Inside MMA TV report: Hendricks, Frank Shamrock

***This week, the fight doctor that screwed Lex Luger out of the NWA World title in Baltimore back in 1988, is evidently working shows in Stockton,CA!  Johny Hendricks exposes GSP’s game plan, and reveals his own secret plan to beating him.  An MMA fighter wants to do a 3-sport career simultaneously, and Frank Shamrock responds to the UFC Hall of Fame snub.  And finally, an update on Eddie Alvarez’ UFC status, referee/pot kingpin Josh Rosenthal’s legal status, and Bubba the Love Sponge enters the MMA world!  All this and much more, this week on Inside MMA Live!


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, June 28 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


UFC 167 Preview:  Johny Hendricks


The top welterweight contender joins us on the big screen from his gym in Pantego, Texas.  He faces GSP on November 6 in Las Vegas at last.  He can’t wait and this is a dream come true since he worked so hard and begged for this for so long.  He’s been training for GSP for a year and a half so far, and he doesn’t consider November that far away.  He tells Bas that he’s German, Dutch, and Native American.  Kenny says his mixture is what America is all about.


He has to pace himself in training, since he gets so excited for this fight and wants it so bad, and he doesn’t want to burn out or peak too soon mentally and emotionally.  He takes a lot of breaks and is planning for that.


Bas advises to work on his right hand since his left hand is so established as a powerhouse punch, he anticipates Greg Jackson will gameplan Georges to move to avoid that big KO punch.  Johny says he actually has, and from testing it with a power meter his right punch is only about 15 points behind his left hand.  He’s getting more confidence in his right hand every day and looks forward to shocking the world since he doesn’t get enough credit.  Hopefully he can finish him with the right.  Kenny tries to cover for Johny hoping GSP doesn’t see this interview since it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.  Hendricks says he wants GSP to know about this and train for it so he’ll train for this and get GSP at his best.


Hendricks acknowledges GSP has fought an impressive list in recent years like Diaz, Condit, Shileds, Koscheck, and Hardy, all (except Diaz), entered their GSP bouts on long winning streaks.  Johny says he’s never faced anyone like him, and he’s faced the same list as GSP and even better guys. 


He says GSP is a jab guy and a takedown guy.  He’ll lay on top of him as long as he can, control the clock and tire him out as quickly as possible.  That’s Georges.  On the other hand, you don’t’ know .  Will I knock you out, will I take you down?  Will I let you back on your feet? He changes his fight based on crowd reaction (just like a good worker should!) and if the crowd boos he’ll let him back on his feet, if they’re not happy with them on their feet, then he’ll take them down, but they will have a say in it. (Free advice: GSP should buy 5,000 tickets and have Jackson lead them to boo whenever Johny has an advantage and it will confuse and distract Hendricks enough for GSP to bamboozle him.)


Johny trains in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area now, and its only a four hour drive to Oklahoma State, and he goes there every fight.  For this one he’ll go even more and work with Coach Smith to work on his wrestling since they anticipate that will be what this fight ends up being, a wrestling war.  He has a lot of stuff to help him get ready for GSP.

At a local restaurant “Wild Wing”, they added to their menu the “Johny Hendricks Bigg Rigg Bundle” which is 21 chicken wings and a pitcher of MGD for $39.99. (sounds a little pricey?)  Johny likes this and is honored and excited to be on a menu since he loves food so much.  A lot of things in his life have been “looking up” since he started fighting and this is just another example of it.


Frank Shamrock LIVE


Kenny talks about how the new Fight Master reality show is the MMA version of “The Voice” and premiered a couple weeks ago.  Bas likes the show already, and with the 8-time Emmy award winning director he has faith this show will end up very good.  Frank joins us on the big screen from his home in Simi Valley, CA.


He liked doing this show, he didn’t know what to expect other than he’d get his own school and could do this own thing.  But it was a real competition and we can see how competitive he is and he even danced in celebration.  Kenny asks him who wins, and Frank doesn’t budge and says he doesn’t know but he did win the dance competition and feels he won the psychological game up to this point.  Bas compliments him on the mental games.


Speaking of mental games, Bas says Anderson Silva recently said that he already accomplished everything he wanted, so now winning and losing doesn’t really matter.  Bas wonders if it’s a game or if it’s real.  Frank says probably a little of both.  At that stage and and his age there’s probably a lace of truth to that statement.


