TUF Brazil Sonnen vs. Silva ep. 7: Do 'Bad Guys' always finish first?

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Wanderlei Silva has a strained ligament in his right hand due to the brawl he and Chael had at the gym last week. Speaking of injuries Job Kleber comes to the gym with his left arm in a sling. Sonnen says that unfortunately since you're out of the tournament due to a loss, and you can't help anyone train because of your injury, you're off the show. He and Hortencia are both emotional and obviously Kleber is too. He comes and gives an emotional speech and encourages all of Team Sonnen to go on and win even though he won't get to see it. This makes Chael lose it and he tries to walk off camera for a quiet moment, but they catch him wiping away tears.

Dana White calls a meeting with both teams. He tells Silva's coach Andre Dida that he's off the show effective immediately and cuts a profanity-laced tirade on both coaches. He says if you too want to fight for free, he'd be happy to not pay them. Dida says his goodbyes to Team Silva and admits he made a mistake - he went to break up the fight but his heart got ahead of his brain and he wanted to hit Sonnen.

Silva chooses the next middleweight bout and says Borrachinha will fight Lyoto (that's Paulo Henrique Costa vs. Marcio Alexandre Junior). Costa is the Team Silva fighter with the bleached blonde hair and GQ model looks. Alexandre is the guy who grew up doing karate. Back at the house Costa shaves his armpits and trims his eyebrows - if you didn't already think he was a pretty boy that will put it over the top.

Paulo 'Borrachinha' Costa (Team Silva) vs. Marcio 'Lyoto' Alexandre (Team Sonnen)

Costa is aggressive to open the fight and gets gets a leg trip takedown at 0:36. He is effective with the ground and pound and then jumps on Alexandre's back when he gets up and puts on a body triangle. He goes hard for a RNC but Alexandre survives and turns out at 3:40. Costa goes for a guillotine choke but doesn't get that either. 10-9 R1 for Costa.

Alexandre starts to turn the tide by keeping his distance and throwing kicks. Costa digs for a single leg and can't get it, and eats some knees for his trouble. He actually takes himself down trying so hard, and looks winded when they break at 2:26. Despite that he goes for the takedown again and once again only takes himself down. He's giving away the round. He doesn't learn though - Alexandre winds up on top of him every attempt and with 30 seconds left puts him in the fence and lets the knees connect. 10-9 Alexandre.

Tie breaker R3. Kicks by Alexandre - head, body, and leg - he's mixing it up. Costa is huffing and puffing. Alexandre sends him reeling with a left and he gets a takedown to save himself. He gets up and Costa tries to trip him to the ground but can't keep him there. Hortencia screams "THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. PUT YOUR HEART IN IT!" The ref resets them for inactivity on the fence with 2 minutes left. Costa misses BADLY on a takedown and flops to his back trying to bait Alexandre into guard. The ref stands him up with 90 seconds to go. Costa tries and tries for a leg trip and it's not there, and it's Alexandre who gets the trip and is throwing shots at his head on Costa's back as the time expires.

Silva praises Alexandre's takedown defense and criticizes Costa for gassing himself out in R1 - a very honest assessment. "Lyoto deserves it because he's a great athlete." AND LYOTO GETS IT VIA SPLIT DECISION - THE BAD GUYS GET THEIR FIRST WIN. On top of that Costa starts getting dizzy and blacking out - they have to ice him down and pour water on him. He can't even stand up to leave the Octagon. Costa appears to be throwing up when they bring him back to the locker room. Alexandre is hobbling after the fight and has to go to the hospital for X-rays on his leg. Team Sonnen loses the fight pick in a game between the two sides, but we won't get that pick until next week!

STEVIE'S THOUGHTS: It would really be demoralizing for the first guy on Team Sonnen who wins to be knocked off the show due to an injury - I hope the X-rays come back clean.

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