Inside MMA TV report : Should Barao get a rematch

***This week, Phil Davis fills in for Bas and talks his loss to Rumble, Mark Munoz, Daniel Cormier, TJ Dillashaw, Mr. Wonderful, and who he wants next.  Ed Soares updates us on Anderson Silva and Cat Zingano, and Ben Henderson talks his next opponent and why he’ll be able to regain the LW belt when everyone else has failed to do so.

And finally, the initiator of the most famous tapout of the year speaks with IMMA about the newfound fame and his future in the sport.  All this and much more, this week on Inside MMA!***

Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, May 30 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and special guest co-host Phil Davis

(Kenny Rice and Bas continue their streak of not doing the show together since March, as Rice is back, but Bas is still shooting Mall Cop 2 in Las Vegas.)

Phil Davis here!

Phil joins us for his first appearance since his loss to Anthony Johnson at UFC 172.  Phil characterizes that bout as Murphy’s Law in action, as everything that could go wrong went wrong for him.  But he won’t take away from Rumble who looked great and was steady in whupping his butt.  Somewhere in late August or September he expects to fight again but doesn’t know who they have in mind or who he’d even want to fight.

Wanderlei Silva!

Earlier in the week Silva was removed from the big Sonnen fight due to “licensing” issues which we all know about since he refused a random drug test.  Today Silva posted a video online that he refused to sign the paperwork for this test because the man who came to administer the test didn’t provide proper identification and the papers were also in English and he needed his lawyer to help him interpret everything for him.  (I guess he needed further explanation when a man handed him a urine cup and pointed to the bathroom.  Or a more likely scenario is he simply forgot his whizzinator at home.)  Silva also said that he’s never refused a test before so when he is back in Las Vegas he’ll reach out to the NSCA to submit to any urine or blood tests.  (Sort of eliminates the whole “random” factor doesn’t it Wandy?)

Kenny points out that he has not been terminated from the UFC because of this, so he still may fight at some point down the road.

Vitor Belfort has said he’d step in as Silva’s replacement, however the NSAC needs a license for him to be determined on June 17, and if he doesn’t get one the fight will likely be scrapped entirely.

They show a clip from the UFC 175 press conference a week or so ago when Sonnen was openly predicting in trash talk fashion that the more bold Silva would talk, the more he thought that Wanderlei wouldn’t actually show up.  He says he finds strength in numbers and when he starts to sound humble the closer he gets to signing a contract. 

UFC Fight Night:  Munoz vs. Mousasi

They run down this weekend’s Berlin, Germany show.

--Phil Davis’ Keys to victory

Munoz needs to take the fight to the ground, pound it out and finish as fast as possible.  Gegard has better all-around game and takedown defense, and the longer the fight goes on their fight the better his chances.

--Nick Hein, German dreams come true.

Kruck does a piece on German Nick Hein and show clips of his lifelong judo career.  A top international competitor and multiple time national champion, until he saw a tape of the UFC.  After failing to make the 2008 Olympics due to injury, it marked a renaissance for his career.  And at that point he decided to do MMA.  He’s since gone 10-1 and marks his UFC debut against Drew Dover this weekend.

TUF Brazil Finale:  Miocic vs. Madlonado

This was originally to be headlined by Junior Dos Santos, but due to injury Fabio Maldonado steps in to face Stipe Miocic this weekend.  Other significant bouts include Demian Maia vs. Yakovlev, the TUF finals of Vitor Miranda vs. Antonio Carlos Jr, and Marcio Alexandre Jr vs. Warlley Alves.

TJ Dillashaw LIVE

They show a graphic pointing out that TJ Dillashaw was the biggest underdog in Las Vegas history to win the UFC title as a 9 to 1, dog which was even greater odds than Matt Serra over GSP (8 to 1), Frankie Edgar over BJ Penn (7 to 1), BJ Penn over Matt Hughes (4 to 1), and Randy Couture over Tim Sylvia (3 to 1).

The new UFC Bantamweight champion joins us on the big screen live from the Alpha Male Gym.   (TJ looks 9 years old here)  He went in as confident as he possibly could and would just be aggressive and not be scared or give in to the hype of Renan Barao, and just to believe in himself. 

TJ hopes Dominick Cruz can return with full recovery as he didn’t like how he went out.  But if he steps in front of him he’s definitely losing.

