John Hackelman talks Glover Teixieira vs. Jon Jones match, Herb Dean, Siler stoppage

John Hackleman stopped by Submission Radio for a chat. He had some interesting thoughts on Jon Jones and the state of MMA referees and judges. Full interview link.

On Jon Jones Overlooking Glover: "I don't really pay attention to who's overlooking who, but if he's doing that, that's kind of rude and kind of a slap in the face to Glover and it's pretty disrespectful and if he is really doing that; if the fans are doing that then whatever, that's fans, but if Jon Jones is really doing that which I don't think he really is then to me that's just disrespectful and rude and that's maybe why, you know, people don't love him like they did Chuck"

Thoughts on the Steven Siler Stoppage: "I thought it was a bit premature. I thought it was a bit premature, Steven ,you know, was fine. I talked to him just a couple of minutes after and he was really upset and, you know, he was upset, he was saying I was telling the ref [I'm fine] and sure enough if you watch the video you see he was in fact looking up and telling the ref [I'm fine don't stop it], but I understand the referee was actually Brazilian so maybe he didn't hear what he was saying and he did look like he got (you know) he said he was off balance, but he got hit hard and, I mean, better to be stopped too early than too late. It was a little premature and Steven's fine and that's the main thing."

On current Reffing in MMA and is it a problem: "Some of the Questionable ones to me, aren't as questionable"

On the reffing in the Shogun/Henderson Rematch: "I think it shows the genius of Herb Dean and what a great Referee he really is, because a lot of people would've stopped it, but then if, they didn't understand that Dan wasn't as Hurt as people might've thought. And then another part was when Shogun, when he stopped the fight and Shogun looked like he was gonna stand up, but then as he stood up....the crowd would've gone crazy, but the fact that he fell back down backwards shows Herb Dean made the right call. Just like (you know) when Tim Sylvia fought Frank Mir everybody thought he stopped it too early in the armbar until they saw his arm (had) snapped."

On the Urijah Faber/Renan Barao stoppage: "I think that he did the right thing with Urijah because; number 1, you know, if somebody's in a choke and they're not near going out so they put their thumb up, that's one thing. But if somebody's getting punched in the face and they put their thumb up that doesn't mean a thing because the next punch could put them out, you know, completely. And number 2 his thumb was on the other side of his body and Herb Dean couldn't see his thumb. So what he needed to do was advance his position and that's what Herb Dean wanted him to do, Advance your position, not stick a thumb up"

Why Glover is going to beat Jon Jones: "I think his ace in the hole is his unbelievable one punch Knockout power"

On Glover getting tagged in his recent fights: "He got caught once or twice, I mean it's a fight. It's like telling a football team [oh your guy got tackled once or twice] I mean he got hit once or twice exactly, so he really has good defense but it's a fight and when somebody so dominant gets hit at all people are like [oh the guy got tagged!]............Just like in swimming (if) you jump into the water you're gonna get wet, if you jump into a fight you're gonna get hit"

Point fighters: "A lot of the guys might even win titles but they'll never win the hearts of the fans like guys like Chuck or even guys that don't win all the time like Leonard Garcia, I mean guys like that, Melvin Guillard, guys like Glover, guys like Court McGee, Court McGee! He might not win every fight but he's gonna go out sluggin! If they'd let Siler's fight go on, he would've gone out sluggin. The crowd loves (that), because that's what the crowd wants, they know that the people love the crowd, you know they're there to put their hearts on the line for what they're doing, not oh shit I better be careful here"

Painted Toenails: "I was just laying, watching TV and my girlfriend at the time was painting her toenails and then she started painting mine and I was watching my show, I didn't even pay attention. I think I was watching Sopranos, and then I just went to sleep and I thought I'd just wipe it off in the morning, and in the morning it was like I couldn't get it off coz it was hard to get off. So I just left 'em on and I always wear slippers, I never wear shoes so it got a lot of attention so I've just been doing it ever since and Chuck started doing it, all my guys started doing it and then next thing I know other teams are doing it."

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