UFC's Super Bowl backup plan, Josh Thomson teases retirement, main event scorecards

A few notes from the UFC post-fight press conference:

If the Super Bowl moves to Saturday due a snowstorm Sunday, their PPV will move to Sunday.

Josh Thomson was strongly teasing retirement at the post-fight press conference. He didn't say it, but also said he was considering retiring after this match even if he won and wouldn't have taken the title match. I sensed it was more the nature of the camp and disappointment but we'll see.

On the scorecards for the main event between Thomson and Benson Henderson:

Judge Sal D'Amato had every round but the first for Henderson. So he's the 49-46

Judge Brian Puccillo had rounds three through five for Henderson. Now I'm thinking that's weird because Thomson to me pretty clearly won four and two was the close one, and that's how he came to 48-47.

Judge Gabriel Babaitis had rounds one, four and five for Thomson, giving him a 48-47 card. Now that's freaking insane even though my final score was the same, because there is no way Henderson didn't win round five.

- DM

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