UFC Fight Night 36 live coverage & results: Lyoto Machida vs. Gegard Mousasi

By Dave Meltzer


First round: de Andrade has a GSP like physique. This crowd is hot as hell.  They’re chanting”You’re gonna die” at Tukhugov.  Crowd going crazy for every low kick by Andrade.  Andrade went high but it was mostly blocked.   Tukhugov caught a kick and got a takedown, threw some punches but Andrade back up.  Spinning back fist by Tukhugov but mostly blocked.  Body kick by Andrade.  Left by Tukhugov knocked Andrade off balance.  Andrade is busted open from the left eye and the nose.  The doctor is going to look at the cut.  The cut is nasty, between the eyes but they’re letting it go.  Tukhugov missed a spinning backfist.   He got a takedown.  He’s trying for elbows but most are blocked.  A few got through.  Andrade back to his feet.  Crowd booed the second the fight went to the ground.  Body kick by Tukhugov.  Tukhugov 10-9.

Second round:   Tukhugov is cut over the left eye as well.  Tukhugov went for a takedown but good block by Andrade.  Andrade with a low kick.  Tukhugov missed a spinning kick.  Both are slowing down.  Takedown by Tukhugov.  Crowd booing immediately.  Andrade back to his feet.  Body kick by Andrade.  Another spinning backfist missed by Tukhugov.  Tukhugov 20-18 but this round was close.

Third round: Andrade’s corner told him he lost the first round and the second round was close.  At least they are telling the truth.  Tukhugov knocked him down witha body kick but Andrade right back up.  Tukhugov moved in with punches.  Nice body shot by Tukhugov.  Both swinging and Tukhugov got the better of it.  Tukhugov landed more punches.  Andrade with a hard left hook.  Andrade landed more.  Tukhugov failed on a takedown attempt.  Takedown by Tukhugov but Andrade immediately back up.  Right by Andrade.  Tukhugov’s round, I’ve got 30-27 but rounds two and three are close.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 Tukhugov


First round: Tumenov’s nickname is Einstein.  That’s what Makhan Singh used to call Davey Boy Smith.  Alcantara landed a right.  Here come the chants.  Tumenov dropped him with a left.  Acantara right back up.  Alcantara got a takedown.  Reversal by Tumenov.  Tumenov is bleeding. But he’s on top throwing elbows.  The crowd was booing as Tumenov is landing on the ground.  Tumenov landing big shots on the ground. Alcantara now bleeding.  Tumenov landing good shots from the top.  Alcantara back to his feet.  Crowd exploded as he got up.  Tumenov landed a head kick.  Tumenov is bleeding like crazy from the left eye even though he’s dominated the round.  Takedown by Alcantara with 50 seconds left.  Alcantara landed two good shots late.  Crowd cheering both men.  Tumenov 10-9.

Second round:   Takedown by Alcantara.  Alcantara with elbows.  Alcantara has his back.  Now back to mount.  Tumenov got back up.  Alcantara trying for a takedown but they’re in a clinch against the fence.  The ref separated them.  Another takedown by Alcantara.  Elbow by Alcantara.  He’s dropping elbows right on the cut.  More elbows by Alcantara.  Another elbow by Alcantara.  Alcantara’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Alcantara’s corner told him he’s won both rounds.  I hope he doesn’t stall because I’ve got it tied.  Body kick by Alcantara.  Crowd is deafening as they see it as even.  Loud chants by the Brazilians.  Right by Tumenov.  Tumenov threw a high kick that was blocked.  Body kick by Alcantara.  Right by Tumenov.  Left by Alcantara.  Tumenov landed a spinning back fist.  Low kick by Tumenov.  Body kick by Alcantara.  Right by Alcantara.  Left by Alcantara.  Right by Alcantara.  Tumenov blocked a takedown.  Left and right by Alcantara.  Tumenov back with a  punch.  More pucnhes by Alcantara.  Alcantara’s round, should win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Tumenov what? 29-28 Alcantara 30-27 Alcantara.


First round: Both out fast.  Blanco landing body shots and got a takedown.  More body shots by Blanco.  Big shots back by Arantes.  The place is going nuts.  Arantes with a kick and knee.  Spin kick by Arantes.  Body kick by Blanco.  Arantes decked Blanco and is working for a choke but Blanco out.  Arantes landing elbows and working for something as time is running out.  Blanco out o f trouble to the top.  Great first round.  Arantes 10-9.

