UFC 173 live coverage from Las Vegas, Barao vs. Dillashaw, Cormier vs. Henderson

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First round: Both trading big punches.  Both landing solidly.  Jinliang landing low kicks with his punches.  Michaud just swinging.  Jingliang with the takedown and is now behind him sta ning.  Jingliang trying to suplex him but blocked twice and he let Michaud go.  Michaud with a knee and another in the clinch.  Michaud with a Saito suplex and really pounding and trying a guillotine.  Jingliang then took him down into side control.  Jinliang kicking himn in the ass as opposed to kicking his ass.  Jingliang 10-9

Second round: Michaud trying a takedown and Jingliang blocked with a whizzer.  Michaud getting rocked now.  Both landing big shots but Michaud is bleeding from under both eyes.  Jingliang landed a right.  Michaud with knees from close range.  Michaud got a takedown.  Jingliang reversed into a headlock but then Michadu got behind him.  Michadu had a choke.  But Jingliang pulled the arm off.  Michaud landing punches.  Close round to Michaud 19-19.

Third round: Michaud with a takedown.  Jingliang up and took Michaud down.  Jingliang landing punches from the top.  Jingliang landing more lefts.  Michaud grabbed a guillotine with 42 seconds left.  Jingliant out and throwing more punches.  Jingliang with punches and elbows and now in side control.  Jingliang 29-28.

Scores:   29-28 Jingliang, 29-28 Michaud 30-27 Jingliang


First round:

Third round: Sicilia’s left eye bruised up.  He’s moving in and throwing rights.  Sicilia with a takedown.  Philiips tried an armbar but Sicilia cleared it and moved to side control.  Sicilia landed ground and pound.  Sicilia keeping him down.  Phillips up.  Sicilia ,moved in for a takedown.  Phillips with a guillotine and Sicilia popped out and is on top. 

Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 for Sicilia.


First round: Njokuuani landed some kicks but got poked in the eye.  They are taking Njokuanki to the doctor.  Pichel having toruble wiht his left eye.  Pichel pushed him into the fence.  Pichel with a hard slam.  Pichel trying to move in for takedown again and smothering Njokuani.  Pichel with a low blow right in front of the ref.  He got a warning. Pichel looked at the big screen and realized he did it.  Back to action.  Front kick by Njokuani but Pichel pushed himinto the fence.  Both trading at the end of the round.  Close round Pichel 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Njokuani.  Pichel landed a high kick.  Pichel got behind him and throwing hard knees to the hamstring and thigh.  Back suplex by Pichel.  Pichel landing big punches on the ground.  A German suplex by Pichel.  More knees to the thigh.  Pichel took him down agian.  Pichel landing punches.  Knees by Pichel.  Another takedown by Pichel.  He’s throwing knees to the ribs.  Now he’s in full mount, now has Njokuani’s back.  Pichel took him down again.  Pichel’s round 20-18.’

Third round: Pichel with a takedown.  Another suplex takedown by Pichel.  Pichel in full mount.  Pichel tried another back suplex at the end but Njokuani was able to block it.  Pichel 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Pichel


First round: Chants for Iaquinta.  USA chants.  Iauinta decked him with a right.  He went to the ground.  Clarke back to his feet.  Iaquinta took him back down.  Iaquinta 10-9.

Second round: Clarke wobbled him and went for a takedown by Iaquinta reversed and flipped him down.  Clarke then choked him out with a D’arce choke. :57


First round: Holdsworth moving in working for a takedown.  Holdsworth with a trip takedown is now on top.  He moved to full mount.  Holdsworth with punches.  Holsworth 10-9

Second round: Camus move in and tried to get the takedown.  He couldn’t Now Holdsworth trying for a takedown.  He got the same trip takedown as in the first round and is on top.  Holdsworth moved to full mount.  He’s going for a head and arm choke but in moving to side control, Camus got to his feet.  Another takedown by Holdsworth.  Holdsworth has his back.  Holdsworth’s round 20-18.

Third round: Camus landed a left and a right.  Camus swinging.  He tagged himwith a left. Takedown by Holdsworrth.  Holdsworth has the body triangle on.  Holdsworth is outgrappling him for this entire fight.  He’s now in full mount and working on a head and armchoke.  He doesn’t have it and gave it up.  Holdsworth 30-27.