The future of the sport sees a new generation which Bellator is trying to put a spotlight on and give them a stage.  Bas wonders if Frank will use this show as a springboard to start up a new gym and be his competition only 15 miles down the road?  Frank laughs and says he doesn’t think so.  He ran gyms before and loves the service and impacting the community, but his efforts now are on a different and bigger level.  He hasn’t decided on gyms, but does want to teach again, which was a very powerful result from the show for him.  Bas says he is always welcome at his gym to teach people.  Franks says he needs to get back into shape first as his mid-section is getting big for some reason.


Kenny brings up the UFC Hall of Fame, and Frank acts like he doesn’t know anything about that, asks if he is on the list this year, and Kenny points out he isn’t.  frank says this Hall of Fame is about the UFC, and he hasn’t been a part of the UFC for a long time.  It’s their Hall of Fame and if they don’t want him in it there’s nothing he can do.  But he’d certainly raise his hand for a nomination, but he’s ok either way.  Frank acknowledges that there is personal tension from them, they don’t like him.  He started all the competing shows (Strikeforce), and is now on another competing reality show (Bellator), so organically he’s become “that dude” and is not a play ball type of guy, they didn’t get along and there’s that.


Bas asks about an upcoming documentary on him.  He’s going to be interviewed for that and says he will badmouth Frank as much as he can of course (they all laugh.)  Frank says he wants to tell his story and do this biodoc on a pretty serious level so he wants to get Bas and everybody to tell the story.  He’s had a crazy life from eating out of garbage cans, a total criminal then MMA came along and gave him a future and a life and it’s amazing so he wants to share it.  Anyone can do anything you just need someone to support you and to never give up.


Bad News for Eddie Alvarez


The latest is that his Bellator contract lawsuit won’t go to trial until September of 2014!  Unless they can work out a deal it will end up being two years from Eddie’s last fight to even have a chance to fight again.  No comment from Bellator.  Eddie recently tweeted thanks for support and he’ll try to remain positive.  (This sounds like Couture being held hostage by UFC when he wanted to leave to fight Fedor.  Randy ended up coming back.)


Nick Diaz Promotion


Nick Diaz started “War” as a free-streaming MMA show from Stockton, and one of the goals was to limit the cuts and bloodshed in the ring.


In one of the fights, Adrian Adona beat Beau Hamilton when Beau had a cut on his eye, not too major or unique from other fight cuts, but the doctor waived the fight off, infuriating Hamilton. (No sightings of Adrian’s former partners Dick Murda or Jesse Venta at ringside …)


In another bout, Dominic Clark fought Chris Quitiquit.  Quitiquit had a large gash on his cheek, they stopped the bout, the ref looked at it and called the fight right there, infuriating Quitiquit who did not actually quit.


Kenny appreciates the intent, but guesses things will be tweaked for future shows.  Bas jokes you shouldn’t have rules like that for a MMA show and call it “War” and he should’ve called it “Love” instead.


Sound Off


Chris Gregory submitted a rant to the Inside MMA Facebook or Twitter page for their “Sound Off” online about this incident, and called it shady, uneducated fight doctors stopping fights that shouldn’t have been stopped.  Kenny encourages fans to submit their 30 second rants to the show for possible airing.


Glory in America!


Ron Kruck covered the Glory 9 event at the Hammerstein Ballroom this past week where big league kickboxing made its New York debut.  They show highlights from the entire show which was pretty well done production-wise.  Andrew Whitaker, CEO of Glory (who seems as slick corporate TV-ish as anyone, and couldn’t be any “less” MMA/combat sport promoter in persona and demeanor) says they’ve signed all the best kickboxing athletes in the world, and in 15 months have already sold the program into a 160 countries and look forward to North America being one of the most important markets for Glory in the world. 


Fellow Glory exec and Frenchman, Pierre Andurand, says this show was an historic moment and hopes the American public will warm up to the kickboxing, and thinks they will.  Becoming a household name in the US is one of their highest priorities which is why they targeted NYC as the media capital of North America and is an ideal place to launch. 


Rashad Evans was at the event and was impressed with everything.  Pierre says they wanted to start big in New York, since it has had so many famous boxing fights, even though no MMA, but it’s a great place to start.  The roster is stacked with the biggest names including Peter Aerts and Jerome LaBanner.  They are planning to return to the States in September for four total, in 2013, and hope for 12 in 2014.  Pierre thinks there is a spot for them, since there are fans that like stand-up fights so they can optimize that with having the best strikers in the world.  So while MMA continues their fight in the courtrooms, kickboxing is taking advantage of the absence of MMA in New York.


