UFC TUF 19 Finale cageside coverage & results: Edgar TKOs Penn, Penn retires

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

I'll be cageside in Las Vegas for tonight's UFC Ultimate Fighter 19 finale show. Here's the lineup for the show that kicks off at 6 PM EST:

Fox Sports 1 Main Card -- 9 PM EST:

- Frankie Edgar (145.5) vs. BJ Penn (145) III
- TUF Light Heavyweight Finals: Corey Anderson (204) vs. Matt Van Buren (206)
- TUF Middleweight Finals: Dhiego Lima (185) vs. Eddie Gordon (186)
- Derrick Lewis (264) vs. Guto Inocente (232)
- Justin Scoggins (124) vs. Dustin Ortiz (125)

Fox Sports 1 Prelims -- 7 PM EST:

- Jesse Ronson (155) vs. Kevin Lee (156)
- Leandro Issa (135.5) vs. Jumabieke Tuerxun (136)
- Adriano Martins (155.5) vs. Juan Manuel Puig (155)
- Patrick Walsh (206) vs. Daniel Spohn (205) Essentially this is the 3rd place TUF fight.

UFC Fight Pass -- 6 PM EST:

- Sarah Moras (139) vs. Alexis Dufresne (143)* Catchweight
- Robert Drysdale (202.5) vs. Keith Berish (203)

Light Heavyweight: Daniel Spohn (205) vs. Patrick Walsh (206)

First round: Walsh looks softer and pudgier than most weight class guys you’ll see in UFC. These are both guys out of TUF 19 so this is a likely loser leaves town match.Trading shots.  Walsh got the takedown. Spohn tried a guillotine.  Walsh was trying for a Kimura. He moved to side control. Now he’s throwing some elbows.  10-9 Walsh.

Second round: Walsh opened the round with a takedown.  Walsh working for a Kimura but Spohn out and on top. Spohn got his back Walsh got to his feet.  Walsh with another takedown and now he’s on top. Boring round. Walsh 20-18.

Third round: Elbow and uppercuts by Spohn. Knee to the body by Spohn.  Walsh got another takedown.The ref warned Walsh about the lack of activity with him on the top.  Spohn landed and cut him open. Knees and punches. Spohn went for a guillotine but Walsh out and on top. Spohn’s round so 29-28 Walsh.

Scores: 29-28 for Walsh unanimous.

Here's what happened in earlier prelims.

* Light Heavyweight: Robert Drysdale beat Keith Berish by rear naked choke - 2:03 of R1.
* Catchweight (143): Sarah Moras beat Alexis Dufresne by UD (29-28 X2, 30-27).

Lightweight: Juan Manuel Puig (155) vs. Adriano Martins (155.5)

Puig is in black trunks tonight. Martins is white with blue with trim. Fghting out of Mexico is Puig. Martins is out of Brazil. Yves Lavigne is our referee. We have a low blow stoppage at 2:15 so Martins can recover and then a knockout seconds after the restart. Martins jumps to the cage fence to celebrate and the fans at Mandalay Bay watch replays of his devastating right. Official time momentarily.

YVES LAVIGNE STOPS IT AT 2:21 OF R1 FOR THE WINNER BY KNOCKOUT - ADRIANO MARTINS. Jon Anik and translator hit the cage. He says they planned for this by watching taping and noticing he always comes forward in his fights, then thanks his hometown of Manaus, his team, manager, and everybody else.

Bantamweight: Leandro Issa (135.5) vs. Jumabieke Tuerxun (136)

Mario Yamasaki is our referee for this bout. Tuerxun made it a scrap in the last minute of the first round, rocking Issa several times until he dove for a single leg to save himself with 25 seconds or so left.

Yamasaki deducts one point in the second round for a blatant grab of the fence by Issa to gain position on the ground. That could make it a 10-8 but Issa may have done more and gotten a draw.

Issa finally turned the tables in the third round and locked on a sweet armbar with under 90 seconds left for the tap. Bruce will announce the finish after we get a commercial break for FOX Sports 1.


