UFC Fight Night Berlin results: Gegard Mousasi vs. Mark Munoz, Dolloway vs. Carmont

By Dave Meltzer

Welcome to our live coverage of the first of two UFC events today, this coming from Berlin, Germany on Fight Pass.  Both shows are filled with fighters making their UFC debuts, with many on the second show having big potential.


First round: Magomedov is from Dagestan, Russia.  Pesta is from Prague.  Crowd pretty hot.  Pesta landed a couple of punches.  Trading and Magomedov decked him.  Pesta up and working for a takedown.  Pesta failed on a takedown.  Front kick by Magomedov.  Magomedov with a right.  Magodmodov hurt him with a right and left high kick that would have finished a lot of guys.  Pesta came back and dropped him with a knee and now Pesta is landing a lot of shots on the ground.  Pestov landing elbows.  Pesta 10-9.  Huge ovation for both guys at the end of the round.

Second round: Body kick by Magomedov.  High kick by Magomedov.  Takedown by Pesta.  Knee by Pesta.  Much slower round.  Magomedov landed a punch.  Pesta moved in but Magomedov landed an uppercut.  Body kick by Magomedov.  Knee by Pesta after he failed on a takedown and hard body kick by Magomedov.  Magomedov hurt him with a right just as the round ended., Close round but I’ve got Magomedov so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round:   Both trading.  Uppercut by Magomedov.  Pest tried a takdown but Magomedov blocked and landed a few shots.  Body kick by Magomedov.  Pesta went for a takedown but again couldn’t get it.  High kick by Magomedov.  Left uppercut by Magomedov.  Left kick by Magomedov, that one landed hard.  Magomedov won this round and I’ve got him taking the fight 29-28, but it all comes down to how round two is scored.

Scores:   All three have it 29-28 Magomedov 


First round: Ogle came out singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye.  Blanco ran in with a flying kick and put Ogle down.  Blanco trying to finish him.  Blanco has his back.  Ogle survived the flurry and got back up.  Judo takedown by Blanco.  Looks like Ogle’s mouth is busted up. Knee by Blanco.  Ogle got a takedown.  Ogle now has Blanco’s back.  He’s working for a choke.  Blanco reversed to the top.  Ogle worked for an armbar but didn’t get it.  Ogle back up.  Let high kick by Blanco.  Ogle landed a right hook.  Blanco 10-9.

Second round:   Blanco with a double leg takedown.  Blanco with a knee and Ogle with a captured suplex like throw.  Ogle got his back but Blanco rolled.  Blanco on top and Ogle moved to getting back position.  Ogle working for a choke.  Ogle’s mouth looks like hell.  Fight slowed down with Ogle staying with back position for a long period of time.  Ogle working for a choke again.  Blanco reversed to the top with 31 seconds left.  Ogle’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Both are tired now.  Ogle landed a right.  Neither is trying to win the fight.  Blanco with an uppercut.  Low kick by Blanco.  Ogle’s left knee is all cut up. Right by Blanco.  Spin kick to the head by Blanco.  Ogle went for a takedown but Blanco sprawled.  Blanco’s round 29-28.   Blanco picked Ogle up and carried him around after.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Blanco.  Clear right call.


First round: Sobotta with a body kick.  Another body kick by Sobotta.  Another body kick.  Low kick by Sobotta.  Body kick by Sobotta.  Another body kick by Sobotta.  High kick by Sobotta.  Body kick by Sobotta.  Right by Pawalk.  Left high kick by Sobotta.  10-9 Sobotta.

Second round:    Sobotta cheerleading the crowd between rounds.  Pawlak has a bloody nose.  Takedown by Sobotta.  He’s moved to side control.  Pawlak regained guard.  Pawlak throwing elbows from the bottom.  Sobotta keeping him down.  Sobotta threw a head-butt to the sternum and was warned.  Sobotta’s round 20-18

Third round: Sobotta ducked a punch and took Pawlak down.  Pawlak back up.  Takedown by Sobotta.  He’s mostly staying on top.  Sobotta has never won via decision, only by finish, yet he’s doing nothing close to getting finishes here.  Ref Leon Roberts ordered a standup with 30 seconds left.  Both swinging wildly at the end.  Sobotta’s round should win 30-27.

Scores: Sobotta won, they didn’t read the scores.


First round: Alcantara finished him in seconds.  Left hook knocked him down and two punches on the ground.  The left hook was a counter to a kick Lee was throwing. :25


First round: Jotko rushed in.  Jotko has him against the fence.  Cedenblad got a bodylock and trip takedown.  Cedenblad moved to side control.  Some ground and pound by Cedenblad.  Cedenblad with punches and another takedown.  Cedenblad kept him down unti the end of the round.  10-9 Cedenblad.

Second round: Cedenblad working for a takedown.  He got the takedown.  Cedenblad worked for a side choke but Jotko got out and took him down.  Moved to mount.  Jotko went for a choke but Cedenblad out and on top.  Cedenblad got the guillotine and Jotko tapped out with seconds left.  He should have just held out it was only a second left.  We’ve had three unbeaten fighters lose so far in this show. 4:59


First round: Hein is being pushed as a German star.  He’s in a German TV sitcom.  He’s also a national judo champion, a Sgt. In the army, a model and stand up comedian.  And his physique looks like a mini-John Cena.  Dan Hardy said he must have more hours in a day than the rest of us.  Hein staggered him with a left.  Loud Nick chants.  Dober already bleeding.  Dober bleeding from the right eye.  Hein landing more punches.  Dober staggered Hein with a left.  Takedown by Hein.  Trading punches.  Hein tripped him down again but he let Dober up.  Hein with another judo takedown.  Hein 10-9.