His game plan was to never stand in front of him and use his angles and speed to get advantage of him.  Even though he had the first three rounds he wanted to press it rather than sit on a lead and risk getting caught.  He will stay with his training partners in Alpha Male, but he will split time and still train with Duane Ludwig in Colorado, and when fight time comes he’ll fly him out to be in his corner.

Renan Barao’s coach issued a somewhat disrespectful demand for a rematch writing the loss off as Barao not being himself.  TJ days he doesn’t deserve an immediate rematch.  Maybe if he won via a one punch first round KO, he might have a case but he dominated the fight for five rounds via a finish.  He thinks he laid out the blueprint on how to beat Barao and thinks he needs to go back to the drawing board.

He shows the belt and reveals it is always by his side and hasn’t left his sight.

Phil Davis agrees that Barao shouldn’t get an immediate rematch.

Final Bell:  Phil Davis

--Is Dillashaw’s win the biggest upset ever?  Davis says definitely not, as Matt Serra over GSP was the biggest upset of all time.  Serra’s came completely out of the blue.  He doesn’t see TJ’s win as an upset at all.  Kenny also points out that back then, there wasn’t as much gambling action as there is now on MMA, so if Serra-GSP happened now it probably would’ve been like 12 to 1 odds.

--Is Daniel Cormier the best LHW wrestler?  As a national champion OSU wrestler and two-time Olympian, Cormier is the best wrestler in the LHW division.  They show clips of Cormier over Henderson with various Steiner Brothers-like suplexes and slams.

--Should Jamie Varner have fought with his broken ankle?  Davis says he was right to take the fight anyway since people love to hate him and people know him.  So he manned up and fought through the pain anyway in a gutsy performance and was glad that he did it.

One FC Highlights from Asia

--Major Ovarall over Bruno Puccie with a soccer kick.  (Major Overall needs a massive re-do of everything …)

--Ben Askren over Bakhtiyar Abbasov with an arm triangle in his first fight since leaving Bellator

Ed Soares on SET

The diminutive manager of Anderson Silva and founder of Resurrection Fighting Alliance joins us on set to promote RFA 15 on June 6 from Culver City, CA headlined by Kevin Casey vs. Andrew Sanchez for the first middleweight championship.  His plan from the start was to develop stars for the UFC and that’s what they’ve been able to do.  He says Casey and Sanchez genuinely don’t like each other.

They show Chinzo Machida’s big knockout again from the last show, as he will fight again on June 6 for RFA.

Ed Soares’ Anderson Silva update

Anderson Silva is doing great.  He is back training since being cleared.  They don’t know exactly when he will return but couldn’t be any earlier than December or early 2015.

On Monday, Anderson Silva is launching a show on Jay-Z’s youtube channel on rivalries, with the first one being Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva, then the next week will be Nick Diaz vs. jasony Miller, then Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate, and then Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber.  There are about six minutes in length and should begin launching within days.

Ed Soares’ Cat Zingano update

Soares thinks Cat Zingano has the skills to give Ronda Rousey a real fight and push her to five.  Cat is a great wrestler and can strike and is a good combination.  She’s traveling around considering moving camps to Florida or Los Angeles, and hopes to see her in the Octagon in September or October.

Critically injured fighter update

Last Saturday in Minnesota, Impact fighter Dan Kiser was critically injured against Frankie Johnson after a couple of upkicks.  He suffered a tracheal collapse, spinal cord damage and swelling and bleeding of the brain.  Today Kiser’s manager had an encouraging update that he is off life support and is awake and is speaking.  To help he and his family raise the $25,000 to help pay his medical bills, visit

Nick Newell vs. Justin Gaethje

On July 5, our favorite “one-armed fighter” Nick Newell will challenge for the WSOF title on the World Series of Fighting’s first show on NBC. (which goes head to head with UFC 175.)  Newell is honored to fight on the main event for the title.  This is definitely his toughtest fight to date, but he is also Justin’s toughest fight to date.  He has no personal issues with Gaethje but he has something he wants and that’s the belt.

Kenny talks how people saw him as a novelty act as first, but he proved everyone wrong.   Phil Davis talks how Nick came to their gym once and a lot of guys didn’t know how to take him, but he got to see that he is a great fighter.

Friday Finishes

Pittsburgh Challenge Series:

--Matthew Patterson finished Ronald Krisch with a series of punches

--Khama Worthy finished Anthony Morgan with punches

Bayou Beatdown:

--Cody James finished Sammie Reese with a triangle

AFC 20: 

--Steve Montgomery finished Jason Gilliam with a knee to the liver

--Valerie Letourneau finished Jordan Moore

Thriller Promotions:

--Dan Monette finished Patrick Lee with an elbow punch n the ground

Overnight Sensation:  Mike Pantangco LIVE

The now famous fighter (5.5 million hits on youtube) since featured on IMMA where he tapped out on the mat after dominating an opponent out of sheer mercy, is slated to fight Tyler Frese for an amateur championship this weekend in Michigan.