Second round: Low kick by Blanco tripped up Arantes and he’s on top.  The Brazilian fans boo as soon as the fight goes to the ground.  Arantes with a triangle.  Blanco with two power bombs to break the triangle.  Arantes working for a takedown.  Blanco has great balance.  Knee by Arantes.  Kick by Arantes.  Body shots by Blanco.  Takedown by Blanco.  Blanco not getting much offense in though.  The ref warned Blanco about a stand up.  Blanco with shoulder strikes and Mario Yamasaki stood them up.  Closer round, Blanco so even 19-19.

Third round: Arantes’ corner told him he lost round two.  Arantes landed two shots.  Blanco went for a takedown, Arantes nearly got his back but Blanco out of trouble.  Blanco kicked him to the groin.  Arantes was down for a while.  They are running late on time with all these decisions.  The ref took a point away from Blanco which is a big deal in a close fight.  Right by Arantes.  Body kick by Blanco.  Front kick by Blanco.   Blanco got the takedown.  Arantes working for an armbar.  Blanco out of trouble.  Arantes up and he’s going for a takedown.  Arantes got a takedown.  That was big.  Body shots by Arantes.  Blanco back up.  Arantes going for another takedown.  He didn’t get it.  Arantes with an elbow from close range.  Mario Yamasaki separated them.  Both men are swinging.  Low kick by Blanco.  Body shots by Arantes.  Will be interesting. I have Arantes close and with the docked point have it 29-27 for Arantes.  We’ll see.

Scores: 29-27 on all three cards.  That means the docked point didn’t make a difference.


First round: They know they are in a rush.  They rushed between fights and Bruce Buffer did the ring announcing like he was on speed.  Reis landed left.  Reis with a takedown and got his back.  Alcantara escaped and on top.  Alcantara landing punches.  Reis tried a throw but Alcantara landed on top in a mount but Reis swept to the top.  The ref ordered a standup.  Reis working for a takedown and landed a left.  Reis bailed on the attmept.  Alcantara dropped him .  Alcantara on top in full mount.  Reis back up.  Reis landed some punches and Alcantara back.  Knee by Alcantara but Reis used it to get the takedown.  Alcantara right back up and Alcantara with a takedown and got his back as time ran out.  Alcantara 10-9

Second round:  Alcanta decked him with a left.  Alcantara landing punches but Reis got to the top.  Alcantara tried a triangle but doesn’t have it.  Reis now landing punches from the top.  Reis in full mount.  Alcantara reversed to the top.  Alcantara landing punches.  Alcantara landing from the top.  Alcantara landing punches.  Reis with a takedown.  Reis landing punches from the top.  Going to be interesting on this round as Alcantara decked him but Reis was on top and landed punches much of the round.  I’ve got Reis so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Alcantara’s corner told him it might by 1-1 going into the third.  They need a finish as they’ve got two fights left before going on the air at 10:30 p.m.   Alcantara landed a hard left  Reis going for a takedown.  Reis landing punches from the top.  He’s continuing to land punches.  The crowd is booing the ground and pound.  Alcantara back to his feet with 1:00 left.  Takedown by Alcantara.  Alcantara with punches and elbows.  He’s landing punches.  This is really close.  Reis landed more from the top, Alcantara’s shots from the top were more solid.  I’d go Reis 29-28 but this is a pick-em fight.

Scores: 29-28 Reis 30-27 Alcantara 30-27 Alcantara


First round: Both landing kicks and punches early.  Left and right by Ronson followed by a low kick.  Trinaldo back with a low kick.  Body shot by Ronson.  Body kick by Ronson.  Low kick by Trinaldo.  Body shot by Ronson.  Both trading punches.  Trinaldo hurt him with a right and a body shot.  Big left by Trinaldo.  Another left by Trinaldo.  Trinaldo hurt him now.  Fans going crazy for Trinaldo.  Knees by Trinaldo.  Ronson trying for a takedown.  Body kick by Ronson.  Trinaldo with a hard uppercut.  Low kick by Trinaldo,  Trinaldo’s round 10-9.

Second round: Ronson’s lead leg is all rasberried up.  Front kick by Ronson.  Trinaldo landed a nice right.  Low kick by Ronson.  Trinaldo tried a takedown by Ronson whizzered out of trouble.  Body kick by Ronson.  Body kick by Ronson.  Spin kick by Ronson.  Knee by Trinaldo.  Ronson  landing.  Trinaldo took him down at the horn.  Very close round.  Ronson so 19-19 going into the third.  The crowd is going crazy, I think Dos Santos is in the house, could be someone else as they didn’t show but I heard a “Cigano” chant or at least that’s what it sounded like.

