UFC Fight Night Cincy live results and coverage: Matt Brown and Erick Silva in Fight Of Year candidate

Welcome to our live coverage of the UFC from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati:


First round: Lapsley shot in and Tumenov easily sprawled. Tumenov dropped him with a left. Laspley got the takdown but Tumenov right back up. Tumenov with a right. Hard left by Tumenov. Lapsley again shot in and didn’t get the takedown. Laspley mostly backing off. Left by Tumenov. Hard right by Tumenov. Tumenov knocked him out wth a left hook.


First round: Salas working for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Wall sprawled again to avoid a takedown. Salas again went for the takedown , now he’s got him down. Knee by Salas. Salas tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Head kick by Salas. Knee by Salas. Trading punches, Wall landed an uppercut. Salas landed a kick. Body kick b Wall. Salas hurt him with a right hook, dropped him with a left and a few more punches and it was over. Right to the ear and left to the jaw, and three punches on the ground spelled the finish, and it was stopped by ref Mini Brock Lesnar, Gary "I’m not related to Edge" Copeland.


First round: Lentz landed a nice combination. Lentz is working for a takedown. Knees by Lentz. Lentz got the takedown. Lentz pressing him against the fence. Trading knees. Hard knees by Lentz and a time out was called for a low blow by Lentz. Trading shots . High kick by Lentz. Lentz now working for the takeodwn. Knees by Lentz. Takedown by Lentz. Punches by Lentz. Lentz going for a takedown but Gamburyan landing punches. Gamburyan working for a Kimura. Lentz out of touble. Knee to the body by Lentz. Lentz 10-9.’

Second round: Both throwing punches and Gamburyan stunned him with a right. Gamburyan swinging hard but missed trying to take himout. Another hard right hurt Lentz. Body kick by Lentz. Both trading. Crowd real hot right now. Body shot by Lentz. Takedown by Gamburyan. Lentz landing hard knees from the clinch. Elbows by Gamburyan from close range. Takedown by Lentz. Lentz got his back. Lentz landing punches from back position. Lentz with a knee to the body while Gamburyan is down. Lentz now landing elbows on the ground. Gamburyan tried for a takedown. Lentz throwing knees to the body while Gamburyan is down. Gamburyan back up. Lentz took him down again. Gamburyan’s right eye looks bad as well. Knee as time ran out by Lentz, Lentz 20-18.

Third round: Gamburyan threw an overhand right. Lentz landing punches now. Gamburyan back with punches as well. Lentz moved in for another takedown. Gamburyan’s right eye is almost shut. Gamburyan trying for a Kimura but doesn’t have it. Now he’s used the Kimura to sweep. Lentz spun out of trouble. Gamburyan reversed to the top. But Gamburyan needs a finish. The ref ordered a standup, not sure why. Gamburyan went for a takedown but Lentz reversed. Lentz throwing elbows. Gamburyan with elbows. Knee by Gamburyan. Lentz pressuring him until he round ended. Good competitive fight. Lentz 20-37.

All three have it 30-27 for Lentz.

Lentz said he’s better than No. 9, he thinkns he should be No. 3 and challenged anyone in the top ten to come get him.


First round: Nice low kick by Eduardo made his leg buckle. Eduardo landed a right. Eduardo dropped him and finished him in a big upset. Two hard rights to the jaw finished him.


First round: Cummings stunned him with a right. Cabral went for a takedown but Commings ended up on top. Cabral with a triangle from the bottom. Cabral throwing elbows while holding the triangle. Cummings escaped. Cabral working for a takedown. He got the takedown. Cabral moved to mount. Cabal 10-9.