Scores:  All three judges have it 30-27 for Holdsworth.  Pretty obvious scoring here.


First round: I think this is going to be a very good fight.  High kick by Ferguson.  Kikuno with punches.  Ferguson with a left.  Kikuno has a total karate style.  It’s cool, but he looks too small for this weight class.  Hard body kick by Ferguson.  Left by Ferguson.  Another left by Ferguson and a body kick.  Ferguson hurt him with lefts.  More left and rights.  Ferugson has him in trouble and Kikuno dancing away.  Ferguson tagged him again.  Kikuno is fighting welterweight and he’s got a featherweight body.  Right by Ferguson Elbow by Ferguson.  Ferguson hurt him with punches.  Kikuno running away.  Ferguson took him down and has his back.  Ferguson working for an armbar.  He didn’t get it.  Now Ferguson working for a choke from the bottom and didn’t get that one either.  Kikuno bleeding.  Ferguson dropped him and it was called off.  Fight was explosive, but too one sided to call it good, but most exciting so far since maybe the opener.  Perfect right to the jaw was the finishing blow. 


First round: Chiesa coming out .  Stealing Joseph Benavidez entrance music, or is that Kevin Von Erich as he comes out to “Stranglehold.”  Freaking Trinaldo got a big reaction.  Brazilians have taken over, Chiesa got some boos, mostly cheers.  Fans chanting “You’re gonna die” at Chiesa.  Trinaldo hurt him with a knee that may have been low.  Chiesa shot and Trinaldo sprawled and nailed him.  Chiesa shot in again and got him down.  Chies lanign punch after punch on the ground and now has his back.  He’s working for a choke, but gave it up.  Chiesa with elbows and more punches.  Chiesa throwing punches and elbows.  Now he’s dropping punches and elbows like crazy.  Trinaldo is in a lot of trouble.  Chiesa continues to throw elbows from the mount.  Chiesa 10-8, but I doubt anyone else will call it that.

Second round: USA chant now.  Brazilians aren’t drowning it out.   Okay, now they’re booing it big.  Brazilians singing something.  Trinaldo hurt him with a punch.  Chiesa shot and got caught in a a wicked guillotine.  Chiesa looks like he’s getting out.  This place exploded when he got out.  This match has super heat.  Chiesa throwing elbows.  Chiesa spun to his back.  Closer round, Chiesa 20-17

Third round: Trinadlo landed an overhand right.  Trinaldo kneed him in the groin.  USA chant.  Body kick by Chiesa.  Chiesa took him down again.  Trianldo going for an armbar.  Chiesa out of trouble Chiesa with punches and elbows on the ground until the fight ended.  Chiesa’s round I’ve got 30-26.

Scores: 30-26, 30-26 and 30-27 or Chiesa.

We've got a 20 minute intermisison.  People are starting to arrive, looks 75% full now so it'll be close to full.

In the video before the start of the show it's really something how much of a turnaround in stars there are from a year or two ago.  Lots of clips of people from the past year with the GSP and Brock Lesnar's edited out.

Henderson was cheered big-time in the open.  No reaction to Barao or Dillashaw.

As the first PPV fight gets in the cage, there are empty seats in the middle section but it's 90 percent full.


First round: Krause landed a punch and Varner back with a body shot.  Krause has him in trouble, dropping him with a punch and has his back.   Hard kick by Krause .  Varner swinging back wildly.  Low kick by Krause.  Varner took him down.  Krause reversed to the top.  Varner reversed to the top throwing punches and now has Krause’s back.  Krause back up.  Varner nailed him with a roundhouse punch and another punch.  Varner is hurt, though.  His left leg is done.  He can’t stand up an just went down.  Krause jumped on himmon the ground and throwing knees to the body.  Varner back up and swinging big.  But Varner’s leg went out again.  Really they need to stop it even though Varner is fighting his herat out.  Varner’s left anikle has to e shot and I can’t see him coming out for the second round.  And it’s over.

