TUF Brazil Sonnen vs. Silva episode 8: Friendly Fire

TUF Brazil

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Team Silva won the challenge (even though Team Sonnen won the fight) so Silva picks Antonio 'Montana' Branjao to face Vitor Miranda. They are friends and training partners but that's all out the window now. Miranda notes they joked it could happen before the show, but now that it did, he's not happy. Branjao vows to put it aside.

This whole thing is a set-up for a flashback to TUF Brazil 1, when friends and teammates Anistavio Medeiros and Rony 'Jason' had to fight each other due to a fight pick by Vitor Belfort, which caused a big blow-up between him and Wanderlei Silva. They nearly came to blows over it - foreshadowing what would happen between Silva and Sonnen on TUF Brazil 3.

Team Silva is upset that Team Sonnen left the kitchen a mess when they came back to the house. It's the usual bickering that goes on during TUF in any season. Demente ends up doing most of the dishes. Antonio Carlos was the one doing most of the complaining - he even left a note taped to the fridge. I don't read Portuguese but my guess is it read "Clean up your dirty dishes damn it."

Sparring gets intense for Team Sonnen as Miranda prepares for his fight. Hortencia pays close attention and Vinny Magalhaes teaches her how to do a rear naked choke, and they prank her by making her think she made a fighter black out. Team Silva is going heavy in sparring as well. Montana is taught wrestling moves. Isabel spars with Marmota and he compliments her on her jab and reach. She admits their training is grueling.

Chael Sonnen shows up at the house the next day with sushi for his entire team - I guess that's his answer to the other team getting a day at the spa. We get a profile piece on 'Montana' Branjao, who says he was a fat kid in school who started training to get in shape. "I hate losing in anything. I'm really stubborn. If I'm right I'll argue to the end."

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Profile piece on Vitor Miranda follows, who says he's been playing sports since he was a teenager, and that he travelled to the U.S. in 2011 to join a fight team and then he tells a horrible story about how his son died at the age of 4 in a pool accident. "I gathered all this grief and transformed it all into energy and motivation." God bless to Miranda and his family.

Weigh-ins! MONTANA IS 236 and MIRANDA IS 229. As a show of friendship and solidarity they both put on hats and shades for the face-off, then give each other a big hug afterward. This week's aspiring Octagon Girl is Camila Bortolazzo.

Heavyweight: Antonio 'Montana' Branjao (Team Silva) vs. Vitor Miranda (Team Sonnen)

Things go Branjao's way early in R1 as he pins Miranda against the fence for clinch fighting, getting off some good knees. Branjao goes for a single leg but Miranda fights it off and turns it around, and Branjao turns him back into the fence. A lot of referees on PPV would have reset them to the center by 3 minutes, but the two break on their own. Branjao stumbles and loses his balance but Miranda stands and kicks him instead of jumping into his guard. The ref finally stands him up with under a minute to go. Miranda knocks Branjao down with a right after a body shot stunned him and THE REF WAVES IT OFF WITH 23 SECONDS LEFT. It was Branjao's mistake - he was backing away trying to survive to the horn and win the round but Miranda got the range and Branjao had his back to the fence with nowhere to go. Score another one for the Bad Guys!

MIRANDA ADVANCES TO THE SEMI-FINALS but he goes to console his friend Branjao and gives him a big hug. They both agree they only did what they had to do because of the sport. Jollyson is possibly as upset as Branjao - they're both in tears. Sonnen compliments Miranda on his mental toughness in taking the fight. Miranda: "I didn't stop a friend's dream - I just postponed it. I did what I had to for me and my family." Silva claims he's not upset because they're still up 4-2. Sonnen: "The tides are turning around here, there's a storm coming, and we're just getting started." That's it for this week!


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