UFC 171 live coverage & results: Hendricks & Lawler battle for welterweight title

UFC 171

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 171 from the American Airlines Center in Dallas.  We're looking for your thoughts on this show as well as today's New Japan show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dennis Siver failed his drug test for HCG (a banned substance drug generally used to activate the testes after a steroid cycle) from the 12/28 show in Las Vegas.  No word yet on punishment but his win over Manny Gamburyan is expected to be overturned.


First round: Hard body kick by Pineda.  Whiteford has him against the fence.  Whiteford took him down.  Pineda back up.  A second takedown by Whiteford.  Pineda up.  Body kick by Pineda.  Hard left by Whiteford.  10-9 Whiteford.

Second round: Whiteford immediately took him down.  Whiteford holding him down.  He backed off and Pineda got up.  Pineeda slammed him down but Whiteford back up.  Pineda wth a low kick.  High kick by Whiteford.  Trading punches.  Pineda bleeding bad under the right eye from the kick. Pineda landed a high kick.  Pineda saw his blood and threw a body kick. He tried to fire up subtly.  Trading hard body kicks.  Whiteford with a takedown.  Pineda working for a heel hook but gave it up.  Whiteford in side control.  Whiteford dancing away in the waning seconds and the crowd booed.  Whiteford’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Takedown by Whiteford.  The ref stood them up.  Whiteford went for a takedown  then backed off.  Whiteford landed a  few shots as Pineda moved in.  Pineda tried a spinning elbow.  Whiteford took him down and Pineda immediately went for a kneebar but Whtieford escaped and got up.  Pineda threw a kick and Whiteford took him down.  Whiteford is in side control.  Whiteford shot for takedown but this time Pineda blocked and landed on top.  Pineda went for a Kimura late.  Whiteford 30-27.  Second round was fun, third good, first so-so.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 Whiteford


First round: McDaniel with a body kick and a low kick.  Strickland thowing punches and McDaniel ducked and bodyslammed him.  Strickland right back up an went for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Strickland got a takedown.  Strickland keeping him down.  Strickland landed a flurry of punches but mostly just keeping him down.  Strickland made a nose move to get his back and immediately got the choke for the tap out.  Smooth finish by Strickland.  4:33


First round: Scoggins took him down and his his back.  Campuzano up and Socgins landed a few lefts.  Right by Scoggins.  Spin kick by Scoggins.  Great head kick by Scoggins.  Scoggins has a ton of confidence in there.  Scoggins with a front kick.  Another takedown by Scoggins.  Low kicks by Scoggins.  He came high with a kick and got another takedown.  10-9 Scoggins.

Second round: Scoggins missed a high kick but landed a low kick.  Hook kick by Scoggins.  Takedown by Scoggins.  Campuzano has him in a tight guillotine.  Scoggins popped out.  He’s on top now.  Scoggins now has his back.  Campuzano turned as Scoggins kept him down.  Campuzano up but Scoggins landed punches.  Scoggins 20-18.

Third round: Side kick to the jaw and another to the face by Scoggins.  Scoggins went for a takedown and was hit with a knee.  But he backed off, shot in and got another takedown.  Scoggins landing a lot of punches from the top.  Scoggins is keeping him down and now throwing punches.  Scoggins keeping him down.  He moved into side control.  Now he’s got back position but Campuzano up.  Another takedown by Scoggins.  Scoggins with punches but nothing hard.  Now punches landing more solid.  Scoggins landing more as time ran out. Anything other than 30-27 for Scoggins would be outrageous.

Scores: All three judges have it 30-27 for Scoggins.


First round: Forte in, and took him down and got his back immediately.  Frote landing punches and Trevino shook his head like they didn’t hurt, but Trevino did nothing this round.  10-9 Forte.

Second round: Trevino threw a kick and Forte took him down, but Trevino right back up.  Boring fight.  Now Trevino is starting to land.  Trevino with low kicks.  Body kick by Forte.  Low kick by Trevino.  Front kick by Trevino.  Crowd starting to boo.  Boring chant.  Takedown by Forte.  Trevino back up.  Takedown by Trevino.  Trevino landing punches and going for a  standing guillotine.  Trevino holding a front headlock and throwing knees.  This round is close, I’m going Trevino so 19-19.