Glory 9 Highlights:

--Artem Vakhitov over Luis Tavares

--Daniel Ghita  over Brice Guidon

--Tyrone Spong came back from almost being KO’d to knock out Michael Duut in the 1st round of this one-night tournament.

--Tyrone Spong beat Filip Verlinden in the semi-finals

--Tyrone Spong over Danyo Ilunga in the Finals to win Glory 9 in an unusual stoppage as the TKO decision came after body shots while standing, however Danyo was not defending himself intelligently and was basically standing there with his hands covering his face taking hard shot after hard shot to the ribcage and when the fight ended he was still stunned and didn’t contest the stoppage.


Tyrone Spong LIVE


Spong joins us in the big screen from the Blackzilian gym in Boca Raton, FL.

He felt great about his big win, it was a big opportunity and a childhood dream come true to fight and win in New York City.  He added another belt and $200k to the collection. 


In the first fight where he was seemingly KO’d for a second, he says he wasn’t dazed that bad, and was more surprised.  If you re-watch the tape, you’ll see he lifted his leg and Duut just countered very fast, very sharp, and caught him good, but he wasn’t rocked that bad.  He’d been working on his straight boxing a lot lately and it all paid off.


He fights for World Series of Fighting against Angel Deada next, and Kenny wonders if he’ll chose kickboxing or MMA as full-time focus.  He’s going to make it difficult for fans and other fighters since he’s going to fight professional boxing too!  He works with Pedro Diaz at Blackzilian and wants to do that.


He’s not that experienced at MMA but a fight is a fight, and knows that with small gloves anything can happen.  The American fans motivate him a lot and keeps him going and looks forward to all his fights.  He says he and Rashad are like brothers and he’s a mentor to him, and they train and help each other and usually corner each other too. 


Kenny asks since Bas transitioned from kickboxing to MMA like so many other successful fighters, but is it possible to do it all at the same time?  Bas says this is difficult because the spacing and distance is so different, as in MMA you are avoiding takedowns for example.  When Spong knocked a guy down in MMA, he instinctively walked away, since in kickboxing the ref gives a standing 8-count, but in MMA his opponent could’ve charged him from behind. Little mistakes like that can be made trying to do this all at once.


They show a graphic of other fighters to transition like this including Alistair Overeem, Bas Rutten, Mirko Cro-Cop, Mark Hunt and Pat Barry.  Bas says what he learned is that if you don’t prepare 100%, or you accept fights when you are drunk so forget you have that fight, and take only 3 weeks to prepare, when you hadn’t fought in 3 years, don’t take the fight!


Semmy Schilt retires


Semmy is retiring but not because of a heart condition as originally believed, but because he’s accomplished he ever wanted to.  He had a long career in MMA and kickboxing.  Bas reveals that Semmy is actually left handed but his stance is that of a right hander, orthodox, which was somewhat of a secret and allowed him to drop so many fighters.


Breakdown with Bas


At last week’s RFA 8, Pedro Munoz defeated Mitch Jackson with a killer guillotine.  Bas reviews the video of this finish, and breaks down and explains how he put this in so effectively.


Josh Rosenthal update


MMA referee, Josh Rosenthal recently plea bargained down to avoid a 10 year to lifetime sentence and $10 million fine.  He is now expected to receive 3 years behind bars.  (A real shame this story as Rosenthal seemed like one of the top 3 refs in MMA particularly the Carwin-Lesnar fight, but I guess it exposes that MMA refs don’t make money no matter how famous they might be.)




They show a clip were the Bubba the Love Sponge show did a bit where they wrapped “Ryan the Party Boy” in bubble wrap from head to two and sicced female MMA fighter Cheyenne Vlismus on him.   After she kicked the crap out of him and took him down, she ended up ripping the bubble wrap off and pounded him out and armbarred him, and he legitimately didn’t stand a chance against her.


This reminds Bas of the time he was on a radio show once and the host wanted to know what it was like to be choked out, so Bas guillotined him (and thankfully didn’t drop him on the floor like Belzer), but the DJ crapped his pants and they had to continue the interview in the tiny studio filled with that stench.


Upcoming MMA shows

--July 6, UFC 162 (PPV)

--July 13, Invicta (PPV)

--July 19, Legacy FC 21 (AXS.TV)

--July 26, Lion Fight 10 (AXS.TV)

--July 27, UFC on Fox 8 (Fox)


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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