They showed replays, it was probably on the first kick Krause threw.  Varner’s left ankle just went out.  It’s believed to be a broken ankle.  He’s hobbling to the back.  5:00 


First round: Both trading.  Rivera has some power and Mizugaki felt it.  Mizugaki shot for the takedown but Rivera easily evaded it.  Right by Mizugaki.  Both swinging and missing.  Good right by Mizugaki.  Mizugaki with hurt him a right and decked him with another.  He’s all over him on the ground.  Rivera was able to tie him up.  Mizugaki with a few punches on the ground but Rivera back to his feet.  Rivera with a trip takeodwn and Mizugaki back up. Hard low kick by Rivera.  Rivera landed a hard right.  Rivera tried a trip but this time Mizugaki blocked it.  Rivera got anoher takedown late inthe round but Mizugaki back up and Rivera powered him down.  Very good round.  Mizugaki 10-9.

Second round: High kick by Rivera busted Mizugaki up above the left eye.  Both swinging and Rivera getting the better of it.  Rivera continues to land.  Mizugaki got the takedown.  Rivera now going for a guillotine.  Mizugaki out and on top.  Mizugaki is working for a choke but doesn’t have it.  Mizugaki with a facelock.  He grew up watching Misawa.  Tough round to judge.  I could see going Mizugaki, but I’m going for Rivera based on damage and we’re even at 19-19.

Third round: Both swinging.  Neither has the zing in their punches or speed they had earlier.  Rivera landed a right.  Both landed good shots to the jaw.  Left by Mizugaki.  Mizgauki dropped him with a right and is on top in the guard.  That shot may win the fight for him.  The ref ordered a standup with :58 left.  Both trading.  Both swinging wildly.  Great slugfest until the end like a Sanchez-Melendez finish.  Real good fight.  Mizugaki’s round should win 29-28 or 30-27.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Mizugaki


First round: Love Buffer announcing him as Jake Ellen Berger.  I always think he’s in drag after that intro.  Lawler got a big reaction.  Not over the top big.  Honestly Trinaldo got a bigger reaction.  Head kick by Lawler, Another head kick hurt him.  Hard body kick by Lawler.  Lawler faked a high kick.  Left by Lawler.  Crowd for Lawler.  Lawler just missed on a punch and kick that would have ended it.  Slower round than people were expecting.  Lawler 10-9.

Second round: Lawler moving in with punches and kicks.  Ellenberger wants to clinch but Lawler threw him off.  Lawler with a body kick.  Lawler hurt him with punches now.  He keeps landing the left solid.  He’s landing combos now.  Ellenberger got the takedown with 2:02 left and got his back.  Lawler scrambled to his feet and threw a hard knee to the body.  Lawler with punches on the ground.  Lawler spun to his back and punched.  Lawler landing lefts.  Ellenberger bleeding.  Ellenberger got another takedown.  Lawler back up.  Body kick and punches by Lawler.  Lawler 20-18.

Third round: Ellenberger swinging like crazy and hurt Lawler.  Lawler with a knee and another knee.  Ellenberger with punches down the middle.  Lawler landed hard lefts now.  Lawler wit ha right.  Knee and a punch dropped Ellenberger and Lawler finished him with a punch on the ground.  Lawler didn’t need the finish to win, but the finish ups his chances for getting the next title shot at Johny Hendricks.


First round: Henderson got the biggest reaction of the show by far.  Fans booing Cormier.  High kick by Cormier as a threat. Low kick by Henderson.  Loud Henderson chant.  Cormier launched him and took him down into side control.  Henderson tying up Cormier’s arm.  Cormier got the arm free.  Cormier in side control holding him down.  Cormier not doing much damage on the ground.  Cormier tried to mjove to mount but Henderson blocked it.  Cormier moved to mount but Henderson regained a half guard.  Henderson back in side control.  Cormier throwing a lot of punches and some elbows now.  Henderson back ot his feet with 48 seconds left.  Henderson tried to throw him and almost did. .  Cormier 10-9.

Second round: Henderson threw the big punch but Cormier ducked out of the way.  Cormier with a single leg took him down and moved into side control.  Fans booing.  Cormier with punches.  Cormier punching and keeping him down.  Henderon trying to scramble, but Cormier shutting him down.  Crowd booing a lot.  Cormier with elbows.  Cormier back in side control.  This fight has really been mainly a rough wrestling match and the crowd likes Henderson and he’s getting owned in wrestling.  Cormier landing a lot of punches now.  Cormier got his back.  Crowd booing this like crazy. Cormier’s round easy 20-18.