Third round: Trevino with a takedown.  Forte up and took Trevino down.  Trevino up and stomping on Forte’s feet.  Trevino behind him and throwing knees to the hamstring.  Trevino landing a series of punches.  Trevino tried a spinning punch that missed.  Forte with a punch and a takedown.  Forte has his back.  Trevino up and out of trouble.  Knee and punch by Forte.  Knees by Trevino.  Very close third round.  This could go either way.  Trevino by a hair 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Trevino


First round: Spencer is from Dallas, so got the biggest reaction so far.  This place is totally packed two hours before the main card has started.  Takedown by Garcia.  Uppercut by Garcia.  Body kick by Spencer.  Head kick by Garcia, almost a capoeira move.  Takedown by Garcia.  Spencer back up.  Body kick by Spencer.  Garcia 10-9

Second round: Body kick by Spencer.  Spencer with a takedown.  Spencer rocked him with a punch and a high kick.  Now he’s landing solid punches from the clinch.  Garcia is in trouble but fired back and decked Spencer.  This is crazy.  Garcia throwing a big punch.  This is an incredible sequence.  Garcia got the takedown .  Crowd gave both men a huge ovation.  Spencer turned over to the top,  Both tired and throwing bombs. Garcia hurt Spencer and knocked him flying but not down.  Garcia is exhausted though, throwing super slow punches.  Uppercut by Garcia.  Garcia took him down.  Spencer spun out from the bottom.  Spencer landed a hard right.  Great round.  Garcia up 20-18.

Third round: Crowd gvae both a huge hand as they came out.  Garcia with an uppercut.  Spencer landed a hard right.  Garcia slammed him down.  Spencer landed a few lefts as he got up.  High kick by Spencer mostly blocked.  Takedown by Garcia.  Garcia in full mount.  Spencer back up.  Garcia 30-27.  Best fight so far, but mainly for the second round.

Scores: 29-28 Garcia 29-28 Spencer 30-27 Garcia.  No way Spencer could have won two rounds.  Crowd booed the decision hard but that’s because the home town guy lost, but Garcia clearly won this fight.


First round: Bermudez landed an overhand right.  Turning bodyslam by Bermaudez but Hettes immediately back up.  Bermudez with a second takedown but Hettes again back up.  Another takedown by Bermudez.  Both landing punches.  Another takedown by Bermudez.  He threw a knee as Hettes got up. , High throw by Bermudez and he landed a knee.  Nice trip by Hettes but Bermdudez up.  Knees and punches by Bermudez.   Takedown by Bermudez.  Another takedown by Bermudez.  Fun round 10-9 Bermudez.

Second round: Body punch by Bermudez.  Trading knees from a clinch.  Hettes tried a hip throw, didn’t get it and Bermudez knocked him down and is now pounding on him on the ground.  Takedown by Bermudez.  Hettes scrambled and nearly got behind him standing.  Now Hettes has his back.  Hettes trying to open up for a choke.  Bermudez 20-18.

Third round: Both swinging and Bermudez put him down with an uppercut and is pounding on him on the ground.  Bermudez landed a lot of punches on the ground, backed off and let him up.  Bermudez punched him and he went down.  Bermudez backed off and let him get up.  Bermudez dropped him with a knee and it’s over.  Great performance overall by Bermudez here.


First round: They are against the fence.  Andrade with a few body shots.  Nice hiptoss takeover by Andrade.  Pennington back up. Andrade with the same hiptoss takeover.  Pennington tried an amrbar off her back but couldn’t get it.  Andrade moved to side control.  Andrade tried a guillotine but Pennington out and scrambled to her feet.  Andrade hit the same takedown, but Pennington up quickly this time.  Andrade 10-9.

