Belfort out, Machida in to face Weidman on May 24th

With today's ruling by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to ban testosterone replacement therapy, Vitor Belfort has pulled out of his middleweight title fight scheduled with Chris Weidman.

Belfort stated that he would eliminate use of testosterone replacement therapy based on the new rules, but was not applying for a license in Nevada.

Lyoto Machida, coming off his win over Gegard Mousasi on 2/15, has accepted the fight against Weidman.

Belfort released a statement saying:

"The Nevada State Athletic Commission recently altered its policy and no longer will permit testosterone use exemptions,and will not permit a TRT program.  As other jurisdictions may follow suit, I am going to drop my TRT program and compete in MMA without it.  Given the time constraints involved between now and my proposed next bout in May, I have determined not to apply for a license to fight in Nevada at this time."

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