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***This week, Dan Henderson talks TRT and who his tag team partner would be if he was in Hipshow Team MMA.

Leonard Garcia explains what sparked his career turnaround, Glover Teixeira talks Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, and Matt Hughes talks the TRT ruling. All this and much more, this week on Inside MMA!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, March 14 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


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UFC 171:  Hendricks vs. Lawler


They run down the card headlined by the UFC Welterweight championship bout between Robbie Lawler and Johny Hendricks.


Ron Kruck is in Dallas, TX and spoke with some of the fighters.  Robbie says winning the title doesn’t matter who was champ before you.  GSP was an amazing fighter and did a lot for the sport, but just having the title is big enough.  It doesn’t matter why he has the shot, it’s just that he does have the shot.


Johny Hendricks hopes he could have a legacy like that, and that’s what he’s shooting for, to have a legacy like GSP.  Johny looks around and says it could be any of the welterweights on top in a couple years, and that’s what makes it so exciting, because we really don’t know what this division will look like in the future.


Dana White clarified this week that the Tyron Woodley-Carlos Condit fight isn’t an automatic #1 contender bout, and that basically anyone who comes out shining could get a title shot.


Carlos Condit said that was the stipulation when the fight was first offered to him.  Tyron Woodley sees Carlos as the #2 guy, so if he wins he feels he deserves to be fighting for the title.  He wants to prove that to everyone and everything has lined up for him.


Jake Shields and Hector Lombard, also said this week they should be included in that mix.


Dana also said he knows for a fact that GSP will return to the UFC.


Johny Hendricks and Calvin Gaselum both missed weight for the show, but thankfully they both lost the pound in time and will both fight their scheduled bouts.  The common thread is they are both consulted by Mike Dolce and his famous “Dolce Diet” gimmick.  Dana White doesn’t blame or accuse Dolce of being a fraud, he does however, theorize that whatever Dolce was weighing them on was off by a pound to explain why both guys missed.


Bas Rutten’s Key to Victory




Lawler should move to the left the whole time since Johny throws his left 90% of the time.  Stay out of the reach to avoid takedowns too.  If it does go down, he should pull guard because Johny can hit hard on the ground.


Johny should use his right hand more to set up the left.  Go for takedowns and mix them up with his big left hand to get into his mind so he won’t be able to predict what is coming.




Condit should move away from the left and Woodley’s reach.  Otherwise fight like he always does, pepper him with kicks and punches and look for that knockout and he can take him down too since he’s good everywhere.


Woodley should go for takedowns and power strikes.  Mix it up and keep Condit guessing.  Getting on the ground would be best since Condit is slick on his feet.




Shields needs to get the fight on the ground or he will be in trouble.  Wait for a counter and use that to set up a takedown.  Move all the time after striking.


Lombard has lots of power and will want to keep it standing even though he would be fine on the ground.  Once you’re on the ground it’s a nightmare to get up again with Condit.


Leonard Garcia ON SET


The former UFC Fight of the Night star joins us on the set.  Garcia fights Shane Howell at Legacy FC 29 on March 21 in Tulsa, along with Myron Dennis vs. Paul Buentello.


Garcia says he found God and that’s been the ticket for his revival along with the support of his family.  He also got back with his cousin Duane Ludwig who helped his own striking coach in Albuquerque for a new plan for him and its worked out great.


They a graphic that Legacy fighters Will Campuzano, Daniel Pineda, Sean Spencer (along with Gus?), and Frank Trevino are all fighting on this weekend’s UFC 171 show.


Garcia just feels if you win, which he’s doing, good things will happen from that, as far as returning to the UFC. 


They talk about the Hip Show Team MMA show, which Kenny doesn’t hide his disgust for even though it’s on AXS.TV, and Garcia says if he was on it, his partners would be Donald Cerrone and Duane Ludwig.  (I guess he’s waiting for the six-man division after they sign the Freebirds …)


RFA 13 from Lincoln, NE


--Chidi “chitty bang-bang” Njokuani NC with Chris Heatherly, whe Chidi hit a bionic elbow on the spine of Heatherly who crumpled to the mat.  Ref ruled it NC as he didn’t think it was intentionally aimed at the spine.

--Andrew Sanchez over Miles Marshall

--Dakota Cochrane over Efrain Escudero


UFC Fight Night: London


Bas commends Alexander Gustafsson’s strategy of taking Jimi Manuwa down, which threw him off his game and got inside his head and was able to set up a finish because of that.


Bas says Guillard didn’t do a lot, while Johnson was the aggressor throughout.


Glover Teixeira LIVE


According to Bas, fighters think Glover might be the guy to beat Jones.  Glover joins us on the big screen from the gym in Coconut Creek, FL.


He knew Gustafsson had a better chance to beat Manuwa and knew he’d go for takedowns so wasn’t surprised he won.


Glover trains hard everyday no matter who he’s fighting or how far away a fight is.  He listens to his coaches, but he just has fun out there and does what he knows in the actual fights.


He feels he has the power to beat Jones and the skills to work against his.  He doesn’t want to bring in training partners to simulate Jones, in his mind it’s Jones who needs to worry about what he’s going to do to him.  He believes in his skills and on April 26 he’s going to knock this guy out.


Glover always trains for five rounds and is his Gustafsson fight he showed a lot of heart that he can go five, but with their styles he doesn’t believe the fight will actually last that long.


Kenny talks about comparisons to Chuck Liddell and they show a graphic comparing their records 22-2 vs. 21-8 (Chuck), and their 1st title shots in April 2014 and Chuck’s in June of 2003 and Glover’s 86% finish rate vs. Chuck’s 67%.