Second round: Low kick by Pennington.  Both landing punches.  Andrade looks like she’s hitting harder.  Pennington throwing knees from the clinch.  Both landing punches.  Takedown by Andrade.  Pennington tried an armbar but Andrade powered out.  Jumping body kick by Andrade.  Pennington landed some punches.  Andrade back with hard punches.  Knees by Pennington.  Low kick by Pennington.  Both landing back and forth. Bg slugfest brought the crowd up.  Pennington blocked the hiptoss this time.  Both landing solid punches.  This is one hell of a round.  Pennington working for a standing guillotine as time is running out.  She slipped off.  Now Andrade trying a stnading guillotine.  Standing ovation after this round.  Andrade up 20-18.

Third round: Crowd gave both a big hand coming out.  Both landing solid shots.  Trading low kicks.  Both landing and now in a clinch.  Andrade landing a lot of solid punches.  Pennnington with a right.  Both continuing to land good shots.  Another great trading of punches. Knee and right by Pennington.  Knee by Pennington.  Pennington dragged her down and pounding on her on the ground.  Second takedown by Pennington an she’s pounding on her on the ground.  Pennington landing hard shots .  Great fight. Pennington took round three for sure so 29-28 Andrade.

Scores: 29-28 Andrade 29-28 Pennington 29-28 Andrade.  Right call.  A lot of boos, some cheers.


First round: People like Gastelum, part of it is using Mexican music.  I sense they see him as this overachiever.  Story in with punches.  Gastelum back, opened up Story with a punch under the left eye.  Story back with punches.  Gastelum landing several shots right on the cut.  Story landing punches to the body and head.  Hard left by Gastelum.  Great head kick by Gastelum put him down.  Gastelum in side control. .  Now Gastelum has his back.  Story spun out of trouble and to his feet.  Gastelum landing solid punches.  Gastelum 10-9,

Second round: Both trading and Story hurt him.  Low kick by Gastelum.  Both trading punches.  Gastelum missed a high kick.  Body kick by Story.  Left by Story.  Right by Gastelum.  Body kick by Story.  Gastelum landed a nice combo. Story back with a double jab.  Good left and right by Story.  Both swinging wildly and Story put him down and pounding him on the ground as time ran out.  Story’s round 19-19 going into the third.  Standing ovation after this round.  This is another great fight.

Third round: Crowd hot for the start of the round.  Left landed by Story.  Low kick by Story.  Right and left by Gastelum.  Story shot for a takedown but blocked.  Knees by the body by Gastelum.  Gastelum landing several shots and took him down.  Gastelum has his back on he ground.  He went for a choke but Story reversed on the ground and has Gastelum’s back and workingn for a choke.  Gastelum reversed to the top.  Both swinging.  Body kick by Story. Knee by Gastelum.  Both throwing punches.  Very close round.  I’ll go Story 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Story 29-28 Gastelum 30-27 Gastelum There’s no way that can be a 30-27.  Absolutely insane.  Either guy could win but first two rounds were very obvious.

As expected, this is a Hendricks crowd.  But not like this super home town hero like some guys in thier home market.  The FS 2 fights, even though three of the four went to a decision, were one of the strongest prelims in a long time.  Any of the four could win fight of the night. 


First round: Body kick and takedown by St. Preux.  Krylov working a guillotine.  St. Preux not in trouble and in side control.  He’s working an over under choke.  Krylov is out cold.  He’s motionless.  He did get back to his feet and seems fine now.  It’s the Von Flue choke.  1:29


First round: Lombard threw him down and landed punches.  Shields back up.  Lombad decked him again.  Shields wants him to come to the ground.  Lombard didn’t oblige.  Lombard with punches and knees.  Shields ducked a punch, went for a takedown and Lombad blocked it.  Shields doing the slow-down tactics.  Lombard unloaded with big shots.  Shields went for a takedown but Lombard sprawled.  Lombard threw him down again but Shields back up.  Shields is in a lot of trouble now after a head kick and punches on the ground.  Crowd booing now.  Lombard 10-9.

Second round: Lombad wih a body shot bu missed a head shot.  Hard epunches by Lombard and he threw Sheilds down agin witha judo trip.  Lombad is inside control.  Crowd booing again.  A stand-up was ordered.  Crowd booing them standing and doing nothing.  Shields shot but Lombard sprawled easily.  Lombard’s quickness is very impressive.  Shields bleeding from the ear.  He’s bleeding form the forehead as well.  Nice judo takedown by Lombard into side control.  Lombard 20-18.