Third round: Ronson with a right.  Elbow by Ronson.  Uppercut by Ronson.  Right by Ronson.  Left by Trinaldo.  Good right by Ronson.  Left by Trinaldo.  Trinaldo got his back.  Trinaldo with knees to the back and to the body.  Knees to the body by Trinaldo.  Trinaldo got a takedown at the end of the round.  Trinaldo’s round, so I’ve got him winning 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Ronson 29-28 Trinaldo and 30-27 Trinaldo


First round: God is Buffer going fast.  Damm landed a left.  Low kick by Jorge.  Low kick by Damm.  Series of punches by Jorge.  Left by Damm.  Both trading punches.  More exchanges.  Close round.  Jorge 10-9.  Crowd is tired from all these decisions.

Second round: Head kick by Jorge.  Another head kick but didn’t have any power.  Low kick by Jorge.  Damm kicking but they are blocked. Left by Jorge.  Jorge got poked in the eye.  Damm claimed an eye poke.  The ref warned both the next time he’s taking a point away.  Both throwing but Damm landed better.  Damm hurt him with a left.  Knee by Jorge.  Jorge missed on a high kick.  Damm landed a nice right.  Damm landing.  Jorge landed a few.  Uppercut by Jorge.  Jorge with lefts.  Left hook by Damm.  Body shot by Jorge.  Jorge bleeding from under the right eye.  Damm’s round so even 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Jorge threw a kick and Damm grabbed the leg and took him down.  Damm with an elbow.  Jorge reversed to the top.  He’s working for a D’arce choke.  Damm out of trouble.  Damm to his feet.  Hard left by Jorge.  Knee by Jorge.  Damm looks tired.  Both landing.  Jorge tried a takedown but didn’t get it.  Jorge landing a lot of punches. Damm with a right.  Damm with punches.  Damm may have landed a low blow.  It was a front kick to the groin.  Just what  they didn’t need was a low blow time out as rushed as they are.  Both out swinging.  Now Damm landing a lot of punches.  Jorge swinging wildly.  Both throwing and are exhausted.  Damm landed a right.  Jorge tried a takedown but didn’t get it.  Left landed by Damm.  Left by Jorge.   Very close 29-28 Damm 

Scores: Damm 29-28 across the board


First round: Proctor returning after shoulder surgery.  These two were teammates on TUF.   Proctor with a right.  Proctor working for a standing guillotine.  Marcello out.  Takedown by Marcello.  Marcello with body shots.  Marcello going for a a foot lock.  Proctor is in trouble . Proctor escaped.  Marcello with a low kick.  Proctor with a right and going for a standing guillotine.  Proctor squeezing but Marcello out.  Close round.  Marcello 10-9.

Second round: They’ve killed the crowd with all these decisions.  Proctor with a body kick.  Proctor landing punches.  Marcello working for a takedown.  Proctor landing a lot of punches now.  Knees and an uppercut by Proctor.  Marcello with a right.  Proctor landing more punches. Hard right by Proctor.  Proctor landing more punches. Proctor continues to land.  Left by Proctor.  Proctor taking him apart standing now.  Proctor’s round so 19-19 going into the third.   Crowd booing.

Third round: Proctor continues to land.  Marcello’s leg buckled from a right.  Marcello came back.  Crowd booing them.  Both throwing punches.  Marcello with a right.  Proctor threw hiim down after catching a kick.  Good right by Proctor.  Right by Proctor.  Proctor has him in trouble. Marcello shot for a takedown and Proctor landing more.  Big right by Proctor.  Proctor continuing to land.  Hard right by Proctor.  Proctor with a right.  Proctor with rights.  Proctor’s round.  Crowd booing both guys.  It really wasn’t that bad, just the people are sick of decisions.  29-28 Proctor.  Proctor has to win this.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 Proctor

Seven straight decisions


First round: Oliveira took him down.  He’s already in mount.  Ogle gave up his back.  Oliveira working for a choke.  Oliveira in the piggy back position.  Oliveira dragged him to the ground.  Oliveira has the body triangle.  A few punches by Oliveira.  Ogle doing a good job blocking the choke.  Oliveira’s round easy 10-9.

Second round: Oliveira went for a takedown.  Ogle landed on top.  Crowd booing right away.  Oliveira up.  Oliveira got the takedown.  Knee by Oliveira.  Oliveira going for a guillotine.  Ogle out of trouble.  Ogle slipped and got on top but Oliveira back up.  Ogle with a powerslam and on top.  Knee by Oliveria.  Oliveira has his back with a body triangle.  Total grappling match with Oliveira winning 20-18.

