T.J. Dillashaw talks his fight with Barao, if he'd face Faber and a fight with Cruz

T.J Dillashaw stopped by Submission Radio for an interview about his up coming title match at UFC 173. T.J also talked about giving Dominick Cruz an immediate title shot, being open to fighting Urijah Faber if they make it worth their while and comparing his title fight with Renan Barao to the Chris Wiedman victory over Anderson Silva.
Full interview- http://bit.ly/1lHUxak
Transcript below by Submission Radio:

T.J Dillashaw transcript:

On giving Dominick Cruz an immediate title shot upon his return

“Absolutely you know if that’s what he wants, I mean he was a champion when I first started out in this weight class and that’s who I was shooting for when I first got into the game.”

On giving Urijah Faber a title shot if he becomes champion.

“If they were to make it worth our while then I imagine we would, but you know it’s a business and we’ll have to go through that tunnel when it comes.”

On his thoughts on a rematch with Raphael Assuncao

“Yes I expect the rematch with Assuncao after I win the belt. It will be my first title defence.”

On his decision loss to Raphael Assuncao

“That was my fault ultimately for keeping the fight so close. I do feel like I got robbed in that fight”

On being over looked for this fight by Dana White and Fans

“It doesn’t bother me. Actually it’s the first time I’ve gone into the fight as an underdog so it’s kind of like a stress relief coz I don't have to go in with these expectation of how good I am supposed to do. I actually get to prove everybody wrong so I wouldn’t say that it’s bothering me too much and I don’t look into it. I just try to stick to my game plan and what I’m good at.”

What Urijah Faber did wrong in his title Fight against Barao

"It was just one of those things where he stood in front of him just a little bit too long and was in his range (and) not in his own. You know, I mean you gotta be in your comfortable spot instead of where Renan Barao is comfortable."

On keys to Victory over Renan Barao and what he does better than him

“Just putting everything together at the right times, you know, just how well rounded I can be and just a better athlete, just pressure, get that wrestler grind, just the mentality of wearing him out. My cardio will be better and I want it more.”

Comparing Chris Wiedman beating Anderson Silva to his fight with Renan Barao

"Everyone thought that Anderson Silva was unbeatable but, you know Wiedman put it all together and he's one of those guys that wasn’t scared to get into the cage against him and knew, and had belief that he was going to win much like I’m in the same situation. I believe I can win and I just gotta bring it to him."

On how he plans on beating Renan Barao at UFC 173

“I am winning by unanimous decision. The 5 round fight, it’s gonna be a tough one and I’m gonna win unanimously.

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