Lightweight: Jesse 'The Body Snatcher' Ronson (155) vs. Kevin 'The Motown Phenom' Lee (156)

Ronson is in black trunks tonight and Lee the white. 7-1, 5'9" is Lee out of Las Vegas by way of Detroit. 13-4, 5'10" is Ronson out of London, Ontario, Canada. Our referee is Herb Dean. Nice slam by Lee with a minute left in R1. He gets another takedown with 30 seconds left. 10-9 Motown.

Lee's strategy continues to be takedowns and control. Ronson tries to make him pay for it with elbows. They reset at 2:15 to trade standing. 17 seconds later Motown has another takedown. Another dominant round for Lee.

Ronson is getting the better of the stand-up in R3 then gets a takedown of his own, but Lee pops out of it and is on top with 2:20 remaining. They stand up with short time remaining and trade but for Ronson it's too late. If he gets this round he still loses 29-28.

. Main card is next!

Flyweight: Justin 'Tank' Scoggins (124) vs. Dustin Ortiz (125)

Buffer intros at 6:09 Pacific. Red trunks, 13-3, 5'9" is Ortiz fighting out of Franklin, Tennessee. Black trunks, 9-0, 5'7" is Scoggings fighting out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Our referee is Mario Yamasaki.

Ortiz charges forward at the start, they clinch, Ortiz winds up with a takedown. Scoggins is working for a submission off his back. Yamasaki warns him to keep his toes off the fence. He's pulling hard for an armbar and Ortiz is in trouble but fights it off and stands at 1:50. Scoggins gets control of his back on the fence but Ortiz fights out of it. Scoggins could have gotten a warning for grabbing the fence when Ortiz took him down but didn't. Another sub attempt and both men roll to their feet. Scoggins tries to control the back but Ortiz gets away before time expires. 10-9 Scoggins.

Slick transition by Ortiz at 1:25 in R2 and he's on top in side. Scoggins gets him back to half guard and then full. They're standing for a little bit but Ortiz drags him back down with 90 seconds left. Scoggins stayed active on his back but in the eyes of the judges he'll likely lose this round.

Ortiz is controlling position for most of R3 but considering how much Scoggins is trying to find a finish off his back I could see a judge scoring it either way.

29-28 ORTIZ, 29-28 SCOGGINS, 29-28 ORTIZ VIA SPLIT DECISION. Anik hits the cage to interview him. Ortiz says he knew there was no point he would give up and tap and that he's improving with every single fight he has.

Heavyweight: Derrick 'The Black Beast' Lewis (264) vs. Guto Inocente (232)

Inocente is in red trunks and Lewis the black and white. Herb Dean is our referee. They clinch and Lewis drops levels for a takedown but Inocente slips out - eating a right hand as he escapes. Lewis tags him again and pushes him around the cage. HERB DEAN STOPS THE FIGHT AT 3:30 OF R1. Official time forthcoming. Once Lewis got him against the fence and unloaded it didn't take long for Inocente to fade.

HERB DEAN STOPS THIS CONTEST AT 3:30 OF THE VERY FIRST ROUND FOR THE WINNER BY TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT - DERRICK 'THE BLACK BEAST' LEWIS. "I just see red. That's when it's time to kill. That's when beast mode kicks in."

TUF Middleweight Finals: Dhiego Lima (185) vs. Eddie Gordon (186)

Gordon is the first to arrive at 7:08 PT. He's in red trunks tonight. Lima is in the black. Gordon is 7-1, 6 foot, 186 pounds and fighting out of Uniondale, New York. Lima is 10-1, 6 foot 2, 185 pounds, fighting out of Atlanta, Georgia. Our referee in charge is Yves Lavigne.

Gordon is stalking Lima early and trying to pin him against the fence to unload. Lima is rocked at 50 seconds. Gordon pours it on and takes his back. Left hands come flying in and Lavigne stops the fight at 71 seconds.

OFFICIALLY 1:11 OF R1 FOR THE WINNER BY TKO AND WINNER OF TUF 19 MIDDLEWEIGHTS EDDIE 'TRUCK' GORDON. Dana starts gushing as he hands him the trophy and announces he gets a brand new Harley. He thanks Dhiego Lima for being a tough opponent and great guy, and thanks the crowd in Vegas for being so supportive. He says he trains with Chris Weidman, he got him into this sport, and he'll forever love him for it.