Second round: Hein tied up with him right away.  Dober blocked any throw attempts.  Dober landing a low and high kick.  Doberr with a left. Both training and Dober getting the better of it. Hein going for a takedown but Dober holding on.  Hein tripped him down but Dober back to his feet.  Dober took him down and landed some elbows.  Hein looks like he got tired.  Dober’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Hein with a body shot.  Dober going for a takedown.  Dober bleeding all over the place.  He has a nasty cut and is bleeding all over Hein’s arms and legs.  Hein is just tired.  They are going to take Dober to the doctor.  Ref Marc Goddard also told them to wipe the blood off Hein’s body.  The doctor ruled Dober could continue.  Body kick by Dober.  Both trading punches.  Both trading again.  Hein landing shots to the eye.  Dober with a left and a body kick.  Dober bleeding ridiculously.  Crowd loved the fight.  Very close round, nobody won decisively.  I’d go Hein by a hair but nobody can cry robbery here.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 Hein


First round: Low kick by Backstorm.  Takedown by Niinimaki.  Niinimaki keeping him on the ground and wrestling with him.  Backstrom back up.  Backstrom grabbed a guillotine.  Niinimaki popped out. Kick by Niinimkai. Hard knee by Backstorm and he’s working for another choke and Niinimaki had to tap out.


First round:   Crowd booing as nothing happening for the first two minutes.  Body kick by Barnatt.  Strickland landed some punches and Barnatt with a body kick.  Crowd booing hell out of both.  Nothing happened.  10-10 round.

Second round: Strickland got the takedown. Barnatt trying an armbar.  Barnatt up.  Strickland with a left.  Barnatt landed a good right.  Hard right by Barnatt.  Knee by Barnatt.  Barnatt moved in with a punch.  Had right by Barnatt.  Strickland landed a good right back. Left and body kick by Barnatt.  Barnatt’s round, 20-19, crowd still booing.

Third round:   Strickland landed some punches.  Strickland bleeding under the right eye.  Body kick by Banratt.  Hard right by Barnatt.  Knee by Barnatt.  Strickalnd briefly got his back and now both are on the ground.  Barnatt landed two more.  Crowd booing late.  Traded late.  Barnatt’s round close.  Strickland fought a lot of the fight with a broken hand.  30-28 Barnatt.

Scores:   29-28 Barnatt 30-27 Strickland 29-28 Strickland.  Crowd booing that heavily.


First round: Body kick by Carmont.  Low kick by Dollaway and Carmont with two hard body kicks.  Low kick by Dollaway.  Another body kick by Carmont.  Another body kick by Carmont.  Carmont landed a hard right.  Carmont with a body kick and Dollaway with one.  Spin kick by Camont.  Another kick by Carmont but Dollaway dropped him and swarming him.  Carmont working for a takedown and Dollway blocking.  Elbows by Dollaway as Carmont tried for a takedown.  Right by Carmont and spin kick.  Left to the head and body by Dollaway.  Hard low kick by Carmont.  Very good round. Carmont got the takedown.  Dollaway reversed to the top.  Dolloway 10-9.

Second round: Crowd super loud as the second round started. Anothr body kick by Carmont.  Good low kick by Carmont.  Geat head kick by Carmont.  Right by Carmont.  Uppercut by Carmont.  Carmont head kick blocked.  Dollaway back with low kicks.  Another low kick by Carmont.  Takedown by Dollaway.  Dollaway riding him.  Carmont working for a Kimura from the bottom.  Dollaway out and got his back.  Camront trying to crank on the arm.  Dollaway out of trouble.  Another close round for Dollaway 20-18.

Third round: Another low kick by Carmont.  Dollaway’s left leg all bruised up. Side kick by Carmont.  Carmont with a body kick.  Carmont with punches., Body kick by Carmont. Carmont tried for a takedown but blocked.  Takedown by Dollaway.  He’s got Carmont’s back.  Dollaway bleeding badly.  Dollaway riding him and throwing sone punches but nothing serious.  Carmont to his feet.  Knee by Dollaway but hard elbow by Carmong.  Dollaway working a takedown and got it.  Dollaway into full mount.  Dollaway wrestling him to the ground.  Dollaway’s round 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Dollaway


First round: Munoz picked him up with a high takedown but Mousasi back up immediately.  Low kick by Mousasi.  Munoz landed two punches.  Hard right by Munoz.  Mousasi working the body.  Low kick by Mousasi.  Munoz shooting for a takedown, Mouasi sprawled and got top position in side control.  Mousasi moved to mount and throwing elbows to the side of the head.  Mousasi working for a facelock but Munoz out.  More elbows by Mousasi.  Munoz tried a takedown but Munoz on top in mount and then got this back.  Mousasi is working for a choke and Munoz tapped out.  Very impressive performance by Mousasi.

Mousasi said he wants an opponent closer to a title shot, and mentioned Luke Rockhold and Tim Kennedy but made a point to say he wasn't challenging them.   

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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