UFC Fight Night feedback

Thumbs down event for me.
Not a lot to get excited about throughout.
Worst match Andrade v Musoke.
Best match Machida v Mousasi.
I thought Silvas back heel soccer style kicks on Sato were cool. I enjoyed Carmont hulking up before his round 3, pity it didn't work.
Sean Coleman. @seanycoleman

Thumbs sorta down. Very tedious undercard, top card not bad but not good enough to overbalance it.
Best fight: Oliveira vs. Ogle
Worst fight: Proctor vs. Marcello
Best performances: E. Silva, Machida
KO: E. Silva (default)
Sub: Oliveira (")
Undercard doesn't really merit detailed description. Yet again Yamazaki demonstrates that he should not be allowed to ref a fight with one Brazilian, not only taking a point from Maxi Blanco for a first offense groin kick but letting the doctor come in and do therapy on Arantes for it during the 5 minutes. Proctor had to work very hard not to KO Marcello in their buddy-buddy sparring session.
Very good fight opens the top card as Andy Ogle is surprisingly competitive with Charles Oliveira on the ground until Oliveira sinks the triangle in the 3rd for an immediate tap.
Viscardi Andrade drops Nico Musoke with a big right in the first and celebrates prematurely as Musoke takes over the fight, sweeping the 2nd and 3rd for the UD. Fight could have been scored a lot more liberally as the KD merited a 10-8 and either of the last 2 were wide enough for one.
Erick Silva puts on a show, hurting badly overmatched Japanese journeyman Takenori Sato with a liver kick and then innovating a jumping heel kick defense to a single leg before pounding Sato silly while he hung desperately onto the leg. 52 seconds. Silva has all the talent in the world.
Jacare dominates but cannot finish Francis Carmont and has to settle for the UD. He had Carmont's back throughout the 1st and 3rd rounds and either could have been scored 10-8 but of course weren't.
Brilliant display by Lyoto Machida, fighting aggressively and peppering Gegard Mousasi for pretty much the entire fight. Mousasi's chin is amazing as he ate several of the same kick that decapitated Mark Munoz and just kept coming, but Machida was just too fast and varied, correctly sweeping the rounds on two of the cards. This performance should earn Machida the next title shot. He really should have been @MW this whole time.

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