Inside MMA TV report: Soares & Longo talk Silva vs. Weidman; plus Leonard Garcia

***This week, the trainer of the hour, Ray Longo explains how their strategy for Weidman beat Silva, and Ed Soares talks Anderson Silva’s future in MMA and a rematch update.


Plus Cris Cyborg comments on Tate-Rousey, a boxing champ prepares to take over the MMA world, and Michael Jackson’s legacy planting seeds to take over the UFC!?  All this and much more, this week on Inside MMA Live!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, July 12 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


UFC 162:  Silva vs. Weidman


Bas doesn’t believe Weidman’s win over Silva was the biggest upset ever since he thought Weidman had a good chance of winning going in.  They show a lot of highlights including their ground work, and Bas felt Chris should’ve gone for an inverted heel hook instead of the kneebar, and then they show the point when Silva cost himself the fight with the showboating antics.  Bas described Silva’s knockout as from the “whiplash effect”.


They show a graphic of the Vegas odds on Silva to show that Weidman was not a longshot at -240, where Silva was favoured -1000 to Bonnar, -600 to Okami, -1460 to Sonnen I, -280 to Sonnen II, and only -210 to Belfort.  GSP was a 13 to 1 favorite over Matt Serra back in April 2007 in what was technically the biggest upset in UFC title history.  Fedor was 10 to 1 favorite over Fabricio Werdum.  But Silva was not heavily favoured against Weidman.


Ed Soares LIVE


Silva’s manager, Ed Soares joins us on the big screen from Redondo Beach, CA.  He says that Anderson seems to be taking this pretty well but it is definitely on his mind and he is eager to get back in there and do it again and get his belt back.  Nothing is set in stone at this point for a date and location, but it does look like Silva-Weidman will be the fight that Silva fights next.  By the middle of next week everything should be announced when and where.


Superfights with Jon Jones or GSP will always be on the table, but deep down what Anderson’s always wanted to do was fight Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match.  And while that was the talk before the fight, the focus will be on a Weidman rematch and they’ll see what’s in his future after that fight. 


He has nine fights left on his contract now, and he likes to stay busy, so he can see it taking 3-4 years to complete, and Anderson told Soares that he wants to fight all the fights remaining on his contract.


Silva went through a lot of feelings after this loss, but at the end of the day he’s a competitor and is still the best in the world.  He made a mistake but was unable to overcome that mistake.  (Funny how he made that “mistake” about 5 or 6 other times too but managed to win anyway.)


Soares’ group Resurrection Fighting Alliance will be hodling RFA 9 on August 16 from the Stub Hub Center soccer stadium (former Home Depot Center) in Carson, CA featuring Pedro Munhoz vs. Keoni Koch.  Soares is happy to have a show in the area where he is from.  This show will be live on AXS.TV.


Invicta FC 6:  Cyborg vs. Coenen


They run down the card for Saturday night’s show from Kansas City, MO.  Cris Cyborg and Marloes Coenen join us on the big screen from Kansas City, actually sitting side by side with only a small table between them.  And while they’re both wearing jackets, Coenen actually looks bigger than Cyborg?!  Will be interesting to see how they look come fight time and if Cyborg looks any different at all since getting pinched last year.


(Note: Cyborg spoke in this interview as well, but her English was more broken than ever and what I was able to make out was very generic ‘we’re going to have a good fight’ talk and didn’t really answer questions.)


Since they first met three years ago, Marloes says she’s changed a lot.  Their first fight she missed weight, and she also underestimated Cyborg’s strength.  She was outpowered in that bout, so she’s done rigorous strength and conditioning training to be stronger and prepared for battle.


Marloes says she felt bad for the stoppage in their first fight since she didn’t give up, but the ref stopped it, so she wants to prove something.  They show a graphic showing that Cyborg is 2-0 since their first fight, but Coenen is actually 4-1 including winning the Strikeforce women’s title before losing that to Tate (who lost it to Ronda.)  She was happy knowing she didn’t quit in that fight even though it was a loss, and she likes how women get a chance in Invicta with only women fighters and several weight classes.


She didn’t really answer, but they asked her about Miesha Tate being in the ESPN: the Body, issue and they show pics from when Cris Cyborg posed nude alongside her then husband Cyborg Santos.


Bas asks who will win between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey, and Coenen and Cyborg both agree with laughter that Miesha Tate will beat Ronda Rousey.


Brian Stann Retires


Stann cited the desire to spend more time with his family as the primary reason for retirement.  He told Ron Kruck on the phone, that he will miss fight night and will forever be a mixed martial artist, and he recalls that one time when he filled in for Bas Rutten to co-host Inside MMA years ago, the ripple effect from that where he started to do more TV for MMA, which is something he never intended to do, but he enjoyed it based on his experience on IMMA, and now in retirement he’ll be focusing on broadcasting.




Tito Ortiz tweeted recently, that if he’s healthy he might be interested in fighting again, and Nick Diaz broke up with his girlfriend so he’s back in for sure, which is what he told Dana White last week.


BAMMA 13 will be headlined by Kurt Warburton vs. Jake Murphy September 14 from Birmingham, England.


Prince Jackson:  Jiu-Jitsu prodigy


Prince Jackson, who’s been attending a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu school since last October was recently awarded his blue belt in BJJ.  They show pictures from TMZ.


Holly Holm: Boxing and MMA World Champion?


