UFC 175 feedback

Thumbs Up
Best fight:  Weidman vs. Machida
Worst fight:  Santos vs. Camozzi
Local Buffalo Wild Wings was full, but not packed or standing room only.  Wild Pro-Machida crowd.
Thanks for the awesome coverage this weekend.
James Brown

A nice Saturday of fights. I got to see two of my favorites: Fitch and Weidman, on different cards, pull off nice victories.
WSOF - This was the deepest card they have put on to date, and would have been even deeper if the original lineup hadn't been altered due to injuries. The fights shown all had good action, and I'd put all of them on a UFC PPV ahead of anything we saw yesterday, save for the title fights.
UFC 175 - Watching the UFC try to fill an excessive amount of cards is like watching someone try to stop a hundred leaks in a boat at the same time. This is getting obnoxious. Multiple cards on the same day; headliners that would best be served on a throwaway undercard; and cards that can barely pass as even being interesting. 175 barely had depth. The fact is, Rousey's matches are foregone conclusions, so people were really only paying for Weidman vs. Machida, and the heavyweight fight, which we never seem to get enough of. Once purchased, we were told that fight was now off. It was up to Chris and Lyoto, or I was going to call my carrier and ask for a refund. The rest of the card (3 matches!) did nothing for me.
Weidman and Machida put on a great fight. Machida's style has never been one of interest to me, but when he finally engaged in the last two rounds, things got great. This card went from a thumbs down to a thumbs up. However, the UFC seriously needs to consider what they are offering. A fight like Nelson vs Hunt would have added great depth to a show like this. Instead, a few thousand subscribers may see it, but it will do nothing for the future of title shots, etc. You can't build challengers, or sell PPVs, if people don't see the fights. Now we have another weak card falling apart with an injury to Aldo. Throw that garbage on free TV; does Aldo even sell buys? Now with the champ gone, they can hope for even less buys.
Thumbs up
Best fight: Weidman vs Machida
Worst fight: Doane vs Brimage (they put this crap on a main card)
Matt Wright

Hi Dave,

I watched UFC 175 online at a friend's place via UFC.tv.  A couple of minor hiccups in the stream, but generally good and in HD.  I only watched the PPV portion.

Thumbs up overall.  The last two rounds of the main event really elevated the card.  Uriah Hall's fight was somewhat compelling too, but would've been a hell of a story if he pressed more for a finish, in spite of the ugly toe.

Best fight was main event and the worst of what we saw was probably the opener.

Machida showed a lot in the last two rounds and had he performed like that for the first 3 who knows if we'd have a new champion?  Weidman in the 5th showed a lot too and looked great in the first 3 rounds. 

Feel a little sorry for Alexis, but the punch/knee/hip toss combo was sweet and she was pretty much done after the knee.

Thumbs down for me for missing the convention, but it is tough to get there at this time of year with work and very expensive to make the trip from Melbourne.  Even more expensive when house shopping.  I hope to make it some day though.

Daniel Arnephy

Rated the show a thumbs in the middle. 
Best fight - Weidman v Machida
Worst fight - Mitrione v Struve
I enjoyed what show i saw, but had to rate the ppv a thumbs in the middle for the fights that it 
needed and werent on the card. Without Chael , Wanderlei, Vitor, Struve etc. the card that UFC promoted as this big "fight week" card felt weak and lacking. everyone at my house who wasnt a hardcore fan was asking if that was it.
Weidman was impressive, out striking machida ! who saw that coming !
Ronda needs an opponent, Alexis Davis as a contender is a joke. she lost her last fight in my eyes.
Uriah Hall got put over huge on the broadcast by the announce crew, seems they really want him to become something.
Faber, i thought had some trouble with Caceres. enjoyed the fight.
Thanks Dave

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