UFC 172 results & recap: Jon Jones vs. Teixeira; Davis vs. Johnson, Rockhold vs. Boetsch

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First round: Williams is a former Arizona State wrestler.  Crowd is hot.  Beal landed a big punch.  Williams kneed him in the groin and grabbed a choke but Herb Dean saw it and stopped the action.  Williams moved in with a low kick.  Williams landed a left.  Uppercut by Williams and he followed with a takedown into side control.  Beal back to his feet.  Knee by Williams and two hard punches.  Big right by Williams.  Body kick by Beal but Williams used it to get the takedown.  Beal got up Knee by Beal.  Beal landed a punch and Williams is running away.  Hard left by Beal.  Beal dropped him and Williams almost got a takedown but Beal then landed more shots.  This round could go either way because Beal scored big late.  10-9 Williams

Second round: Williams bleeding from a late strike.  Body kicK by Williams.   Beal landed several shots.  Flying knee by Beal killed Williams.  That was a highlight reel flying knee.  Beal is line for a bonus with that finish.  1:51


First round: Brenneman working for a takedown.  He’s into side control.  Brenneman moved to mount and going for an arm.  Castillo escaped and got his back.  Castillo throwing knees to the hamstring standing while behind him.  Brenneman escaped.  Brenneman with a right.  Body kick by Castillo.  Brenneman got the takedown.  Breenman got his back and in the piggy back position.  Reverse by Castillo and got behind him and working for a choke as time was running out.  Castillo 10-9 but this one can go either way.

Second round: Castillo knocked him out with a right hook to the jaw.  We’ve had two of the best finishes in a row in UFC history.


First round: Correia landing low kicks.  Duke starting to land using her reach.  Right by Correia.  Uppercut by Duke.  Correia landing punches from close range.  Nice right by Correia.  Duke tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Correia with low kicks and more punches.  More punches by Correia.  Low kick by Correia.  Front kick by Duke.  Correia landing low kicks.  Correia 10-9

Second round: Correia continuing to land punches.  More punches by Corriea.  Duke tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Duke got a takedown, she tried a Peruvian necktie but didn’t get it so Correia is on top in side control.  Correia got her back.  Duke backup.  Nice judo takedown by Duke.  Corriea back up.  Correia continuing to land.  Corriea continuing to land overhand rights.  Correia continues to land punches.  Duke landed a jab. Duke doesn’t have the power.   Big left by Correia. Now a right by Corriea.  Correia’s round 20-18.

Third round:   Spinning backfist by Correia.  Trading punches but Correia has more power.  She continues to land solid punches and low kicks.  She continues to punch.  Big flurry by Correia. Duke got the takedown and went for an armbar and Correia escaped and is on top.  The ref ordered a standup.  That was ridiculous.  Correia back with punches.  Duke tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Correia 30-27, to me that’s the only score possible..

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 Correia


First round:   Vallie-Flagg landing body kicks.  Nice right by Vallie-Flagg.  Hard right by Vallie- Flagg.  Another right.  Vallie-Flagg with a punch.  Gomi is tired.  Big right by Vallie-Flagg. Gomi got his back.  Gomi working for a choke and Vallie-Flagg punching.  Vallie-Flagg got to his feet.  Hard low kick by Gomi.  Good right by Gomi.  Gomi started to land.  Vallie-Flagg back.  Gomi missing wild shots.  Vallie-Flagg 10-9.

Second round: Big right by Vallie-Flagg.  Big right by Gomi.  Vallie-Flagg with a right.  Left and low kick by Gomi.  Another left by Gomi.  Both landing punches.  Gomi landing hard punches.  Vallie-Flagg hurt him back.  This is a good round.  Gomi landed lefts.  Right by Vallie-Flagg. Gomi back wiht a flurry.  Left by Vallie-Flagg.  Good right by Gomi. Low kick by Gomi.  Hard right by Gomi.  Vallie-Flagg’s right eye is swollen.  Hard left by Gomi but a knee back by Vallie-Flagg.  Gomi’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Vallie-Flagg’s right eye is almost swollen shut.  Vallie-Flagg hurt him with a body shot.  Vallie-Flagg punching on the ground but Gomi back up.  Loud Gomi chant.  Elbow by Vallie-Flagg.  Trading punches.  Good knee to the body.  Now both landing.  Left by Gomi . More punches by Gomi. Right by Gomi.  Vallie-Flagg bleeding badly.  They are in a clinch against the fence.  Gomi got behind him.  Vallie-Flagg took him down and knees to the body by Vallie-Flagg.  Great fight.  Honestly this round is really close.  They hugged when it was over.  Gomi did more damage so I’ll go with him.  29-28.   

