UFC 175 results/live coverage: Weidman/Machida classic, Rousey rolls

By Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 175 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas

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First round: Casey dropped him with a left immediately landed elbows hard on the ground and it was stopped.  Bush was bleeding badly fromthe left eye from the elbows in 1:01.


First round: Zachrich landed a right and left.  He’s landing several punches to the body and head.  Body kick by Vasco.  Vasco is doing nothing but getting hit.  Every now and then he throws a kick.  Vasco landed a good body kick.  He landed another one.  He’s coming on late in the round.  Zachrich 10-9.

Second round: High kick by Vasco and low kick by Zachrich.  Vasco landed a left and a high kick.  Vasco went for a takedown, but didn’t get it and landed an uppercut.  Body punch by Zachrich.  Trading punches.  Zachrich landing punches.  Close round.  Zachrich 20-18.

Third round: Crowd gave both a hand coming out.  Body kick by Vasco.  Vasco went for takedown but didn’t get it.  Zachrich with a leg trip takedown and then let him up.  Vasco with a hard body kick.  Hard right by Vasco.  Right by Vasco.  Vasco with punches.  Vasco landing more punches. He’s really turning it on in the last minute.  Big knee to the body by Vasco.  Hard right by Vasco.  Vasco’s round so 29-28 Zachrich, but with the closeness of round two, this could go either way.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Zachrich.  

Zachrich was crying after winning.  He talked about his injuries and setbacks.


First round: Trading body kicks.  Font knocked him cold with a right.  It was an overhand right and a delayed reaction fall.


First round: Camozzi landed a left.  Camozzi trying a hip toss but Santos blocking.  Santos now has Camozzi against the fence.  Camozzi 10-9.

Second round: Santos landed some good shots and Camozzi with a body kick.  Santos with a takedown.  Santos staying on top but not doing much.  He’s in side control.  Camozzi back up with 34 seconds left, tried for a takedown, Santos landed on top and threw some punches.  Santos’ round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Santos threw a punch.  Camozzi with some jabs.  Camozzi landing more jabs.  Santos missing punches.  Santos took him down.  Camozzi grabbed for the fence with all he was worth but that didn’t save him.  Camozzi worked for a Kimura from the bottom.   Camozzi got up, was swinging and Santos ducked and took him down again and kept him down until the end of the round.  Santos 29-28.

Scores:    29-28 Santos 29-28 Camozzi 29-28 Santos


First round: Robertson has him against the fence and throwing knees to the thigh.  Robertson took him down.  Robertson remained on top doing a Jon Fitch imitation until the round mercifully ended.  10-9 Robertson.

Second round:   Alcantara with some kicks.  Robertson chareged in and punched and threw a forearm. Alcantara landed a punch and it looked like he was blocking a takedown until Robertson got him down with an ankle pick.  Alcantara up and threw a knee.  Robertson took him down again.  He’s now in mount throwing punches down. Real hard right.  Robertson landing a lot of punches and elbows from the top now.  Almost a 10-8, but not quite for Robertson so 20-18.

Third round: Robertson accidentally kneed Alcantara in the groin.  So a time out has been called.  Trading kicks. .  Robertson running in landing punches.  Knee by Alcantara. Robertson shot fo ra takedown and Alcantara sprawled.  Robertson threw another knee to the groin and this time Alcantara went down like he was shot.  The ref gave Robertson a warning.  Robertson landing punches.  Alcantara with a takedown and Robertson reversed to the top.  Alcantara was on top late and landed two punches.  Robertson 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-26.  Not complaining about a 10-8 second at all.

They just announced that every fan in attendance in this building gets the next 30 days free of Fight Pass.


First round: Faber got a superstar reaction.  Please don’t ask me why this isn’t on the PPV.  Huge height and reach edge for Caceres.  Faber took him down but Caceres back up.  Faber working hard for a takedown and finally planted him.  Faber with some punches.  Faber with a knee as Caceres got up as the round ended.  Place went crazy.  Honestly wasn’t that great a round, but that’s the difference when you’ve got star power.  10-9 Faber.