TUF Light Heavyweight Finals: Corey Anderson (204) vs. Matt 'Gutter' Van Buren (206)

Van Buren is coming out to Drake's "Started From the Bottom." He's in red trunks tonight. Corey Anderson's response is MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." (I TOLD YOU HOMEBOY!) He's in the black trunks. MVB is 7-2, 6'5", 206 pounds and fights out of San Diego. Anderson is 4-0, 6'3", 204 pounds and fighting out of Rockford, Illinois. Our referee in charge is Mario Yamasaki.

ANDERSON HAS VAN BUREN HURT EARLY. He's chasing him across the cage and unloading with rights, lefts and uppercuts. He threw him down at 52 seconds and now he's on his back continuing to pour it on. YAMASAKI STOPS IT AT 1:02 AND ANDERSON WINS. Corey spends the entire commercial break dancing and celebrating. Who can blame him?

OFFICIALLY 1:01 FOR THE WINNER BY TKO AND NOW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT WINNER OF TUF 19 - COREY 'BEASTIN 25-8' ANDERSON. Dana White is once again overjoyed to present a trophy and a motorcycle to the winner. Anderson: "I told 'em I left home and I'm coming back a champion - and it came out perfect. I'm so emotional right now. I want to cry but I can't do it on camera." The crowd popped for that. Anderson shows future superstar potential.

For the Third (and Presumably Final) Time: Frankie 'The Answer' Edgar (145.5) vs. 'The Prodigy' BJ Penn (145)

Our main event of the evening! Penn comes out to a hip-hop remix of his "Hawai'i '78" song by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. He gets a thunderous reaction as he steps in the cage at 8:11 PT, wearing white trunks for tonight's fight. Frankie Edgar's response is to come out to "Kick in the Door" by Notorious B.I.G. He's got on black trunks. Our referee in charge is Herb Dean. And at 8:15 PM PT IT'SSSSS TIIIIIME. Penn is 16-9-2, 5'9", 145.5 and fighting out of Hilo, Hawaii as the former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion. Edgar is 15-4-1, 5'6", 146 pounds, fighting out of Toms River, NJ as the former UFC Lightweight Champion. Here we go!

This is a very pro BJ Penn crowd tonight. They explode when he lands a knee. Edgar gets BJ to the ground at 1:10 but thinks better of jumping into his guard immediately - finally taking the plunge at 1:30. He backs out right away and tries to go over the top with a right. He backs out again at 2:07 and Penn throws kicks at his knees off his back. The crowd is a little restless it wasn't stood up - Edgar jumps back in again. Edgar keeps getting in and out. Each time the crowd wants Herb Dean to stand BJ. They want him to trade with Edgar standing. They erupt when Dean grants their wish at 4:05. Edgar with a body kick. A loud B J chant starts. Edgar pops him with jabs and rights until the horn. 10-9 Edgar.

Edgar is quicker on his feet and his lateral movement is giving Penn fits. He just clipped him with a solid right. Edgar's movement is like a world class boxer - he never gives Penn a target to hit and takes him down at 90 seconds to boot. Edgar backs out and jumps back on at 2:45. It's effective. He never gives Penn time to get the ground game going. There are more photographers at cageside for this fight than any UFC event I've covered before. They are shoulder to shoulder and no room to spare. Edgar is slowly getting more comfortable staying on top and is bombing on Penn with 40 seconds remaining. Elbows are getting nasty. Herb Dean is leaning in to take a close look. Penn survives the mauling and drops another round to Edgar 10-9.

Edgar looks fresh for R3 - paradoxically he almost seems a step quicker. Maybe that's just his confidence. He's touching Penn with his hands almost at will. Combos are coming more frequently. Edgar sends him to the canvas with a left at 1:54 and jumps on top. Penn is bleeding now from the elbows and barrage of blows. At 3:15 he's just straight hacking Penn with blows to the head. Herb Dean is looking in close again. Edgar is totally controlling Penn from the top and switching from one side of the body to the other to do damange. DEAN HAS SEEN ENOUGH AND WAVES IT OFF WITH 44 SECONDS LEFT IN R3.