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Gomi


First round: Elliott got the takedown.  Benavidez landing punches.  Anther takedown by Elliott and got his back.  Elliott got a crucifix on him.  Elliott on top.  Benavidez landing punches.  Body kick by Benavidez and another body kick. Another takedown by Elliott.  Elliott got his back but Benavidez reversed to the top.  Benavidez moved to side control.  Benavidez trying to get to mount and Elliott blocking it well.  Benavidez in full mount with 1:00 left and has the guillotine and Elliott was tapping with his legs.  Super finish.  Another great fight.  4:08


First round: Nice spin kick by Holloway.  Fili with a body kick.  Low kick by Fili.  Another spin kick by Holloway but Fili back with punches.  Fili landing .  Body punch by Fili.  Body shot by Fili.  Fili landing more shots.  High kick by Fili.  Holloway landed a hard right.  Holloway with another right.  Fili with a low kick and a takedown.  Holloway right back up.  Body kick by Fili.  Body shot by Fili bu a good knee by Holloway.  Knee by Fili.  Fili 10-9

Second round: Nice spin kick by Holloway and knees to the body by Holloway.  Fili threw a kick by Holloway grabbed hte leg and tripped him down.  Right by Holloway.  Fili wnt for a takedown by Holloway blocked it and landed an elbow.  Body kick by Fili.  Knee by Holloway but Fili took him down.  Ridiculous standup.  The fans actually booed the standup.  Low kick by Fili.  Spin kick by Holloway.  Fili working for a takedown and didn’t get it.  Fili working for a takedown again but couldn’t get it.  Holloway with several knees to the body.  Holloway’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Body punch by Holloway.  Fili went for a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Fili moved in and again couldn’t get the takedown.  Fili landed a right.  Fili got the takedown.  Holloway up.  Nice right by Holloway.  Fili went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  He went for it a second time.  Holloway is looking for a guillotine.  Knee by Holloway.  Lefts by Holloway.  Elbows by Hollaway and more punches.  Holloway hurt him with a flurry of punches.  Fili shot for a takedown and Holloway got the guillotine and got the submission.  3:39


First match: Hard body kick by Miller.  Medeiros is landing front kicks to the body.  He landed another one. Miler hurt him with a body shots.  Miller took him down and grabbed a guillotine.  He choked him out with a guilloine.  Medeiros wouldn’t stop and went out cold and the ref stopped it.  3:18

Miller challenged Donald Cerrone, Josh Thomson, Khabib Nurmagomedov or T.J. Grant.


First round: Boetsch went for a takedown .  Rockhold got a reverse triangle on him from the top.  Rockhold with elbows to the body.  He’s working for a double wristlock (Kimura) while holding the triangle.  Boetsch submitted.  Another great submission.    2:08

He challenged Vitor Belfort and if Belfort can't fight he said he's got unfinished business with Michael Bisping.  He made use of his interview time.  


First round: Johnson is freaking huge. He looks 235 easy.  Johnson looks so much bigger than Davis.  Johnson threw Davis off him which is impressive.  Hard right by Johnson.  Davis can’t take him down.  Davis back with a right.  Body kick by Johnson.  Davis moving backwards.  Big uppercut by Johnson.  Low kick by Johnson.  Davis with a body kick .  Johnson landing rights.  Davis is in trouble.  Davis went for a takedown and Johnson blocked it and landed hard shots.  Davis’ left eye is looking bad.  Davis went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  High kick by Davis.  Hard low kicks and punches by Johnson.  Davis with a high kick and punch.  Johnson’s round big 10-9.

Second round:     Davis better hope Johnson gets tired but he’s moving at such a slow pace it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.  Left by Johnson and missed a right that would have killed Davis. Davis landed a left.  High kick by Johnson.  Davis went for a takedown and Johnson threw him off like it was nothing.  Rumble chants.  Johnson missed another high kick.  Uppercut by Johnson. Johnson in with a high kick.  Johnson landed a right.  Johnson landing hard shots.  Davis coming back but Johnson landed a hard shot.  Davis threw a kick to the head and Johnson landed an uppercut that hurt Davis.  Davis kept going for takedowns and Johnson evaded him.  Johnson 20-18.

Third round: Johnson landing lefts.  Right by Johnson.  Davis went for a takedown and Johnson threw him off again.  Nice right by Davis.  He moved in for takedown but again can’t ge it.  Hard knee by Johnson.  Hard punches by Johnson.  Davis shot again and can’t even come close.  Davis missed a Superman punch.  Front kick by Johnson.  Davis shot in and Johnson threw him around like a rag doll.  Davis looking for a single leg.  High kick by Davis.  Johnson 30-27.  No other score possible.

Scores: All three judges have it 30-27 for Johnson.  I can’t emphasize how scary Johnson looked in this fight.


