John Dodson talks sparring with Arlovski, Overeem coming, Mayhem

John Dodson revealed to Submission Radio that he spars with everyone at Jacksons especially the heavyweights and light heavyweights. 
Dodson shows some concern over Alistair Overeem coming to the team after the rumour of him inuring his training partners at the Blackzillians. 
Full interview- (Starts at 3 minute mark)
On Alistair Overeem coming to the team

“I think he can learn a lot from the team. If I’m trying to team with him, I don’t wanna go through the wall. I heard Alistair likes to train hard so if he tries to train hard with someone of my size I think I’d go through the wall or through the ceiling”

What’s it like sparring against Arlovski

“He gets mad because I’m so short because he misses. He’s all like 'Hey midget! Why are you so fast!' and I'm like, 'because you're going to hit me and it could hurt' and he says 'Ah just stay still for two seconds!”

Dodson also spoke about his TUF coach and previous mentor Jason Miller's recent decline.

“To tell you the truth I don’t know what's this dudes problem. He probably lost his mind, but I’m hoping that he'll figure out what he’s missing or what he needs to do to get himself back in the UFC or back into the right lime light. Cause what he’s doing right now is not working out for him”

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