UFC On Fox 10 Live Coverage & Results: Henderson/Thomson in controversial fight

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First round: Krylov is a small heavyweight at 218, guys that size all cut to light heavyweight.  Some to middleweight.  Harris was gigantic shoulders, like he’s Phil Davis’ much bigger brother. Krylov landing lwo kicks and a head kick that knocked Harris down.  He was done from the kick, and after a half dozen punches on the ground, this was over in 25 seconds.  Perhaps a knockout of the night bonus in his future.

We've got an intermission now until the top of the hour when this starts on FS 1 


First round: There’s an obvious joke about this match-up and the last names.  Rhodes played college football at 270, he’s now fighting at 170.  He doesn’t look the slightest bit unhealthy at that weight.  High kick by Rhodes.  Rhodes working for a takedown and powered him down but Sullivan right back up.  Sullivan tried a takedown but Rhodes whizzereed.  Sullivan again working for a  takedown.  Good balance by Rhodes but Sullivan got him down.  Rhodes working for a Kimura from the bottom.  Sullivan got the mount while Rhodes worked for the Kimura.  Very close round could go either way.  Sullivan 10-9.

Second round: Rhodes landed a few punches.  Good right and knees by Rhodes.  Sullivan landed some rights.  Sullivan missing punches.  Good uppercut and right by Rhodes.  Rhodes with an uppercut. Low kick by Sullivan.  Rhodes working for a takedown.  Sullivan landing punches as he tried.  Rhodes behind him.  Sullivan working for a takedown now.  Time ran out.  Another close round, Rhodes’ round so 19-19 going into the third but this could easily be 20-18 in either direction.

Third round: Sullivan trying fo a takedown and not getting it.  Knees by Sullivan.  Big right by Sullivan who looks tired.  Body kick by Rhodes. Body kick by Rhodes.  Sullivan with a right.  Now Rhodes trying for a takedown.  It’s so close that a takedown can win this.  Now Sullivan has a single.  Sullivan got the takedown but Rhodes right back up.  Rhodes bleeding from the nose.  Knee by Sullivan and punches to the back.  Rhodes got a takedown and Sullivan right back up.  Super close round, I’d got Sullivan so 29-28, but any score here is possible

Scores: All three have is 29-28 Sullivan.


First round: Left by Rio.  Body kick and punches by Cruickshank.  Trading low kicks.  Rio back landing punches.  Left by Rio.  Another left by Rio.  Great spin kick by Cruickshank.  Rio with a left and right.  Hard right by Cruickshank.  Right and a head kick by Cruickshank knocked Rio down.  Cruickshank working for a guillotine.  Knee and punches by Cruickshank.  Rio going for the takedown.  Cruickshank 10-9, would be a 10-8.5 if those exist.

Second round: Rio landed a right.  Rio trying for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  Low kick by Cruickshank.  Right and side kick by Cruickshank.  Low kick by Cruickshnk.  Left by Rio.  Great spin kick by Cruickshank.  That was awesome, right out of the old Sayama playbook.  Right by Cruickshank.  Rio back with punches and Cruickshank took Rio down.  Rio working for a heel hook.  Cruickshank taking him down wasn’t the smartest move.  He’s working the heel hook.  Cruickshank escaped.  Body kick and punches and another awesome spin kick by Cruickshank.  Cruickshank has him beat with a series of punches on the ground and it was stopped about a second before the round ended.  Very good fight.


First round: Viana dropped him with right but Hernandez back up.  Both trading punches.  Body kick by Viana.  Viana landing good punches and a body kick.  Viana continuing to land.  Hard right by Viana.  He’s landing hard shots but Hernandez is staying up.  Viana 10-9 solidly.

Second round: Right by Viana.  Body shot and two kicks.by Viant.  Viana with punches.  Both trading punches.  Both trading more punches.  Viana still landing a lot more.  Hernandez bleeding from under the right eye.  Punches and a body kick.  Viana taking him apart late.  Viana 20-18, no other score possible.

Third round: Viana continuing to land hard shots.  Viana still landing.  Viana landed a hard right. Both trading punches.  Hernandez coming back.  Hernandez bleeding on the right side of the face.  Hernandez landing some good punches.  Viana back with a hard right. Right by Hernandez.  Viana with a right and left.  Viana going backwards.  Hernandez making fun of Viana dancing backwards.  Hernandez is back mocking him, but the problem is, he’s losing the fight and needs a finish.  Right and left by Hernandez.  Another right by Hernandez.  Left by Hernandez.  Good right by Hernandez.  Viana is tired.  Hernandez’s round so 29-28 for Viana.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Viana.  No other score possible.  Joe Rogan just said "I don’t know how it’s 29-28.  That's ridiculous.  I gave Junior maybe the third round but Viana won the first two."  Now I’m confused.  What did he just say?  Wouldn't Junior winning the third round and Viana the first two be a 29-28 score?

Now I'm even more confused.  They just showed a commercial for UFC 166 on PPV.  The commercial noted the date of that show.  October 19, 2013.  And they are running that commercial today?  I used to write about this in the last few years of WCW.