Second round: Cabral went for a high kick and Cummings threw him down. Cummings landed a left and right and a body kick. Cabral with a right. Cabral shot in, Cummings landed on top but Cabral is happy on his back. Body kick by Cummings and a right by Cabral. Body kick by Cabral and Cummings with body kick. Body kick by Cummings. Right and left by Cummings. Cummings got a takedown and at the end of the round. Cummings round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Cummings moved in with punches. Spinning elbow by Cabral. Nice left by Cummings. Cummings is on top on the ground. Cabral working for a triangle but Cummings blocking. Cabral trying for an armbar but Cummings out of trouble. Cummings got his back and moved to mount. Cummings has his back. Cummings working for a choke. Cummings got it up. Cabral moved to side control. Cabral working for a Kimura. Cummings escaped. Now Cabral on top. Cummings reversed and throwing punches for the top. I think Cumings won but Cabral came closest with the submission so it could go the other way. 29-28 Cummings.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Cummings


First round: Horguchi landed a right. Front kick by Montague. Takedown by Montague. Right by Horgiuchi. Body kick by Montague. Another taekdown by Montague at the end of the round. Some booing at the end. Slow round. Montague 10-9.

Second round: Montague has the Samuel Shaw choke but Horiguchi is better than Mr.Kennedy as he got out. Montague now has a guillotine. Horiguchi out. Horiguchi landed some punches. Horiguchi landing punches. Body kick by Horiguchi. Horiguchi landing punches and had Montague in trouble. Montague is hurt. Montague went for a takedown but Horiguchi landed a hard knee and punching him on the ground. Nice takedown by Horiguchi. Montague back to his feet. Nice left by Montague. Body kick by Montague and a right. Hard left by Horiguchi. Horiguchi hurt him with a body kick. Left and right by Horiguchi. Horiguchi swung big, landed a knee and a right by Horiguchi. Montague staggered into the corner at the end of the round. Maybe they should stop it.

Third round: Flying knee by Montague. Horiguchi with a takedown. Hard ground and pound by Horiguchi. Horiguchi landing hard punches. Montague back to his feet Montague kicked him in the head. Nice left by Montague. Montague landed another left. Very good second and third round. Horiguchi’s round, should win 29-28.

Scores 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Horiguchi


First round: Body kick by Natal. Right by Herman. Takedown by Natal. Herman got back up. Herman with a takedown. Elbow by Herman. Herman busted him up with elbows and landed a knee. Herman 10-9 but close.

Second round: Herman landing punches. Herman is slow but tagging Natal anyway. Left by Natal. Natal got the takedown. Kick by Herman. Another close round, 10-9 Herman.

Third round: Left by Natal. Low kick by Herman. Herman blocked a takedown attempt. Left by Natal. Herman busted him up. Herman with a knee to the body. Natal with a knee to the body back. Apparently it was a low blow and they’ve called for a time out. Natal shot and Herman blocked it. Hard knee by Herman. Herman landed a good left. Body kick by Natal. Right by Herman. Another body kick by Herman. Left by Natal. Body kick by Natal. Spinning backfist by Natal. Knees by Natal. Herman’s round. I have 30-27 but all three rounds were competitive.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 for Herman.


First round: Action was slow against the fence.  Smolka landed shots.  Cariaso with a guillotine.  Smolka escpaed. . Cariaso went back to the guillotine.  Very close round.  10-9 Cariaso

Second round: Cariaso came out strong.  Cariaso got his back when Smolka missed a hip toss.  This isn’t the same Smolka who looked so good in his last fight.  Smolka escaped and is up and on top.   Cariaso tried a triangle.  Cariaso with another takedown.  Knee by Cariaso.  Smolka back up.  Both landing punches and Cariaso getting the better of it.  Smolka in with a punch.  Takedown by Smolka.  Cariaso again going for a choke.  The round may have saved Smolka.  Cariaso’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Smolka’s corner told him he was winning.  At best it’s even and they needed to tell him he needs a finish because he may need it.  Left by Cariaso.  Smolka now on top in the mount..  Elbow by Smolka.  They are in a clinch.  Hip toss by Smolka but Cariaso got on top and now both are up.  Elbow by Smolka but Cariaso landing more.  Good left by Smolka.  Low kick by Cariaso put Smolka down.  Both trading punches.  Smolka hurt him with a right.  Smolka tried a takedown but Cariaso ended up on top.  Close third.  I’ve got Smolka winning the round and a 29-28 score for Cariaso

Scores: 29-28 Smolka 92-28 Cariaso 29-28 Cariaso


First round: Takedown by Paleilei.  Pots worked for a guillotine but Paleilei out and on top.  Paleilei on top in the mount, threw a few punches which put Potts out cold. 


