choked in Brazil. He had home field in this fight, being in Georgia and Phillpou being a ya know furriner, but he has to commit to winning on the road to deal with the competition he's facing. He has a win over Jacare and has the skills to compete with anybody including Weidman.
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