First round: Takedown by Meza.  Camus reversed to the top.  Ref ordered a standup.  10-9 Camus.

Second round: Left by Camus knocked him down.  Meza swept to the top.  The ref ordered a stand-up even though Meza was punching.  Camus with a right hurt him.  Camus going for a takedown and has it.  Camus moved to mount.  Camus moved to get his back and working for a choke.  Camus moved back to mount.  Camus got his back when Meza tried to buck up.  Meza back up.  Camus’ round for sure should be up 20-18.

Third round:   Takedown by Camus.  Camus in full mount.  Camus has his back. He’s working for a choke.  Meza got out of a choke attempt.  Camus back in mount.  This is like a grappling match.  Meza swept to the top.  Meza landing punches.  Camus took him down but Meza keeping back position.  Camus moved to side control.  Then he moved to mount and got his back and going for a choke but doesn’t have it.  Camus 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Camus


First round: Wineland looks like he can’t wait to kill somebody.  Left by Wineland.  Right by Wineland.  High kick by Jabouin.  High kick by Jabouin.  Trading low kicks.  Body kick by Jabouin.  Knees by Wineland from a clinch.  Very close round.  10-9 Jabouin.

Second round: Right by Wineland.  Jabouin with a left.  Left and right by Wineland.  Wineland bleeding from the top of the head.  Right by Wineland.  Spin kick by Jabouin.  Right to the body by Wineland.  Hard right by Wineland.  Nice head kick by Jabouin.  Wineland hurt him with a right and knocked him down.  Wineland working for an arm triangle.  He gave it up but Wineland moved to mount.  He’s dropping punches and elbows and now pounding on him from the back.  He’s hurting him with punches and elbows.  Jabouin covering up but that’s all he’s doing.  Wineland sledge hammering him with punches and it was stopped.


First round: Caceres tried a spinning backfist but it was blocked.  Body kick by Caceres.  Trading body kicks.  Pettis hurt him with a body kick and now he’s landing punches.  Uppercut by Pettis.  Pettis landed a left.  Nice kick by Petts and another head kick.  Trading punches.  Spinning backfist by Caceres.  Good round, Petts technically very impressive 10-9 Pettis.

Second round: Cacres dropped him with a left.  Pettis got back to his feet.  Head kick by Pettis.  Pettis now landing.  Right by Pettis.  Head kick by Pettis.  Body kick by Pettis.  Side kick by Caceres.  Spin kick by Pettis missed but landed a punch.  Body kick by Pettis.  This could go either way.  Pettis dominated most of the round but Caceres did get the knockdown and had Pettis hurt when he got it.  Caceres for the knockdown so 19-19.

Third round: Body kick by Caceres.  Spin kick to the head by Caceres. Pettis got the takedown and a head kick.  Caceres tried a Kimura.  Pettis escaped and punched him.  Punches by Pettis.  Both scrambling on the ground.  Pettis to his feet.  Knee by Caceres.  Body kick and punches by Pettis.  Nice short right by Pettis.  Body kick by Pettis.  Right by Pettis.  Pettis tried a takedown.  Caceres ended up on top with 50 seconds left.  Pettis working for a heel hook.  Caceres escaped and is punching him from back position.  Caceres has his back working for a choke with 23 seconds left.  Pettis tapped out.  Hell of a comeback.  4:39


First round: Stephens landing early.  Elkins was tripped throwing a kick.  Stephens dropped an elbow.  Hard punches by Stephens.  Elkins fighing for a takedown.  Stephens shoved him away.  Hard punches by Stephens.  Elkins landed a right.  Stephens with a low kick.  Hard overhand right by Stephens.  Body kick by Stephens.  Stephens 10-9.

Second round: Both trading punches.  Stephens landed a right.  Trading punches.  Hard low kick by Stephens.  Right by Elkins.  Good uppercut by Stephens.  Elkins went for a takedown and got hit with an uppercut.  Head kick by Elkins.  Body kick by Elkins.  Body kick by Stephens.  Hard uppercut by Stephens. Hard kick by Stephens.  Stephens landed a hard left at the end of the round.  20-18 Stephens.

Third round: Takedown by Stephens.  Elkins tried a guillotine but Stephens broke out of it.  Tried it again and Stephens rolled away.  Right by Elkins.  Right and left by Stephens.  Low kick by Stephens.  Elkins came back now landing good punches and he went for a takedown. Elkins working for a guillotine but less than 20 seconds left.  Time ran out.  Elkins could win the round, it’s close, but I’ve got 30-27 Stephens.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Stephens


First round: Hard body kick by Martins.  Cerrone with a low kick.  Cerrone therw a high kick but it was blocked.  Body shot by Cerrone.  Front kick by Cerrone.  Martins landed several hard punches.  Cerrone with a body shot.  Body kick by Martins.  Nice left by Martins.  Takedown by Cerrone.  He moved to mount but Martins out of it immediately and back to his feet.  Body kick by Cerrone.  Right by Cerrone.  Frot kick by Cerrone.  Great head kick by Cerrone knocked Martins out.