Third round: Oliveira dropped hjm wiht a left and went for a choke.  Ogle back up.  Ogle going for a takedown but Oliveira blocked it.  Ogle got the takedown.  Oliviera went for a takedown but Ogle on top.  Ogle with a right.  Oliveira worked for a triangle from the bottom and got a submission.  Thank God somebody got a finish.


First round: Both traded punches.  Takedown by Andrade.  Andrade landing punches.  Andrade landing more punches.  Musoke back up.  Andrade killed him with a right to the ear to knock himdown and celebrated like he had won, which was a mistake.  The ref ordered it to continue and Musoke nearly got an armbar and a triangle from the bottom.  Andrade landing punches.  Left by Musoke.  Knee by Musoke.  Trading punches.  Good right by Andrade.  Andrade 10-9, almost 10-8.

Second round: Musoke pushed him against the fence.  Musoke got his back standing.  Knee by Musoke.  Musoke tried a takedown.  Musoke with a high kick. Musoke pounding on Andrade, who looks gassed.  Musoke going for a takedown. .  He’s got him down.  Musoke landing punches on the ground.  Hard right by Musoke.  Musoke on top landing some punches.  Musoke hurting him with elbows.  Musoke’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Andrade landed an uppercut.  Left by Musoke.  Andrade with a left and right.  Musoke got his back standing and took him down once.  Musoke has his back.  A purple belt is outgrappling a BJJ black belt champion because of better conditioning.  Musoke is just controlling him with a body triangle and the crowd is booing.  Fans are booing since Musoke is mostly just holding him in position with the body triangle for most of the round.  Musoke has to win 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Musoke


First round: Body kick, Sato used it and working for take down.  Silva was throwing this short jumping heels and then Silva pounding on him with punches.  Sato held the leg and was wide open for punches to the side of the head and Silva knocked him out. :52


First round: Spin kick by Souza. Souza took him down and already has his back.  He’s also got a body triangle.  Souza with some punches.  Souza has Carmont totally under control with the body triangle.  He’s got the choke.  Carmong got out of it.  Carmont reversed to the top at the end of the round.  10-9 Souza.

Second round:   Two punches by Souza.  Body shot by Souza.  Souza landing more punches Spin kick agian.  Carmont working for a takedown.  Carmont landed a right.  Trading punches.  Camront got a nice right in.  Another right by Carmont.  Jacare missed a kick.  Carmont landed several punches.  Another right by Carmont.  Body shot by Souza.  Knee by Souza.  Souza close up 20-18.

Third round: Carmont with a low kick.  Takedown by Souza.  Souza pounding on him.  Souza with a body triangle and has his back.  Souza continues the squeeze from behind.  Souza landing punches from that position.  Souza went for a choke but couldn’t get under the chin.  Carmont throwing punches backward.  As he did that Souza again working for a choke but time ran out.  Souza’s round should win 30-27.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Souza.


First round: Hard body kick by Machida.  Machida landed a good uppercut.  God this was boring.  Machida 10-9 although Mousasi is the one moving forwards.

Second round: Switch kick by machida.  This fight continues to be awful.  Kick to the stomach by Machida.  Machida landed a few.  Head kick by Machida.  Mousasi tried to grab the leg for a takedown, but couldn’t get it.  Body kick by Machida.  Body kick by Mousasi.  Head kick by Machida.  Mousasi landed a few punches.  Mousasi moving foward.  Low kick by Mousasi. This was close.  Mousasi came close but I’ve still got Machida 20-18.

Third round: Machida with a body kick.  Mousasi got a knee from a clinch.  Machida kicked to the body from up close.  Good left by Machida.  More kicks by Machida.  Spin kick by Machida.  Body kick by Machida.  Another body kick by Machida.  Left by Machida.  Knee by Machida.  Machida with a knee.  Machida went for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Machida’s round 30-27.

Fourth round: Mousasi got the takedown.  Machida right back up.  Mousasi threw a knee as Machida got up.  Left by Machida.  Machida threw him down.  Machida in side control.  Mousasi swept to the top.  Mousasi got his back and Machida flipped him down.  Mousasi used an illegal  up kick when Machida was down.  Mousasi’s round close 39-37 Machida.

Fifth round: Body kick by Machida.  Knee by Machida.  Knee by Machida.  Mousasi landed a left jab.  Mousasi went for a takedown and Machida landed on top.  Machida got his back with 1:11 left.  Machida landed a diving punch just as the bout ended.  49-46 Machida.

Scores: 49-46, 50-45 and 50-45 for Machida

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