Third round: High kick by Cormier and he landed a hard right.  Cormier with a high suplex slam and is on top.  That may have been the move of the show.  Cormier to full mount now.  Now he’s got Henderson’s back.  Cormier punching him on the ground.  Cormier throwing more punches.  Cormier went for a choke.   And it’s over.  Henderson is out cold.  And now, he didn’t tap, because he’s Dan Henderson.  3:53

Crowd booed Cormier's winning.  He got a direct promo challenging Jon Jones.  It was the early 80s Bruiser Brody first Georiga Championship Wrestling promo.  He said if he wants to take Jon Jones down 100 times he will.

Dan Henderson did an interview.  He indicated moving to middleweight but said he was not done yet because he loved the sport and apologized to the fans for his perfromance.  The biggest reaction was to Henderson after losing.  He's not a draw, but people love him.


First round: Barao is getting cheered wildly by Brazilians and NOBODY else reacted to him.  Way worse than I’d ever thought.   Unless you’re in a group with a flag you;re sitting on your hands.  There are at best a few hundred empty seats, if that.  Dillashaw cheered by 90% of the crowd.  Barao’s 10% making twice the noise.  “You’re gonna die” chant loud by the Brazilians.  High kick by Barao.  High kick by Dillashaw.  USA chant.  Brazilians booing it.  Brazil chant much loude than the USA chant.  USA back.  Uppercut by Dillashaw.  Left by Dillashaw.  Dillashaw landed more.  Spin kick to the body by Barao and he hurt Dillashaw with a right.  Barao with a combo.  Both swinging and missing.  Dillashaw dropped him with a right and is pounding him on the ground. Dillshaw pounding on him and going for a choke with 20 seconds left.  Barao out of trouble.  Uppercut by Dillashaw.  Barao back to his feet.  High kick.  10-8 Dillashaw

Second round: Crowd going wild into the second round after Dillashaw almost won.  Josh Thomson trying to get a USA chant and having little luck.  Both landing big punches.  Dillashaw is cut on the right side of the face.  Loud Barao chant.  Low kick by Dillashaw.  Dillashaw landed tow punches.  Left by Dillashaw.  Now crowd chanting for Dilalshaw.  Spin kick by Barao to the body.  Both missing wild punches.  Dillashaw with a taekdown but Barao back up.  Barao kicked him hard it the groin.  I mean nailed it.  Dillashaw slipped but Barao let him up.  Both swinging and missing.  Hard right by Dillashaw.  Barao back with punches.  Another right by Dillashaw.  Body kick by Dillashaw.  Barao landed punches but Dillashaw back with a body kick.  Body shot by Dillahaw and another left.  Another left by Dillashaw and a right.  Dillashaw’s round.  I’ve got him up 20-17.

Third round:  Barao landed a right.  Right by Dillashaw.  Right by Dillashaw.  Low kick by Barao.  Right by Dillashaw.  Both missing punches.  Low kick by Dillashaw, Dillashaw with a left.  They are trading.  Dillashaw with a high kick and a right.  Hard left by Dillashaw.  Right by Dillashaw.  Right by Barao.  Side kick by Barao.  Right by Dillashaw.  Body kick and a good right by Dillashaw.  Barao with a good right.  Barao bleeding from the nose.  Dillashaw with a high kick.  Dillashaw landed several punches and hurt him.  He’s going for a takedown.  He really should have tried to finish with punches.  Dillashaw’s round 30-26.  Barao is going to need a finish to retain.

Fourth round: Dillashaw went for a takedown but Barao got away.  Body kick by Barao.  “Let’s go TJ” chants.  Body kick by Barao.  Big left by Dillashaw.  Spin kick to the body by Barao but Dillashaw back with a punch.  Both swinging and landing.  Dillashaw with two lefts.  Dillashaw has him against the fence.  Barao lost his balandce throwing a spin kick and Dillashaw jumped on top.  He tried a guillotine but gave it up.  Dillashaw with punches and elbows.  Dillashaw’s round 40-35.               

Fifth round: Dillashaw moved in with a body kick.  Dillashaw with punches and a high kick and then a low kick.  Barao with a right.  Right by Dillashaw landed solid.  Left high kick and Dillashaw dropped him with a left.  About 11 punches on the ground and Herb Dean jumped in to stop it.  Fantastic performance by Dillashaw.  This was one of the biggest title match upsets in UFC history.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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