First round: Trading punches.  Gonzaga landed a hard one.  Nice left by Gonzaga.  Low kick by Gonzaga. Another low kick by Gonzaga.  Hard right by Gonzaga.  Body kick by Gonzaga. Overhand right by Gonzaga.  Miocic landed several punches.  Another low kick by Gonzaga. Left jab b Miocic. Antoher right by Gonzaga.  Head kick by Gonzaga.  More punhes by Gonzaga.  Left by Miocic.  Left by Gonzaga.  Takedown by Gonzaga.  Miocic up.  Gonzaga getting tired.  Gonzaga 10-9.

Second round: Left by Gonzaga.  Miocic starting to land now.  Miocic landing a lot of jabs now.  Gonzaga landed a right but he’s eating a lot of jabs.  Body kick by Miocic.  Miocic landing a lot.  Miocic’s round.  19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Low kick and right by Gonzaga.  Gonzaga landeed.  Miocic landinga lot of punches.  Gonzaga trying for a takedown but Miocic stuffed him again.  Miocic landing a lot of jabs.  Takedown by Miocic and he landed a few punches.  Miocic  punched and Gonzaga slipped and fell down.  Miocic doesn’t want to go to the ground with him.  Miocic standing dropped some punches and got up.  Miocic went to the ground, landing a lot of punches now.  Micoic landing a lot of punches now.  Miocic got up.  Miocic bleeding from the left ear.  Gonzaga threw some punches.  Miocic won the round big, should win 29-28.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Miocic


First round:  Henderosn went for a high kick.  Good right by Henderson and Thomson took him down and got his back with a body triangle.  Thomson continues to control him on the ground.  Henderson stood up.  Thomson remains in piggy back position.  Thomson let go of the body triangle.  Henderson trying for a takedown.  Thomson defending the takedown well.  Takedown by Henderson with 51 seconds left.  Thomson right back up.  Henderson with a standing arm triangle.  Thomson is in trouble .  Thomson escaped and got Henderson’s back.  Takedown by Thomson just as the round ended.  Thomson 10-9.

Second round: Henderson with a good body punch.  Knee to the body by Henderson.  Thomson grabbed the leg but couldn’t take him down.  Henderson has him pushed against the fence.  Knee to the body by Thomson and another.  Another knee by Thomson.  John McCarthy ordered a separation.  Body kick by Henderson.  Takedown by Thomson and got his back again.  He got the body triangle again.  Henderson back up.  Hard body punch by Henderson.  Front kick by Thomson.  Low kick by Henderson and Thomson right back with two of them.  Both trading punches.  This is more deliberate than expected. Henderson in with a kick and Thomson grabbed the leg and couldn’t take him down.  Very close round, Thomson’s so 20-18.

Third round:    Henderson in with punches and got a takedown.  Thomson back to his feet and Henderson took him down and Thomson back up again.  Thomson’s right hand is broken.  Body shot by Henderson.  Body kick by Henderson.  Thomson tried a takedown but couldn’t get it with the broken hand.  Elbow by Henderson .  The broken hand (thumb) has changed the fight.  Thomson trying for a takedown.  He’s got Henderson’s back standing.  Henderson got the takedown but Henderson back up.  Thomson is hurting bad.  He threw a spin kick but it didn’t land.  Henderson’s round so 29-28 Thomson.

Fourth round: Body kick by Henderson.  Thomson trying to kick.  Body and low kick by Henderson.  Thomson with a takedown.  Thomson thinks his thumb is broken.  Thomson working for an arm triangle.  Henderson throwing elbows from his back.  Henderson working for a triangle.  Henderson broke free.  Thomson threw some punches.  Nice cradle by Thomson. Henderson got a takedown with 2:27 left.  Thomson back up.  Henderson kicking Thomson’s calf.  Now Henderson with knees to the thigh.  Another takedown by Thomson and he got Henderson’s back.  He’s got the body triangle.  Henderson got up and Thomson was in the piggy back position.  Thomson waving for the crowd to cheer for him.  He really should have been working.  I think that’s Thomson’s round so 39-37.  Thomson can actually win this fight, maybe already has.

Fifth round: Henderson with a right to the body.  Hard knee to the body by Henderson.  Low kick by Henderson.  The crowd is booing.  Front kick by Thomson.  Thomson landed a big right.  Henderson back with two punches.  Thomson tripped him down with a low kick but Henderson back up immediately.  Good by kick by Henderson.  Another hard kick by Henderson.  Low kick by Henderson.  Body shot by Henderson.  Thomson landed a few punches.  Thomson took him down and has his back.  Henderson back up.  Thomson trying for a takedown but can’t get it.  This is Henderson’s round.  Knees by Thomson.  This is going to come down to round two which could go either way.  Nice uppercut to the body by Henderson.  Crowd booing.  It wasn’t the fight people expected because of the broken hand.  Henderson’s round so I’ve got 48-47 Thomson but I think it’s going the other way for some reason.

Scores: 48-47 Thomson 48-47 Henderson 49-46 Henderson.  That would mean one judge gave Henderson the 2nd and 4th probably.  The fight could have been scored either way.  Henderson won if you were judging the fight overall.

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