Second round: Faber unloaded with two hard punches that hurt Cacers and then took him down.  Caceres tried a trignle but Faber blocked it easily.  Caceres kicked him off.  Body kick by Faber.  Caceres landed a great punch to the chin.  Faber with a right.  Caceres witha knee and Faber took him down from it.  Caceres up but Faber is behind him.  Caceres turned out of trouble.  Knee by Caceres.  Another takedown by Faber.  Faber has his back.  Side kick by Caceres . Nice shot by Faber and tried a guillotine but Caceres out of it.  Knee by Caceres.  Faber 20-18.  Good round.

Third round: Caceres threw a kick and Faber used it to take him down and choke him out.  Caceres wins the Miesha Tate strategy award for tonight.  He should have learned not to thrwo kicks because they got him in trouble every time.


First round: Takedown by Doane.  Doane got Brimage’s back.  Doane is trying to open things up for a choke.  Body kick by Doane.  Doane 10-9.

Second round: Brimage knocked hiim down.  I missed he round due to the news on Struve.

Third round:   Doane went for a high kick and Brimage took him down.  Brimage landed a big punch.  Brimage with a low kick knocked him off his feet.  Front kick by Doane. Knee by Daone and Brimage used it to take Doane down. Doane back up.  Brimage 29-28 I think, everyone said Brimage won round two.

Scores: 29-28 Doane, 29-28 Brimage 30-27 Doane


First round: Santos throwing low kicks.  Hall grabbed a kick and took Santos down, but he got right up.  Hard left by Hall.  High kick by Santos. Right by Hall.  People are on fire because Hall is doing the Rocky Johnson shuffle.  He tried the spin kick form TUF but missed.  Hall 10-9.

Second round: Hall’s foot looks messed up but he’s coming out for the second round.  Place is going crazy after seeing a close up of the foot.  Hall actually has a chance to make himself a star right now if he gets a finish.  Low kick by Santos but Hall counter with a hard right.  Another low kick by Santos.  Spin kick to the body by Hall.  Hall took him down off a kick but let him back up.  Santos wearing out Hall’s left leg with low kicks.  High kick and missed spin kick by Hall.  Body kick by Santos.  Hall missed a koppo kick.  Santos wins the round close.  Hall would win close Hall wins for style and having awesome misses but you don’t judge that way so 19-19.  Hall’s right foot is jacked.

Third round: The doctor is talking to Hall but he’s letting him come out for the third round.  Crowd cheered.  Hall landed a good left. Hall with a low kick. Santos missed a spin kick.  Good right by Hall.  Spin kick to the body by Hall and a great head kick.  Hall with a right.  Body kick and big right by Santos.  USA chant.  Santos with a jumping kick to the groin.  Hall is starting to limp on the right foot.  He’s going to be hurting tomorrow.  Right by Hall.  Hall dropped for a Kimura but Santos out of it.  Crowd gave Hall a big hand.  He’s limping now that the fight is over.  29-28 Hall.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 Hall Place went crazy for the decision.  You know, because the right guy won and for Hall winning under the circumstances.

Hall suffered a broken toe in the first round.  Place unglued for his post-fight promo.  He said he felt his bone shifted in his skin.  He came across and the people reacted to him like a star off of this. 


First round: Davis gets an anti-Rousey nice cheer.  Rousey was cheered, not like in the past, but very few boos.  There are empty seats even for this fight.  Rousey hurt her with a punch standing.  She followed with a judo takedown and basically held a headlock and punched her over and over on the ground until Yves Lavigne stopped it after eight punches on the ground in. :16.  Davis was out after about the fourth or fifth punch and even 20 seconds after it was stopped Davis was still blindly going for a takedown on Alexis Davis.  I think she tied Frank Shamrock’s record for quickest finish in a title match.  Huge cheers for her after the fight, much bigger than before.

Joe Rogan asked Ronda Rousey if she was willing to fight on August 2nd.  She said she needs knee surgery but gave the impression she would do so. Dana White seemed furious that question was asked.  I guess we’ll here mor aobut it later.  Ronda’s sister looks just like her by the way.

