After several years, Mike Swick is healthy and 210 pounds, wants to fight

Mike Swick stopped by to chat to the boys at Submission Radio Australia. Mike spoke about regretting his come back in 2012 and his plans on his return to the UFC in the middleweight division.

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Transcript below by Submission Radio:

On his last couple of fights and brief comeback:

"I guess if there was lesson to learn, I shouldn't have taken that fight"        

"Looking back, I shouldn't have taken either one, but I guess I'm a no regrets person. That was the biggest fight and win of my career, I think given the circumstance, but ideally I should've stopped then until I got my situation better. It's like gambling, you know, you take one fight you may not should've taken and it turns out to be a success and a great feeling and you want that again, you know, instead of just backing off and doing the right thing. The greed in me chased that again and I learned a lesson."

On his health and returning to Middleweight:

"I've got my health back a lot from before, obviously I was not doing too good during that time for those fights, walking at 170, but I'm back up to 210 now. I feel good, I'm able to eat, getting my strength back."

"I'll fight Middleweight. Yeah I've got my size back. For the last six or seven years I've been walking really light because of my health issues with my esophagus, so I haven't been able to eat a proper diet and basically just really malnourished. So, I'm able to do that now and get my diet back and my size so yeah I'll definitely be fight at 185."

Plans for when he returns to the Middleweight division and title aspirations:

"I wanna just go back in and just fight! No a title is not in my mind at this time, I just wanna fight and fight healthy for the first time in years and years."

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Submission Radio Australia

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