He’s just glad he has this chance that he’s been working all his life.  This is a dream to be in the UFC and to win this title.  He’s just happy and thankful to train for THE fight and it’s all a dream, so as for comparisons, Chuck is his mentor and he looks up to him.  Chuck doesn’t train him so much, he just chimes in once in a while when he shows up his training sessions occasionally.  He just encourages Glover in general and that gives him confidence.


(Glover comes off as such a ruthless, stone cold, killer, bad ass in his fights, but in this interview he’s just this smiley 80’s babyface who’s happy to be here.  I think they should limit his promo time, it’s totally killing his gimmick …)


Glory 14 from Croatia


--Alex Pereira over Dustin Jacoby

--Alex Pereira flawlessly over Sahak Parparyan to win the “Road to Glory” tournament

--Davit Kiria over Andy Ristie

--Remy Bonjasky over Mirko Cro-Cop in a controversial decision that the Croatian crowd shit on.  Afterwards Remy went heel on the fans saying when Cro-Cop retires he hopes he doesn’t get the treatment like they are giving him now.


Dan Henderson LIVE


In anticipation of the rematch of one of the greatest fights ever, Dan Henderson joins us live on the big screen from Temecula, CA.  They show quotes about Hendo-Shogun I from:

--Dana White “one of the Top 3 best fights ever in MMA”

--BJ Penn “The best fight I have ever seen in my life”

--Mike Goldberg “Not only did it live up to the billing but it exceeded the billing”


Hendo is pretty excited about it and sees it as something the fans have been calling for.  He learned a few things like to hit him one more time so the ref stops it and finish him this time.  The biggest thing he hopes for is that it’ll be just as exciting as the first fight.  He doesn’t watch tape so much, but he does have the fight in his head.  It was more exciting to the fans, since he knew what was going on the entire team, where fans didn’t know what was going on which made it exciting.


He hasn’t thought a lot about the TRT ruling, he was approved way before everything went down, and he’ll deal with those changes after the Shogun fight.  It is what it is and it’s unfortunate that it’s happened this way instead of conquering the problem of all the PED’s.  Instead they go after the fighters they allowed before.  He’s not done yet and is not retiring because of this, and will explore some other options after this fight.


Friday Finishes


Glory Kickboxing

--Igor Jurkovic finished Michael Duut with a series of punches

--Mladen Brestovac finished Jahfarr Wilnis with a left kick to the head  (Brestovac sounds like a gimmick for vacuuming boobies)

RFA 13

--Liv Lukow finished Tony Souders with a bunch of punches


--Mighty Mo finished Peter Graham with an arm triangle choke

--Lavar Johnson finished Ryan Martinez with punches on the ground

--Eduardo Dantas finished Anthony Leone with an RNC


The Next Big Thing: Miles “The Fury” Jury


Kruck does a piece on Jury.  Since he debuted in 2005, the prodigy has quietly amassed a 13-0 record (4-0 in UFC) and faces Diego Sanchez.  His coaches, like Dominick Cruz, feel he does have the qualities of a champion.  Despite all of this, Jury is unlisted in the official UFC rankings and has never been on the main UFC card.


Jury says it’s cool to finally face someone where his win will actually make a difference and give notice.  If he focuses on his fights and keeps winning they can’t ignore him forever.


Diego Sanchez went through the same thing, when he was 13-0 and praised as the next big thing before winning the first season of Ultimate Fighter, but Diego plans to give Jury a reality check.


Viewer Submissions


Fight Force

--Matt Baer over Theron Martin


--Ashley Reece over Martin Chester in a crazy one


--Jason Quackenbush over Tim Knight in a plain green cage in a near empty HS gym


Ronda Rousey vs. Manager


A dispute between Rousey and longtime manager Darren Harvey was made public when Harvey’s company Fight Tribe submitted a petition for arbitration in LA superior court.  The nature of the dispute is unknown, but Rousey’s camp feels it cannot be decided legally and is an issue with the athletic commission.  The CSAC echoed this belief that it would be arbitrated by the CSAC.  Harvey told IMMA they were advised to not discuss the issue at this time.


Matt Hughes on TRT


Matt Hughes says he never took an illegal drug or steroids.  It’s not how God made you so you shouldn’t be taking anything and you should go in there as God made you.


Anderson Silva Rehab


Anderson Silva has released a series of videos of him working out and doing MMA training exercises and even kicking a ball.


Abu Dhabi Superfight


Abu Dhabi club has announced a Super fight between grizzled veterans, 4-time Superfight winner Mario Sperry vs. Jiu-Jitsu pioneer, Ricardo Liborio.  The fight won’t take place until September of 2015.  (evidently they both want to be fully eligible for Medicare before this battle of old men takes place …)


They trained together for many years, and Liborio, who is the longtime head coach of ATT, needs to get his body ready for this type of competition.  He has the ATT nation behind me involved in his camp.




They show a clip from Ohio Fighting Championships 20 where Joe Fisher passes out from a RNC.   Then Fisher’s mom enters the cage and is furious and has to be escorted out.


Facebook Questions for Dan Henderson


--If you could pair up with any fighter for Hipshow Team MMA who would it be?

That’s a good one, but would probably take one of his guys, maybe Tarec Saffeidine since he has good kickboxing and moves pretty well.


--After your first ever knockout loss how did that affect you?

He doesn’t think it ever affected him and is still banging away.  He’s been knocked silly in fights even ones he didn’t lose, but he always feels confident he can do what he needs to do and doesn’t worry about getting punched


--Would you want a 1st round KO or epic fight like the first fight?

He’d prefer the 1st round KO but as long as he comes out with the W.  He’s preparing for the battle but hopes for the quick win.


Upcoming MMA shows

--Mar 21, Legacy 29

--Mar 26, Lion Fight 14


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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