What’s scary is this was a legit contender and it was so quick.  So expect to read people saying how they are setting up her with fake opponents now.


First round: Loud USA chants.  I mean really loud.  Some “you’re gonna die” chants as well.  The Ameridcan outshouted Brazilians 3 to 1.  Machida moving backwards.  Weidman with a body kick. Machida chant, pretty loud too.  Another body kick by Weidman. Body kick by Machida.  Weidman went for a takedown and didn’t get it.  Low kick by Weidman.  Weidman landed several punches on him.  Body kick by Weidman.  Good body kick by Weidman.  Nice counter punch by Machida.  High kick by Machida blocked.  Wedman back with a kick to the shoulder.  Body kick by Weidman.  Weidman 10-9.

Second round: Low kick by Weidman.  Brazilians are singing.  No action by the way but super loud crowd.  Weidman moved in and may have landed a jab. Weidman chasing him but not landing.  Low kick by Weidman and Machida landed a punch and Machida with a body kick.  Weidman with a jab.  Low kick by Machida.  Good left by Weidman.  Kick to the body by Weidman.  Body kick by Machida.  Machida high kick was blocked by Weidman.  Machida landed a left.  Front kick by Machida.  Weidman with a takedown.  Weidman landing several punches and has Machida back.  Machida up but Weidman threw two knees.  Weidman 20-18.

Third round.  Machiada tried a high kick but was blocked.  Weidman went for a takedown but Machida evaded it.  High kick by Machida.  Weidman’s left leg is raspberried up. Weidman went for a takedown and sprawl by Machida.  Weidman got the takedown on this try.  You could tell the first two he wasn’t nearly as serious as on the third.  Machia up and Weidman with a knee.  Trading punches and both landed solid.  Weidman wih several solid shots.  Weidman landing more and Machida is bleeding.  Knee by Machia but Weidman took him down again.  Weidman with a high suplex.  Place came unglued.  He’s establishing dominance on Machida in this round.  Machida back up.  High kick by Machida at the end of the round.  30-27 Weidman.

Fourth round.  Body kick by Machida.  Body kick by Machida and an uppercut.  Weidman shot for a takedown and got it but Machida backup.  Machida broke free of him.  Left by Machida. Weidman is getting tired.  Right by Machida.  Hard right by Machida.  Machida has him hurt now.  Uppercut by Weidman.  Hard body kick by Machida.  Another body kick by Machida.  Trading punches and Machida getting the better of it.  Another trade.  Weidamn couldn’t get the takedown.  Machida with an uppercut.  USA chants.  Weidman went for a takedown but Machida blocking.  Machida landing several punches but missed a kick.  Weidman with a knee.  Machida with a killer punch at the end of the round.  Great round.  Machida’s round 39-37 Weidamn.

Fifth round: Crowd going crazy.  Weidman took a low blow.  Body kick by Weidman.  Super loud Machida chants.  Machida landing a big combo.  Front kick by Machida.  Weidman missed a kick and Machida with a punch.  Weidman with a punch.  Machida with a hard left.  Weidman shooting for a takedown but can’t get it.  And Machida punching.  Right by Weidman hurt Machida.  Trading elbows.  Knee to the body by Weidman.  Weidman with a big left.   High kick by Machida missed.  Weidman landed a hard shot.  Knee by Weidman to the body.  Hard elbow by Weidman.  Weidman with more punches. 

Trading punches, both hurting the other.  Fantastic round.  USA chants super loud.  Takedown by Weidman.  The place exploded.  Weidman with an elbow from the top.  Another elbow by Weidman.  Machida bleeding.  Weidman just has to kill the clock.  Weidman has his back and has Machida flattened out.  Machida up with 27 seconds left.  Weidman’s ear is all bloody, particularly the lower ear.  Machida landed big punches and had Weidman in a lot of trouble with seconds left.  Weidman waved him in like Rocky in the Rocky movie after the barrage and time expired.  Unreal mach.  Real superstar making performance by Weidman and Machida strengthened himself as well. 49-46 Weidman

Scores: 49-45, 48-47, 49-46 for Weidman

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