Bruce Buffer will make it official at 8:39 PT. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, HERB DEAN CALLS A STOP TO THIS CONTEST AT 4:16 OF R3 FOR THE WINNER BY TKO - FRANKIE 'THE ANSWER' EDGAR. Jon Anik hits the cage for the interview. "Toms River baby. New Jersey. I love it. I didn't worry about BJ Penn, I just worried about what I did. I want to fight for the title. I want to dedicate this fight to my kids."

Anik goes to interview BJ Penn, who gets a huge reaction from the crowd. "Frankie did a great job, much respect to him. Dana said it was over, and I gotta agree with him at this point." They give him a rousing round of applause and Anik says he looks forward to Penn going into the Hall of Fame.

Post-Fight Press Conference:

Gate: $531,000. Attendance: 6,500. FOTN: Issa-Tuexrun. POTN: Issa. POTN: Martins. FOTS for TUF19: Spohn vs. Van Buren ($25,000). POTS for TUF 19: Dhiego Lima wins both.

Dana White: "People weren't flocking to see the finals of The Ultimate Fighter 19!! They came to see Penn vs. Edgar III. That's why they were flocking."

Dana: "People love real fighters. People love guys who like to fight. People like Chuck Liddell - he would fight with me about fighting. Arturo Gotti was one of the most beloved fighters. BJ Penn is one of those guys. He's so much fun to watch. When BJ Penn ruled the world the calls I would get on a weekly basis were just mind boggling."

Dana on Penn's gym: "He comes in there, shakes hands, kisses babies and leaves. He's not in there mopping the floors. He's doing alright."

Dana on Jose Aldo: "He's going to be out 45 days." Edgar on the possibility of fighting the winner of Aldo vs. Mendes: "For sure I'd fight the winner of that fight. I'm jump to it."

Edgar on retiring Penn: "He wanted that redemption, but I'm not looking at it as I retired BJ. I'm not that guy. I just wanted to go and get the job done tonight."

Eddie Gordon on his fight tonight compared to the season: "Dana White is an ultimate motivator. I just wanted to be who I was and as a fighter I'm continually growing. I felt in comfortable in that cage as ever. I was able to showcase my abilities today. There's much more to come."

Corey Anderson on what he was like tonight after two years in the sport: "It's a start of what I can be. I continue to grow. I'm willing to learn. Anything you can show me. I'm a dry sponge and I want you to teach me everything you can. I want to absorb until I can't no more but hopefully I can learn something every day."

Dana says he'd be willing to make a Derrick Lewis vs. Matt Mitrione fight. Edgar on his fighters: "The cream rises to the top and it did tonight." Penn on his decision: "This is the end. I'm thinking to myself why did you step back in the Octagon after the beating Rory MacDonald gave you? If I didn't make this night happen I always would have wondered. I guess I needed some closure. I was gonna see how far I could take it. If it was a good victory I could walk away with or if I was still hungry and I wanted to do it again. When the blood started going in my eyes and the fight got tough, I realized it takes a high high energy level to compete with the top guys in the world. At the end the bottom line is you need a high energy level - they're very hungry, they wanna be the best. There's just such quality people in UFC at the moment."

Penn on his best moment in the UFC. "My best tonight? Walking out probably. {*laughs*} My best though? Winning two different titles. I was hoping to make it three."

Any regrets for Penn? "The biggest regret would have been if I didn't get in the ring tonight. 'Man I could have did it again.' Now I know for sure that I can't."

Dana White: "He built the 155 pound division in UFC. That's his legacy." {*applause*}

Penn: "I was actually just blessed to have these rivalries with these three people (GSP, Hughes, Edgar)."

Gordon on Chris Weidman: "It's like a gift and a curse. You get to train with the world champion (but) you take your bumps and bruises every day. At the same time every opponent I get in the cage with is not Chris Weidman. He told me 'When you're sparring, push it to the limit, exhaust yourself. The fight can only get easier.'"

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