Third round: Shields clearly needs a finish and doesn’t appear to be able to hurt Lombard, but he can make the fight boring.  Lombard kicked him in the groin.  Back to action.  Shields shot for a takedown, couldn’t get it and Lombard tripped him down.  Lombard punching the body.  A stand-up was ordered.  Shields shot, Lombard sprawled and Lombard on top.  Crowd not happy with this.  Shields has 90 seconds to pull out a submission or it’s over.  He’s not even setting anything up.  Crowd booing and another stand-up was ordered.  Shields bleeding from several places on his face and ear.  Shields grabbed a guillotine but time is running out.  Lombard’s round 30-27.  No other score possible

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Lombard.  How Shields gets a round is beyond me.


First round: Diego Sanchez is such a great character live.  Crowd loves him.  Well, he’s been in some of the best fights ever.  Spin kick by Sanchez and Jury with a punch.  Jury with a head kick.  Sanchez punched and moved in for the takedown.  Jury broke free.  Jury tried a takedown off a kick and didn’t get it.  Sanchez with a body shot.  Sanchez is moving fowrad.  Sanchez taunting him.  Sanchez was swinging wildly and missing.  Yes chant, didn’t sustain.  Jury hurt him with a right.  Head kick by Jury.  Right by Jury.  Takedown by Jury.  Sanchez tried a heel hook but Jeuy was out of trouble and has his back.  Jury 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Sanchez. Sanchez throwing a ton of punches and missing.  It’ll be interesting if Sanchez gets credit for all his missed punches.  Jury hurt him with a right and landed a head kick.  Lots of Whuoos in the crowd noiw.  Sanchez landed a good right.  Sanchez moved in swinging but missing.  Sanchez bleeding badly on the left side of his face under the eye.  Head kick by Jury.  Uppercut by Jury and jab by Jury.  Sanchez’s face looks like hell.  He’s cut from the nose and eye.  Body kick by Sanchez.  Jury with more jabs.  Takedown by Jury.  Sanchez trying a guillotine.  Jury is in trouble here.  Jury gave a thumbs up.  Jury out.  Jury landed a hard right.  Really Jury picked him apart but I wonder if they’ll award the guillotine and aggressiveness, but I’ve got Jury 20-18.

Third round: Sanchez in with punches.  Sanchez landed on the chin.  Body kick by Sanchez.  A few jabs by Jury and Sanchez with a body kick.  Sanchez with another body kick.  Jury is working for a takedown.  Jumping knee by Jury and he took Sanchez down.  Sanchez working from the bottom but doesn’t have anything.  Sanchez went for an armnbar.  Jury took him down and Sanchez grabbed a guillotine as time ran out.  They hugged after.  30-27 Jury

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Jury.  Fair scores.

They showed Cain Velasquez on the screen and the crowd went crazy.  A lot more than you'd think.


First round: Woodley cracked him with a right.  He cracked him with another right.  Woodley swinging widlly.  Spin kick by Condit.  Woodley looking for a takedown.  Condit defending well.  Condit punching the body.  Condit working the body more from the clinch.  Woodley has him pinned against the fence.  Condit in with kicks.  Takedown by Woodley.  Condit went for a triangle but Woodley broke it with a power bomb.  Both to their feet.  Hard right by Woodley.  Condit missed a kick and Woodley took him down again.  Woodley backed off and let him up.  Woodley 10-9.  Crowd gave both a huge hand.

Second round: Woodley landed the overhand right again.  Kicks and punches by Condit and Woodley took him down.  The ref stood them up.  Woodley kicked him in the left knee and Condit’s right knee as the kick turned him around and the knee pretty well stayed in once place and it's over.  Condit was screaming in pain.  Condit is back up and he can stand up.  2:00

Woodley said that he wanted a title shot, that he felt it was a win that earned him a title match even though it was an injury win.

Condit was able to walk out on his own power but he was hurting and was being helped down the steps.

They showed Ronda, crowd went crazy.  All cheers.  She tried to get the camera to show Nick Diaz as she hugged him, the camera did not want to show Nick Diaz.


