UFC 172 feedback

THUMBS UP. Best match: Jones-Glover. I didn't really have a least favorite match, although I was only in the arena for the PPV card. Will have to watch the undercard on DVR.
I've been going to live events at the old, creaky Baltimore Arena for almost thirty years, and that was the hottest crowd I've ever been a part of. I hope it came across well on PPV and that it motivates the UFC to hold another big show in this area. The Verizon Center in downtown DC probably could hold close to 20,000 for a UFC show.
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Dan Ericson
P.S. unfortunately, Jones's brother, Arthur, now plays for the Colts. He signed a big deal as a free agent.

UFC 172

Thumbs up. Main card only.
Best Fight: Jones vs. Texeira. Jones is the best fighter in the world right now. First round was close but from there it was all Jones. The hand in front of the face was the key, Glover seemed lost after that.
Worst Fight: None
Best Sub: Luke Rockhold's reverse triangle/double arm lock (Kimura) combo. Superb technique.

Leonardo II Mendez
San Sebastian, PR
UFC 172
Thumbs almost all the way up. Possibly best card if the year to date. Wasn't one fight without at least one outstanding performance. About all I can say otherwise was Rogan looked like a jackass and uncomfortable as hell dressed up in a dress shirt, suit, and pocket hankie like Dana. Like those people who put matching outfits on their cat.
Best fight: Gomi vs. Valle-Flagg
Worst fight/performance(s): Mediocre performances from Fili and Jessamyn dragged those two fights down 
Best Performance(s): You could split this about 12 ways. Dana said he was gonna be writing a bunch of extra checks.
KO: Beal and Castillo (and in the first two fights) 
Sub: Rockfish and Benavidez
Amazing opener as Chris Beal coldcocks the unorthodox but effective Patrick Williams with a perfect Flying Knee in the 2nd after a back and forth first in the fightpass prelim.
Deja vu as Danny Castillo leads off the TV portion with a one punch right hook KO over Charlie Brenneman early in the 2nd after a competitive, back and forth first. Jessamyn Duke learned that Cornish Hype real good from Ronda but apparently forgot everything else as she was badly outstruck by the much shorter Bethe Correira and dropped a lopsided UD. Takanori Gomi despite looking out of shape and gassing about two minutes in came on as the fight progressed and busted up Isaac Valle-Flagg to take a 29-28 UD in an entertaining war. Timothy Elliot launched an all out attack on Joesph Benavidez scoring three quick TDs and having him in some trouble with a Rolling Crucifix but JB worked his way to a mounted reverse-guard Guillotine that forced Elliot to tap spastically with his feet.
Closest thing to a bad fight opened the PPV as Andre Fili looked to gas early from 8agon jits and the much more seasoned Max Holloway dominated the stand up before finishing in the 3rd with Guillotine. Very bad reffing from Mulhall with senseless standups and and Holloway having to tell him Fili was tapping. These guys put together are about Dan Henderson's age and will be back.
Yancy Medeiros opened well with front kicks to the body but Jim Miller stops him with a liver shot, throws him, and puts him to sleep with a Guillotine.
Rockfish very quickly reverses a TD and wraps up Boetsch in an inverted triangle/double wristlock combination for the tap. Lou Thesz and Karl Gotch would have liked this one a lot. Rockfish may be the guy with the best physical and style matchup against Weidman. 
Anthony Johnson makes a stunning return putting a complete drubbing on top LHW contender Phil Davis. Rumble outboxed Davis, shut down his wrestling completely, and barely broke a sweat. He seemed literally 10 times stronger. Totally different fighter than he used to be.
JJ also makes it look easy in the main, executing what he wants when he wants against Teixeira. Dominated at all ranges. Both he and AJ won pretty much every second of their fights. Strange to see a pro-Jones audience these days. Outstanding night of fights.
Crimson Mask