UFC TUF Nations Episode 7: Ragin' With Kajan, The Youngsters Scrap

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Vik Grujic is pissed at Kajan Johnson to start this week's show. "If there's one thing I won't tolerate it's anybody disrespecting one of my boys." At the house Brendan O'Reilly takes Johnson to task for gloating when Sheldon Westcott won last week, but notes that Grujic is pissed at him too. O'Reilly: "I wouldn't mind getting my hands on him when I'm not just fresh off a plane." Johnson apologizes, and says they're taking it out of context.

'Ragin' goes on to explain that he wasn't saying Dan Kelly was "done" as a fighter - just that the fight ITSELF was done. Johnson: "The whole team went nuts! We were all stoked and yelling." Grujic still thinks he's full of shit. Johnson says he'd never wish being retired on anyone because he nearly had to retire two years ago himself after his eye surgery. The Aussies are trying to lighten the mood after Kelly's loss when he gets back to the house by freestyle rapping, but it breaks down into laughter. Commercial.

Focus on Jake Matthews when we come back. He rates his cardio as his biggest asset. Noke tells him to not stress and enjoy himself. Meanwhile Kelly is told by the doctor has to stay off his feet for 4-6 weeks so that his leg injuries can heal up properly. On the Canada side Cote says Aubin-Mercier "is a horse" in training and Johnson calls him "a future star in UFC." Aubin-Mercier says GSP is the one who got him to want to do MMA. He talks about having to leave his daughter behind to be on the show. "If I win, everything's going to change. It's the most important fight in my career."

Here's a long plug for Forza Motosport 5, with the person who gets the best lap time getting a ride to the next fight in a Ferrari, and the next fight's winner getting a brand new XBox One. Chris Indich ends up getting the ride.

Time for our final welterweight weigh-in. Luke Harris says Aubin-Mercier is a great representative of the sport. 169 FOR AUBIN-MERCIER. As for the Aussies, JAKE MATTHEWS IS 169.

Final fight predictions and tape ups for both men. I want to say "boy" though because they're both so babyfaced. In fact if it weren't for the accents it would be hard to tell them apart, something that's already been teased via a Photoshopped picture. Aubin-Mercier vows to win for his wife and daughter. Cote says he's very confident about a win.

Jake Matthews (Australia) vs. Olivier Aubin-Mercier (Canada)

Jake (age 24) is in the yellow trunks and Aubin-Mercier (age 19) the red. Here we go! Two minutes of not much until they start trading striks after spinning off the fence. Aubin-Mercier puts Matthews on his back at 2:31. Aubin-Mercier backs up and drops a right hand to his face. Matthews tries to tie him up but eats quite a few shots. He finally gets back into guard at 3:43, then stands up again to slip a hard left in. Matthews pushes him away with his legs for just a second, then tries to roll his way out of danger, getting to his feet at 4:37 and unsuccessfully attempt to pull guard. 10-9 round for Aubin-Mercier.

Aubin-Mercier uses a whizzer to block a takedown attempt early in R2 and gets one of his own, following his same strategy of backing up and dropping bombs on Matthews. He has his back at 1:05. 1:46 and he's got the arm under the chin. Matthews escapes but he's still in big trouble. 2:20. Aubin-Mercier is going for it again at the 3 minute mark. Matthews gets out again - he's a survivor. If this goes the distance he loses both rounds. Aubin-Mercier pounds him everywhere he rolls - his back, his side, on his knees, keeping the triangle and punishing. Should be an easy unanimous decision - and it is - AUBIN-MERCIER TAKES IT. He's disappointed he didn't get a finish and the fight bonus though.

STEVIE'S THOUGHTS: It's the final first round fight, so if the Aussies don't want to finish 6-2, this needs to be a big fight - and apparently Kyle Noke brings in a "secret weapon" to motivate his team next week. We'll see if it works!

NEXT WEEK: LUKE HARRIS (CANADA) vs. VIK GRUJIC (AUSTRALIA) is the final middleweight fight of the season.

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