UFC - TUF Brazil Episode 9 Recap: Sonnen battles Silva in SOCCER

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Time for a middleweight bout between Warlley Alves (Team Sonnen) vs. Ismael 'Marmota' de Jesus (Team Silva). Marmota talks about growing up in dire poverty as a child, being adopted when he was 7, and his father passing away when he was 14. "I did this on my own. My family never supported me when it came to fighting." We see him practicing his stand-up. Salgado says she admires all the hardships he overcame to get where he is.

Alves talks about how fighting used to get him into trouble, but TUF is his chance at a fresh start in life. Sonnen says he's perfectly conditioned and prepared. Hortencia says he's like an animal just waiting to be unleashed. Chael gives a pep talk and says that there's nobody better than Warlley, definitely not Marmota, so the best thing he can do in this fight is go out and improve upon his perfection. I'm paraphrasing a bit, he used pizza of all things as a metaphor, but you get the gist of it.

It's time for the COACHES' CHALLENGE. $33,000 in Brazilian money is on the line - $23,000 for the winning coach and $10,000 to split among the teammates. The winner also gets an autographed Pele jersey. It's a soccer drill to navigate a bunch of obstacles and shoot a goal. Sonnen is faster on his feet and picks up the win 3-2 based on his speed - and Team Sonnen is ecstatic. Silva shrugs it off and says he needed the money more, and that soccer isn't his sport - fighting is. He looks pissed though.

Sonnen is so impressed with his athletes and the team in general he says you could do this competition five times and have five different winners. Team Silva has a special surprise as Master Doria shows up to take the vacancy left by Andre Dida's departure. Silva: "He'll boost our technique and morale." They note he trained JDS and rate him as one of the best striking coaches in the country. Marmota is only disappointed he didn't join the show sooner.

There's a Hawaiian feast waiting for everybody at the house, complete with appropriate shirts, and hopeful Octagon girls in grass skirts. There's drinking, joking, truth or dare, spin the bottle, and people being pushed in the pool. It's like a TUF frat party!

Sonnen comes to the house the next day to make sure Alves is on weight. He's impressed by how much Sonnen checks on them and cares about them. Alves is two pounds under on the scale but that's unofficial. Time to make it official for the last middleweight quarterfinal. ALVES IS 184.9 POUNDS and MARMOTA IS 184.9. This week's aspiring Octagon Girl is Fernanda Hernandes.

* Middleweight: Warlley Alves (Sonnen) vs. Ismael 'Marmota' de Jesus (Silva)

And here we go! This episode has been heavily padded with cutaways and goofing around, and there are now less than 10 minutes on Fight Pass. I strongly suspect going in this is a one round fight. Marmota is in yellow trunks and Alves the green as per usual. Marmota tries to cut off the Octagon but winds up with his back on the cage. ALVES ROCKS HIM WITH KNEES IN CLINCH starting at 1:16 and delivers the knockout knee 7 seconds later. SCORE ANOTHER ONE FOR DA BAD GUYS.

Both coaches analyze the short fight afterward. Silva's conclusion is that Marmota "let" Silva knee him. Sonnen says that Alves is peaking at or above his level of skill as an athlete. The ref makes it official that he won by TKO. Marmota is still unsteady on his feet so he's lifted from the Octagon. Alves happily takes his picture and slaps it on the bracket showing he advances. Hortencia says she was scared for them both. Alves: "I'm sad for Marmota but I'm glad for the win." He goes to give him a hug and dap.

Silva congratulates Team Sonnen on making a comeback, but is still confident his guys will win out in the end. The final quarterfinal bout is next week between Jollyson and Pezao, and afterward Dana White helps them pick the semi-final match-ups. Join us then!

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