TUF 19 Penn vs. Edgar ep. 3 TV report: The Comeback

Dhiego Lima

By Josh Nason, Wrestling Observer

Segment 1:
Following his dreadfully boring decision win, Daniel Spohn (Team B.J. Penn) defends his action of fighting smart instead of balls out. He can defend it, but that's not good for your long-term career. Patrick Walsh (Frankie Edgar) gets on Todd Monaghan's nerves as he talked about how he would have game-planned for the fight. Edgar's team is 0-2 thus far, and is looking for changes. As they go through drills, Walsh tweaks his back which has apparently been an issue.

Mark Coleman runs Team Penn through some grueling drills, and everyone says there's a good vibe amongst the team. Penn says that Tim Williams would be his pick to win the whole tourney. He battles Dhiego Lima later on.

Segment 2:

Williams talks about getting in a bad DUI-related accident and how it changed his life. He tried out for TUF 17 and lost to current UFC talent Dylan Andrews. He prides himself on being a hard worker, doing extra miles and cardio after workouts. Williams was supposed to fight Chris Leben and during pre-fight checks, they found a tumor which also changed everything.

We get a sense of life in the house as all there is to do is eat, talk, and do stupid shit. Matt Van Buren aka 'Gutter' is the guy that people either love or hate, regardless of what team you're on. You can tell they're building up to something with him getting into some kind of confrontation this season.

Segment 3:

And here it is. Van Buren and Chris Fields (Penn) from Ireland start getting into it over accents. Both guys don't like each other, so hopefully we'll get that fight this season. We get introduced to Dhiego Lima, brother of Bellator talent Douglas Lima. They were inspired by Wanderlei Silva's knockout of Rampage Jackson, and that's how their fight paths began.

Segment 4:

Both guys make 185 with no issues. Williams is an intense dude and the scarring on his face from either the surgery or car crash makes him look somewhat terrifiying. Lima and the rest of Team Edgar are tired of the 'Ole Ole Ole' chants from Team Penn. Mark Coleman and John Hackleman stop by the house to hang with Williams. Lima talks about his 7-year-old daughter. Van Buren talks about Titanic scenes. He is something else.

Segment 5:

The fight starts at the 42 minute mark, so we're likely going two. Lima comes in with an 8-1 record, while Williams has a 7-1 mark. Williams gets Lima down early and is relentless is working for a submission. Lima is trapped and can't escape, getting tagged with punches as he struggles. This is an easy 10-9 Williams for the first round.

Segment 6:

Lima hurts Williams with a left midway through the 2nd, which Williams never seemed to recover from. Lima continued to land punches and Jon Jones standing elbows, but Williams kept walking through them. Williams begain firing back and landing some of his own. Wlliams went for a takedown, but got stuffed. Lima transitioned to his back and sunk in a rear naked choke for the tap. Great, great round.

Winner: Dhiego Lima (Edgar) via 2nd round submission

Penn wonders if his energy was sapped because he works out so hard. Williams is bummed, but he'll likely get another shot if there's an injury. Van Buren wants the next fight, but Edgar has something in mind.

Next Fight: Corey Anderson (Edgar) vs. Josh Clark (Penn)

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