UFC On Fox 10 Post-Fight Coverage: Nightly award winners, live notes

- Steve Juon (@angrymarks), Wrestling Observer

Biggest reactions of the night were for Thomson vs. Henderson for a variety of reasons (I'll get into that in a sec), Stipe Miocic, Eddie Wineland, Alex Caceres, and Donald Cerrone. The post-fight press conference has yet to start but Cerrone seems a cinch lock for the Knockout of the Night, and Caceres for the Submission of the Night. Cerrone and Miocic were the biggest fan favorites, though the length of the heavyweight fight gave more time and opportunity for the United Center to chant in his favor. The crowd got increasingly loud and excited as the Thomson vs. Henderson fight progressed, and reacted to the spot where Thomson was riding his back and Henderson brushed the hair out of his face. Thomson reacting by pumping his fist in the air and pulling Henderson down for a sub attempt with short time left in R4 got the crowd even louder.

The decision in the main event is perplexing, although Mike Coughlin was sitting to my left and said he could see the decision going either way, and at least one judge did in fact see either way. The consensus among reporters sitting around me afterward in the media room is either 4-1 or 3-2 Thomson, which makes the 49-46 for Henderson that much more odd. I'm just trying to figure out how Thomson had dominant positions and submission attempts in at least three out of five rounds, when at least one judge thought he lost FOUR out of five rounds. It's truly amazing that Henderson finds ways to get these decisions. He's certainly not causing judges to favor him - he's a hard working, humble and dedicated fighter. I don't fault him - but we'll see what they have to say in the press conference about it.

The biggest heat was for any of the slow moments in any of the fights. The United Center was quick to turn on matches, not particularly the fighters themselves. Sullivan came the closest to being hated, although that's more likely due to Rhodes having a lot of supporters in the crowd for an early prelim, and the decision was slightly perplexing (not as much so as the main event). The Viana vs. Hernandez fight suffered following the excitement of Rio vs. Cruickshank, though the crowd did pop in R3 when Hernandez started to mock Viana for backpedaling constantly. There were also some notable boos in Camus vs. Meza. Camus had a solid but largely underwhelming performance.

Unofficial attendance - I'd estimate 10,000. I'll have the official #'s, the gate, and the bonuses shortly once the press conference begins. The strongest gainers out of the night have to be Miocic, Cerrone, Cruickshank and Stephens. They should be getting bigger fights, and Stephens will no doubt get a ranking for his defeat of Elkins.

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