The Filipino sensation joins us on the big screen from the site of that show.  He says he didn’t expect this kind of attention after that famous fight.  He notices a lot of people back home in the Philippines have messaged him and their pride in him for doing what he did.

He explains how he was testing his opponent since that’s his style, by reading his opponent during the fight.  After several successful combinations his opponent was unable to defend, after he saw his face twitching he decided that his next combination would knock him out, and he felt bad about that since they are amateurs and not getting paid.  He feels he’s not about just hurting someone and respects that this guy stepped in last minute, since the original opponent backed out.  He doesn’t consider it a mercy rule, just respect, as he is a friend of his gym.

He points out he is not a fighter he is a mixed martial artist and that’s why he joined Greg Jackson MMA.  If he goes pro, then he’ll get paid.  But in the meantime hospital bills are expensive, so an amateur loss doesn’t mean anything.

He’s trained for almost a year now and doesn’t feel he’s ready yet, but if he received a pro offer with many months to train he’d accept it.

Ben Henderson LIVE

They run a graphic of the past Lightweight champions inability to regain the elusive title with Jens Pulver’s 2nd attempt at gold foiled by BJ Penn, Sean Sherk also lost to Penn in his title return, BJ Penn fell in line losing to Frankie Edgar twice, and then Edgar lost twice to Benson Henderson.  So the odds are not in favor of Benson Henderson regaining the LW championship.

Newlywed Benson Henderson joins us on the big screen from the gym in Flagstaff, AZ.  He says sometimes when you lose the belt you lose the desire to get better, but he’s gotten better ever since and still has room to grow.  That’s how he’ll get the belt back and have an even longer title reign the next time.

He doesn’t try to make “statements” with his fights, but he just wants to win and be as impressive as he can.  Whatever statement this journalist or fan thinks it means, that is up to them.  His only job is to beat somebody up and have a good performance.

Ben faces Rustam Khabilov a Greg Jackson fighter with a 17-1 record (decision loss) and a former Sambo World champion next.  He says maybe he’s the next great thing, or maybe it’s early in his career and he still has time to grow?

When you get to a certain level like the UFC and competition increases but he groups fighters at different ladder levels and he’s on the top tier right now.  If you are not prepared for that big step, it can be a rude awakening, so that’s what he’s going to give Rustam, a rude awakening.

Viewer Submissions

--Gary Grant over Rich Loring from IFC

--Jordan King over Wayne Williams from Indestructible Fight Club

--Nate Caves over John Weir from Exiled MMA

--Ricky Murphy over Luke Regard who looked to have raided the J. Geils Band wardrobe trailer, wearing skin tight tiger stripe pants, which Phil Davis referred to as “party pants”

--Ryan Price over David Allen from Night of Gladiators

Ron Kruck talks BJ Penn

They show clips from the UFC 175 Press Conference where BJ Penn said how good he feels, feels skinny, and feels like Bruce Lee.  He talked to Dana and said he wanted another shot at Frankie and was prepared to take a few fights first, and Dana said there might be an opening now, but at featherweight, which is how they ended up as TUF captains.

He had a good run going at 155, but Frankie came in and took it from him.  He calls Frankie one of the best ever in the UFC.  Knowing who you’re going up against, and coaching against him he saw that he’s one of the most competitive people.  He’s not an angry all the time, he’s just a really competitive person and that will help him coming into this and calls him a very formidable opponent.

He wants everyone to know that he always gave it the best shot whether it went his way or not.  Fighting is his whole life and the UFC is his whole life and thanks Dana for everything in front of everybody.

Viewer Questions

--When will you be back and who would you like to fight?

Phil says his best scenario would be to come back in September, and would like anyone in the top 5 that would be get him back in the title picture.

--What is the story behind the Mr. Wonderful nickname? 

He nicknamed his cat “Mr. Wonderful” back in Penn State.  His cat was stolen, he got upset, so his friends thought he should carry on the name.  And he still wants his cat back by the way.

Upcoming Fight shows on AXS.TV

--June 6.  RFA 15

--June 13.  Legacy 31

--June 20.  Legacy 32

So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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