First round: Booing Teixeira hard since Jones’ brother plays for the Ravens.  Jones is bigger than Glover but not that much bigger, but he’s got the freaky reach.  Body kick by Jones.  Hard right by Glover.  Jones shot for a takedown.  Glover landed a knee.  Side kick by Jones.  Glover with a right.  Jones went for a standing armlock.  Glover landed punches and a body kick.  Glover went for a takedown but Jones blocked it.  Left by Jones.; High kick by Jones.  Jones poked Glover in the eye.  Glover throwing punches.  Body kick by Glover and Jones took him down but Glover back up.  Jones with a left.  Jones with jabs.  Nice spin kick to the body by Jones.  Glover moved in and missed punches.  Jones went for an ax kick late.  Good competitive round.  Jones 10-9 but it was close.

Second round:   Jones went for a takedown but Glover sprawled.  Low kick by Jones.  Left by Jones.  Body kick by Jones.  Another body kick by Jones.  Jones throwing kicks to the knee.  Jones went for a guillotine but Glover out.  Ref Dan Miragliotta warned Jones about fingers to the eyes.  Miragliotta said next time he’s taking a point away.  That was a pretty clear eye poke.  Glover hurt him with a left and right.  Glover landed a body shot.  Body kick and elbow and another elbow by Jones.  A series of lefts by Glover.  Elbows by Jones.  Jones landed a left hook.  Right by Glover.  Glover tried for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Jones kicking the knee and landed a spin kick to the body.  Shoulder strike by Jones.  Body kick by Glover.  Another body kick by Glover.  Spin kick by Jones that missed.  Another close round but Jones won it so up 20-18.

Third round: Glover’s right shoulder hurts.  Front kicks and jabs by Jones.  Body shot by Glover.  Right and left by Jones. Knees by Jones.  High and low kicks by Jones.  Elbow by Jones. Nice uppercut by Jones .  It knocked Glover’s mouthpiece out but Glover put it back in.  Jones went for a takedown but Glover blocked it.  Uppercut by Glover.  Another series of  uppercuts by Glover.  He hurt Jones.  Left by Jones.  Uppercut by Glover.  Knee by Jones.  An knee by Glover and elbow by Jones.  Good uppercut by Glover.  Elbow by Jones.  Another elbow by Jones.  Glover bleeding from the elbows.  Nice left by Jones.  Left by Jones.  Body kick by Jones.  Several body shots by Jones.  Both landing shots from close range.  Knee by Glover.  Glover landed big shots and so did Jones.  A hell of a round.  Jones 30-27.

Fourth round: Glover has a nasty cut over the right eye.  Body kick by Jones.  Glover landing all kinds of punches.  Jones missed a spinning elbow.  Glover went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  They are in clinch.  Elbow and knee by Jones.  Jab knocked Glover’s mouthpiece out.  Body kick by Jones. Body kick by Jones.  Elbow by Jones.  Jones kick to the knee again.  Uppercut by Jones followed by a low kick.  They are in a clinch and both with knees.  Spinning elbow and another elbow by Jones.  Another elbow by Jones.  Jones landing hard elbows.  In a clinch and landing elbows and knees by Jones.  Jones finally got the takedown and was pounding on Glover as the round ended.  Jones best round so far 40-36.

Fifth round: They hugged before the round started.  John Hackleman told Glover he had to knock him out to win.  Jones took him down and went for a guillotine.  Spinning elbow by Jones.  Glover landed hard punches but Jones isn’t hurt.  Jones with body and head punches.  Both are landing punches and Jones got the better of it.  They stopped the action as Jones knocked his mouthpiece out.  Jones with lefts.  Glover landing hard punches.  Elbow by Jones.  Left by Jones. Glover hurt him with an uppercut.  Elbow by Jones.  Glover landed punches.  Jones went for a knee but it missed.  Glover landing an uppercut.  Body kick by Glover.  Spinning elbow missed by Jones.  Jones missed a kick.  Glover was competitive in spots.  Jones was dancing away a lot late and Glover landed some shots.  So it’s either 49-46 or 50-45 for Jones, but probably 50-45.  Great performance by Jones.

Scores: All three have it 50-45 for Jones.

Jones interview: Thanked Jesus Christ.  He got booed.  But they cheered when he mentioned Ray Lewis who was at ringside.  Said the game plan was pick him apart from a distance and use takedowns but he switched it up to short range fighting because he felt Glover was trying to wind up before throwing and he said he was a better hand fighter.  Said he respected Glover dearly.  Said Glover isn’t the most versatile and we foresaw a lot of the things he would be looking for.

Glover said he got kicked in the right shoulder and said he may have a broken rib.  He said Jones is a great champion who took his best shot.  Said Jones is an unorthodox strategy.  He said he did his strategy but Jones beat him at his best.

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