Chad Mendes talks fighting Conor McGregor, rematch with Aldo and more

Chad Mendes spoke to the guys at Submission Radio. Chad had some interesting things to say about Connor McGregor, his up coming rematch with Jose Aldo and the process of finding a new coach for Team Alpha Male.
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Thoughts on Connor McGregor

He’s basically just a shit talker. Bottom line, the guy's just trying to get to the top as fast as he can you know, he hasn’t fought anybody in the sport yet you know, and it's his way of getting up there as fast as possible. So, I’ve just been ignoring it for the last few months, because I know that’s exactly what he wants. He wants a reaction, but I mean he’s just making it personal and I can’t stand it anymore, the guy's an idiot basically. You know you can’t just fight one or two guys in the lower tier and expect to be fighting for a title. You gotta fight someone at least in the top 10 and even still, there’s a few guys in the top 10 you need to fight before you get close to that title shot. You know, was just watching a video the other day of him getting submitted in the first round. It was a pretty ugly, ugly fight. So, this guys you know, running his mouth like he’s never been beaten and he can’t be beat, but it’s like 'dude you’ve been beat already twice and they were like nobody’s that beat you', so I don’t know what the hell the deal is with that guy."

Prediction on McGregor's fight with Miller in Ireland

”Yeah I think Cole has a great chance of going out there and chocking him out you know, hopefully put the guy unconscious I don’t know, but I think he has a great chance of winning”

*Jose Aldo*

On fighting Jose Aldo in L.A instead of the initial fight in Brazil

I think that it's going to be huge for me, I mean it was tough going to Brazil. That was my first time having to do that, especially something that big, I mean a title fight. You know, it was crazy walking out and having the entire crowd chant 'you’re gonna die' in Portuguese you know; the flight, getting used to the time change, then I think we fought at like three or four in the morning. It was just, it was tough man and this time we’re in my backyard. It’s going to be easy for me, it's about an hour flight. No time change, the food's all going to be the same for me, so the weight cut's going to be easy.”

"I think it's all going to be in my favour as far as home town advantage."

“Last time when we fought, afterwards he jumped out and did all the crowd surfing and stuff and I was saying 'payback's a bitch', you know this time we’re going to be in my home town, it’s going to be my time to get in there and put Aldo down and maybe do a little crowd surfing”

On Jose Aldo saying in interviews that he will knock Chad out and if Jose’s overlooking Chad in the upcoming fight

“Yeah I mean, I’ve heard some interviews where he’s saying “oh I knocked him out once, I’m going to go out there and do exactly the same thing” you know, and I gotta say to him, I really hope you're not over looking me and just expecting that to happen again because this is going to be the toughest fight he’s ever fought. This is a new and improved Chad Mendes and I’m looking to get in there and test all the waters, push him to the deepest water he’s ever been in and make this a fight, so I defiantly hope he’s not over looking me”

On the effect his loss Jose Aldo had on him

"It kinda bothered me a little bit at first, but you just kinda realize you know, it’s a sport and that's going to happen sooner or later to anybody. Basically for me it was just a learning experience”

“The part that bugged me the most is just knowing that there was one second left you know, and being in that position where I had his back and went to take him down and he grabbed the cage. I thought you know, that one second could have been changed by that grab. The ref didn’t really stop it, didn't say anything, didn’t take a point you know. Am I saying that would've made me win the fight? No, I have no idea, but I think things would have been a lot different, I would have made it out of the first. You know, for me and my camp looking at Aldo, he fades through the fight. So for me it was, the goal was to keep the pace high (in) the first, second, third rounds and push him into the later rounds to get that fight slowed and come away with that W. You know, I think that’s the thing that bothered me the most."

What Chad has taken away from Jose’s last few title defences

“For me it’s just, I feel that Aldo is getting less and less aggressive in every fight. It almost seems like he’s cruising you know, and a lot of people are giving him criticism that he’s becoming a boring fighter you know, he’s just kind of cruising, not looking to finish anymore. I don’t know if that's because you know, he’s getting injured so much throughout his training camps. I mean, the guy pretty much fights you know, once, maybe two times a year. Maybe his body’s not able to hold up with it any more. But for me, I’m looking at that. That’s a hole for me to get in there and use my aggression, my ability to stay in a guy's face, use my power or my wrestling to put him down. So that’s definitely something I’m going to be watching for”

On knowing he was the next challenger for Jose Aldo’s title after beating Nick Lentz

“That was defiantly something we were hoping for right after that fight. Actually it was something I was hoping for the last two fights but it just didn’t work out that way.”

*On Duane Ludwig and a new trainer*

On Duane Ludwig sticking around Team Alpha Male a little longer to help Chad prepare for his fight

“Yeah he’ll be here for a part of my camp, then he’s moving to Denver, but you know we’ve talked and there’s still going to be some training going back and forth whether he comes back out to Sacramento or we go to Colorado to do some training there. I mean, that'd be great for us because it's altitude anyway."

"We're definitely still going to be doing some stuff with Duane. In the mean time, we're still looking for that head coach."

On Martin Kampmann being the New coach at Team Alpha Male

We just had Martin Kampmann out. (He) did some trail practices and he just kinda ran us through some stuff and we’re just kinda testing it out and seeing if we like it and I think we’re going to try and bring in another couple of guys to see what fits best for team Alpha Male out here in Sacramento and hopefully that gets locked up soon”

 Thoughts on Martin Kampmann as a potential coach

“I like Martin. I’ve met Martin a while back, a couple of fights, I think we fought on a couple of cards (together). I’m pretty sure at least he was there in the back, so he’s a cool guy. I actually get along with him great. His style is that he’s really good at a lot of the basic stuff, which I think is key for becoming you know, a great athlete. You see a lot of these wrestlers that are top level and the reason that they're there is they're so good at all the basics. It’s something I’ve always tried to focus on throughout my entire career as an athlete and I think that'd be great for our team. I guess yeah, we're just trying it out and seeing how the coaches fit in, not only just technique-wise, but also personality and kinda just getting along with the team and kinda meshing well.”

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