First round: Crowd booing Lawler.  Hendricks super over, every bit like a Couture or a GSP over.  Hendricks physically doesn’t look in the kind of shape I expected or he did against GSP.  Lawler is all over him.  Hendricks has him pinned against the fence.  Hendricks pushed him against the fence.  He almost got the takedown but Lawler escaped and moved back to the center Hendricks missed a punch.  Hendricks landed a few and Lawler back.  Hendricks moved forward with punches and has him pinned on the fence.  Hendricks 10-9 but close.

Second round: Lawler landed a left.  Both swinging and missing.  Lawler landed a few jabs.  Lawler landed a body shot.  Both landed to the head. Hendricks landed several punches a knee and low kicks.  Hendricks landed several more punches.  Knee by Hendricks.  Lawler smiled so he was hurt.  Hendricks in with punches and a low kick.  Lawler with two hard shots.  Big left by Hendricks.  Left back by Lawler.  Hendricks with short punches and a knee.  Hendricks landing several more shots.  Lawler keeps coming back.   Lawler keeps coming back and landing several more.  Lawler with a big right.  Lawler with a hard shot back and Hendricks with a punch, a knee and more punches.  Hendricks opening up on him and Lawler landed hard shot back.  Crowd gave them a standing ovation.  Hendricks 20-18.

Third round: Hendricks faked a shot.  Hard body shot by Hendricks.  Hendircks going to town on him with punches and a low kick but Lawler isn’t hurt.  Left uppercut by Hendricks.  Lawler back with punches.  They traded again.  Both standing there exchanging.  Lawler has him hurt with a left and now he’s going to town.  Lawler with another left.  Lawler now taking control.  Hendricks with more lefts.  Lawler has him hurt.  Hendricks shot for the takedown and couldn’t get it.  Crowd sensing Lawler is taking over now.  He’s landing a lot of hard shots.  Knee by Hendricks.  Hendricks back with shots. Lawler swinging hard.  Hendricks landing shots but Lawler’s shots back are stronger.  Hendricks back with jabs.  Lawler’s round so 29-28 Hendricks. 
Fourth round: Lawler coming out storng.  Lawler with punches and a hard knee.  Lawler landing hard punches now but Hendricks back.  Lawler really gaining power now.  Hendricks bleeding from the nose.  Lawler landing more hard shots.  He hurt him with left.  Hendricks back with punches.  Lawler hurt him with punches.  Hendricks tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Lawler is busting him up now.  Hendricks’ face is all bloody now.  Lawler with a big left.  Hard left by Hendricks and a right.  Lawler now bleeding.  Hendricks now hurt Lawler with punches.  But Lawler is back with hard punches.  This is an amazing fight. Hendricks back with punches.  Lawler with a hard uppercut.  Hendricks landed several punches.  Now Lawler bakc with punches.  Lawler landing jabs.  Hendricks with a left.  Crowd is cheering Lawler now sensing he is going to win.  Hendricks back with punches.  Hendircks got the takedown but it’s not going to be enough to win this round.  Lawler’s round but close 38-38.

Fifth round: The whole place is standing like Liddell/Griffin I.  Lawler landed a right and a left.  Hendricks has him against the fence. Hendrcks throwing knees to the thigh.  The crowd actually booing as Hendricks is trying to wrestle him.  Ref Dan Miragliotta separated them.  I’m not sure I’d have done that.  Hendricks with several shots and a low kick.  Both trading shots.  Hendricks went for a takedown and didn’t get it.  Both are trading again. Lawler landed a left and a right Hendricks back landing big shots.  Hendricks is now landing the bigger shots and taking over.  Big left by Hendricks.  Another by Hendricks.  Hendricks landed a shot and took him down.  Hendricks has this round with those punches and that takedown.  This is a match of the year by the wayt.  Lawler looking at the ref for a stand up.  Hendricks punching on the ground.  Laswler with body punches off his back.  Everyone is standing .  I’ve got Hendricks 48-47.  We’ll see but the scoring will be a story.  I think round two will decide it as Hendricks won one and five, Lawler three and four.

Scores 48-47 across the board for Hendricks and new champion.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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