First round: Little happening early.  Magny got a takedown.  Means back up quickly.  Body shot by Means.  Means missed a spinning punch.  Spinning punch by Means.  Front kick by Magny.  Magny dropped him with a left.  Magny working for a takedown and Means with elbows.  Means doesn’t look like himself.  Elbows by Magny.  Magny 10-9.

Second round: Crowd booing.  Left by Means.  Means got takedown off a kick.  Means hurt him with punches.  Knee to the body and another knee to the body.  Magny up.  Side kick by Means.  Magny got the takedown Means up.  Means’ round so even at 19-19.

Third round: Crowd booing.  Means hurt him when he landed an elbow.  He had Magny in trouble.  Magny going for takaedown.  Means took him down but Magny reversed.  Magny took him down.  Magny has his back.  Shoulder strikes by Magny.  Takedown by Magny.  Magny almost has a choke.  Magny has his back Means got a takedown at the end.  Close third round but Magny pulled the fight out in the last 90 seconds to win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Magny


First round: Trading body kicks.  Nice low kick by Koch.  Cruickshank with a body kick.  Koch with a body kick.  Right by Cruickshank.  Cruickshank came across like a star here.  It was a left high kick that put Koch down and roughly 23 or so elbows on the ground before it was called.


First round: Philippou hurt im with punch already.  Knee by Larkin.  Philippou landed a left.  Larkin with a left and a right.  Larkin left and right.  Hard kick by Larkin.  Superman punch by Larkin.  Fans are doing the Ric Flair whooo.  Philippou landed big punches and back with a few punches.  Philippou hurt him with a right. Elbow by Larkin.  Philippou dropped him with a left to the jaw and a right to the jaw and it’s over.


First round:    Awesome staredown.  Silva took him down with a bodylock and slam.  Brown reversed to the top and landed a high kick.  Body kick and punch by Silva.  Silva paralyzed him with a body kick.  Silva pounding on him.  Herb Dean let it go.  A lot of refs would have stopped it.   Silva has his back working for a choke.  Silva working of a neck crank.  Brown survived it.  Silva had him in a body triangle.  Brown is up.  Place came unglued.  Elbow and knees by Brown.  Brown now taking him apart with punches and knees and now Silva is in trouble.  Brown with elbows.  Silva is wobbly.  Knees and elbows by Brown.  Brown threw him down.  Knees and elbows by Brown.  Knee to the body and threw him down again.  Brown pounding him on the ground and a kick to the body.  Brown landing all kinds of punches.  Takedown by Brown.  10-9 Brown.  First round was unreal.

Second round: Brown landing knees and punches.  Silva hurt him with a body kick.  Brown back with punches and kicks.  Brown with hard knees and elbows.  Brown with a body shot.  Brown taking him apart with punches and hard knees and elbows.  High kick by Brown.  Brown keeps landing hard shots.  Silva is exhausted and stumbling.  Brown with a knee to the head and more shots to the head.  Brown with four hard lefts.  Silva back with an elbow and a body kick.  Brown with punches.  Silva landed back to the body.  Brown took him dwon. .  He’s got a crucifix on the ground and is pounding on Silva.  Inverted triangle by Brown.  Silva escaped.  Brown on top in the mount and killing him with punches.  Brown went for an armbar and Silva out.  Brown now got a triangle.  Silva escaped and is now top.  10-8 round,  Brown up 20-17.

Third round: Silva landed a left.  Body kick by Brown.  Brown with knees and elbows, everything is landing to the head.  Silva is now taking a scary beating.  But he’s still up.  Brown took him down again.  Brown dropped an elbow.  Sick elbows by Brown.  Brown throwing hard punches on the ground.  It’s over.  Brown wins.  A fight of the year candidate, maybe winner.  A superstar making performance by Brown.

Brown asked the fans who do you want to see fight for the title next.  He said he didn’t feel his best, said the pressure got to him but once he felt the groove of the fight he started putting it together.  He said he was hurt pretty bad from the body kick.   He said he didn’t feel his power were there or maybe he’s that tough.  He’s Don Frye without the promo ability.

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