Hector Lombard says Matt Brown is just an average fighter, overhyped

Hector Lombard stopped by Submission Radio for a quick chat. Hector gave an update about the recent car accident that left him with an injury to his neck "My neck is a bit sore and my back, mostly my neck."". Hector also spoke about his thoughts on Matt Brown dispelling his case for a title shot "he never fought a top 10 guy. That's one. And who is Erick Silva? I mean like, that's ridiculous."

Lombard also talked about fighting team-mates at ATT, why Dong Huyn Kim should be ranked above Matt Brown, getting back into Judo and how tough his weight cut is
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Interview Highlights Transcription:

Thoughts on Matt Brown and being disappointed in not being booked against him

"I'm mostly disappointed about how much hype Matt Brown has. I mean, he's been fighting guys that, he never fought a top 10 guy. That's one. And who is Erick Silva? I mean like, that's ridiculous."

"I would like to fight this guy one day, and I'll prove a point."

"He has to go and fight a top ten guy and go from there, because when you fight a guy like Erick Silva anybody can look good. I'd beat Erick Silva even better, even easier."

Thoughts on all the hype on Matt Brown getting a title shot an nobody talking about him getting one

"You know it's something that is out of my control. But once again, I believe Matt Brown doesn't deserve none of that. I believe Matt Brown is just an average fighter. And, you know like, even Kim (Dong Hyun) for example. Kim beat Matt Brown and he's behind. Actually Kim beat Matt Brown and he beat Erick Silva. He knocked him out, in Brazil, in his home town. So Kim is four times better than Matt Brown and four times better than Erick Silva and he is behind on the table, like when you're on the ranks. He's behind Matt Brown, when he beat Matt Brown. How's this guy supposed to feel? How am I supposed to feel when I beat two former Strikeforce champs. It doesn't make sense."

"He never beat any Strikeforce champions, he never beat any top 10 guys and he has all the hype. That's (not) very understandable. I don't understand that at all."

On Matt Brown's long win streak

"If you fight all those fighters that he fought, I would have that record as well."

On his fight against Dong Hyun Kim and the problems he poses

"I think that one of the things that he's gonna, maybe would be difficult is he's a lot taller. I think I'm used to fight taller guys all my life you know, taller than him. I don't think that's gonna be any issue."

"I see the fight going by KO."

"First of all, I'm a little more experienced fighter than him, a lot more explosive and lot more stronger, and faster. So I don't think he's gonna create any problems."

Fighting guys he trains with at American Top Team (Lawler, Tyron, Alves)

"To be honest, that hasn't crossed my mind. We train at the same camp, but we don't train together."

"I mean, I like both of those guys.  I mean like, I'm cool with Robbie (Lawler) and I'm okay with Tyron (Woodley)"

Why he uses his striking as opposed to his Judo and not wanting to be like Jake Shields

"I always want to be marketable, and that's what I think makes me who I am today. Kind of like an exciting fighter and people want to watch me fight."

"It's different when you get a guy like Jake Shields, you know he's an extremely good fighter. You know, everyone knows in the MMA game that Jake Shields is the who's who, but does anybody wanna watch him fight? No. You know, because he's horrible to watch, he's boring. And he also makes everyone he fights look horrible. Everybody, everybody that he fought, he made the guys look HORRIBLE. So, you know, I never want to be like a Jake Shields guy. I wanna be an exciting fighter."

On security banning the Australian flag in the Octagon after his TKO win of Rousimar Palhares in Queensland Australia.

"I asked that myself later on and I asked that security guard why he didn't wanna give me the flag. And he just said that he thought I was going to do something with it. I'm like 'what was I supposed to do?'. I was just gonna raise it up and you know, be proud of it. I think that was just his excuse."

"That was a bit silly. He should let me celebrate, and I mean the house was packed, and everyone wanted to celebrate with me the victory and stuff like that, and obviously I wanted to show the gratitude of what Australia (had) done with me."

How tough his weight cut is

"My last fight I was walking around 195-198. If I wanted to be heavier I can, but I don't want to. You know, I wanna be kind of like fifteen pounds, sixteen, something like that around that area. No more than that. So that way I can stay fast and not too heavy."

"It is difficult, but it's one of those things that you have to get it. You have to address the situation all the time, because if you don't address the situation and you leave everything to the end, it's gonna be a nightmare. So I'm trying to cut the weight like a month and a half before, and then try to (be) almost really close to weight. That way it doesn't become a bigger issue, but it's always hard. It's always hard to cut the weight.

On if he still trains in Judo or just relies on his previous skills and training.

"I actually, I left Judo for a long time, and I kind of like regret it. So since my fight against Nate Marquardt, I've started doing Judo a lot more. Once, I cut a lot of weight with it. You know, the gi, the sweating, the techniques and all that. So it's a lot easier for me to cut weight when I'm doing Judo."

"That's part of me. I mean like, I was a bit ignorant before because I was like 'ahh, I don't want to Judo anymore. I just wanna be a striker, I wanna focus on MMA', but it's something that is part of you. Never forget where you come from, you know what I mean."

If he wasn't a fighter, what kind of weight he'd be walking around at

"about three hundred pounds."

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