TUF Brazil Sonnen vs. Silva ep. 2 recap: Wandy walks out!

TUF Brazil

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This week, sixteen more fighters vy for the remaining eight spots on TUF Brazil 3. Heavyweight Richardson Moreira (7-1) is being supported by his entire family at the tryout. Alexandre Machado (7-1) has only his brother there to watch. THIS ONE ENDS IN TWENTY SECONDS. Moreira comes out throwing haymakers, presses Machado into the fence, lights him up with a right and the ref makes the save. His nickname is 'Rick Monster' and Sonnen clearly likes what he sees.

Middleweight Markus Perez Eichemberg (3-0) says he's a big fan of Bruce Lee and "a bit of a nerd." Guilherme de Vasconcelos (3-1) had aspirations to be a model but his cauliflower ears got in the way. Vasconcelos gets him down and sinks in the RNC at 1:53 of R1.

Heavyweight Marcos 'Pezao' Rogerio (11-2) was a drug dealer and street fighter before his judo brother won medals and his father said "This is what he's sewing. What are you doing with your life?" Thiago Santos (11-3) should already be familiar to Bellator viewers, although one of those reasons is he caused a fight to be a no contest by a blatant groin kick. Rogerio pulls guard and taps Santos out via guillotine in 40 seconds. I hate to say the fact he was on the Bellator 102 card was a tell, but for me I was not shocked.

Middleweight Pedro Paulino Santana (3-0) continues to go to med school even while he trains to fight. "I love to fight, I love to challenge myself." Ismael de Jesus (9-4) trains with Renan Barao, who makes a cameo to praise his skill. The aspiring doctor stops his own fight due to a broken finger from posting on the canvas. They get his finger fixed but won't let him continue even over his protest so Ismael a/k/a 'Marmota' advances.

Heavyweight Antonio 'Montana' Branjao (3-0) fights over the objections of his father and to prove his doubters wrong. Fernando Camoles Ribas (4-1) is a judo fighter who lost his Olympic dream due to an injury - so UFC is his new dream. This is edited down to highlights. Montana made a big R2 comeback to get a TKO finish.

Middleweight Warlley Alves (6-0) admits he was ashamed of his bad boy ways, found Jesus, and wants to make his mom proud. Wendell Oliveira Marques (23-7) says he's "the top ranked fighter in his class" in Brazil. He's definitely one of the most experienced on this show, and his nickname is 'War Machine Negao'. Koppenhaver may take exception. This one goes to an overtime round in edited highlights, and Warlley wins by split decision. Sonnen calls him "a diamond in the rough" he must get on his team.

Middleweight Marcio Alexandre Junior (12-0) says he comes from a family of karate fighters and even compares himself to Lyoto Machida, saying his friends call him 'Lyoto' as a nickname. Guiliano Arante (5-1) says he was a fat kid growing up who lost weight through MMA. Wanderlei Silva says Alexandre really does fight like Lyoto. Alexandre gets a guillotine in R2 to advance to the show and says God willing he'll win TUF Brazil 3.

Heavyweight Bruno Silva (9-5) is called 'Blindado' because he can take a hit and keep coming. He fights to honor his deceased father and provide for his family, who are all unemployed. "No matter who I fight they will have to hit hard to defeat me." Vitor 'Lex Luthor' Miranda (9-3) fights for his son who died in 2011. He was an assistant coach for Team Nogueira on the last Brazil show. Miranda landed tons of punches and kicks in edited highlights until a head kick KO in R2 sealed his victory. Silva says Blindado showed so much heart that he wants him as a heavyweight alternate if anybody gets hurt.

It's time to choose teams. Silva says before they choose teams, Sonnen needs to apologize for the things he said about Brazil. "If you don't, the show ends now." Sonnen refuses. "He apologizes now or I quit the show." Sonnen: "I accept his surrender. I'm willing to get all these guys to UFC so please, step aside." Silva throws down his clipboard and walks out. "This is not on me. He insulted our country." Sonnen: "In a million years, that's not going to happen." Silva walks out and we end with no teams being picked!

STEVIE'S THOUGHTS: Episode 3 is going to be +REAL+ interesting.

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