Multiple-time Boxing champion, Holly Holm makes her Legacy Fighting Championship debut next Friday against Allanna Jones on AXS.TV.  Ron Kruck does a piece on her from her home in Albuquerque.  Holly says she did a lot of different sports years ago, and in-between soccer seasons, to keep in shape, she started doing kickboxing conditioning classes for Mike Winkeljohn. 


He didn’t know anything about her at the time, other than she seemed to have some intensity in her.  One day she said she wanted to spar and the first time she got punched in the face, she came back really hard, so he knew she already had that fighter mentality.  Soon after she told him she wanted to fight.  He didn’t have anything for her in MMA, but said she could probably box.  And she took Mike on as her boxing coach, took that boxing fight and thus began a decade of dominance for female boxing.  She won title in three different weight classes including seventeen successful title defenses. 


She explains she was getting ready for a boxing fight, and she started to throw the idea around to do MMA maybe.  But Winkeljohn was already thinking about it too, and already had a plan for her.  He says he noticed her up against a cage one day and she started defending takedowns, and since he already knew she kickboxed and that was the day.  She could be something else, so he started teaching her some basics, and she’s been learning exponentially since then.  Her wrestling is coming along too, and she might be the future of womens’ MMA. 


They show a clip of a recent fight from Bellator where she punched the crap out of some chick, and is now 3-0.  She says it’s exciting that women’s MMA is getting so big now, and she would love to be a staple of it.  If she could get to the end of her career and see that she won world titles in boxing and in MMA, no other fighter has done that.


They show a graphic of her boxing career which began in 2002 and went 33-2-3, and “The Ring” Female Fighter of the Year 2005 & 2006, as well as a 24-fight unbeaten streak from 2004-2011.  (I can picture her as a dream fight challenger for Ronda Rousey or Cris Cyborg in 2014-2015.)


Holly Holm faces Allanna Jones on the July 19th Houston show, along with Matt Hobar vs. Angel Huerta and Leonard Garcia vs. Rey Trujillo, all live on AXS.TV.


Leonard Garcia LIVE


Garcia joins us live from the big screen from his gym in Albuquerque, NM.  The last few fights in the UFC he felt a lot of pressure of putting on exciting fights just to stay in the UFC, since he was out of the title picture.  To step down to another organization to fight for another title has given his hunger back and he’s excited.  He is definitely looking for a knockout, and having his old coach, Duane “Bang” Ludwig back in Jackson’s camp.  He remembers Duane being under Rutten’s tutelage and Bas is probably Leonard’s favorite striker of all time, so he’ll be looking for liver shots to finish him to pay homage.


MMA Highlights


--Battlezone FC from Cork, Ireland had Nick Laney over Sebastian Kozok with the same off the cage Superman punch that Jose Aldo hit on Frankie Edgar, except this one finished the fight.

--Cage Warriors from Ireland, Philip Mulpeter over Warren Kee

--Legacy 4 had Bola Omoyele over Vincent Del Guerra


Fisticuffs:  Anderson Silva’s loss was good for the UFC?’s Matt Saccaro wrote an article this week that this was good for the UFC that Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva.  He joins us on the big screen from Serra-Longo’s gym in Long Island, NY.  His first reason is that a rematch between these two will be huge, and will be a UFC 100 level of hype and would approach one million buys if not exceed that.  This will also make Weidman a superstar when they really need superstars.  Even if Silva would win a rematch, no one will ever forget Chris Weidman based off of what he did, and he’s an instant legend.  This also made the middleweight division fun again.  And finally had Silva won this fight, we’d have to put up with Anderson Silva fighting Roy Jones Jr, and no one wants to see that. (Amen!)


Bas says he agrees with all of Matt’s points, but the Silva loss isn’t good for the UFC only because we likely lose the Jon Jones-Anderson Silva superfight, which has lost significant luster. (I’m not sure that would’ve happened anyway, so not necessarily a loss.)


Ray Longo LIVE


The man who trained Matt Serra in his win over GSP, and now Chris Weidman in his win over Anderson Silva (tough to argue those accomplishments, to train two different fighters to beat two of the greatest of all time.) Ray Longo joins us on the big screen from his gym in Long Island, NY.


He’s been working with Weidman for about 4-5 years.  The difference between these two historic victories is that no one gave Matt Serra a chance, and every interview Longo did people were like, are you kidding me?  Whereas with Chris, a lot of the pros picked him, and people saw him ahead of time where Matt had “no chance at all” in most people’s opinions.


The next guy to look at from his camp is Al Iaquinta went to the finals of TUF a year or so ago.  He’s a nice up and coming kid and hopes for the best for him.


They show a clip of Longo talking to Weidman before round 2 telling him to punch a hole in his fucking chest.  Longo says he wanted to be passionate and let Weidman know he’s there with him, and was really more of a cheerleader.  But what they discussed in training was that if he can’t connect with the head, then to go after the body, (great strategy considering Silva’s great head movement), so it was his way to remind him of that.  But thankfully he found his head first and put a hole in his head instead of his chest.  Bas had that idea watching Silva too, to telegraph a head punch, then when Silva would rear back to actually aim for the chest.  If he woulda hit the body, then his head woulda come forward anyway.  And the basic strategy was to force Silva’s head forward.  They trained if he starts mugging and clowning around to go right for the middle and will hopefully set something else off.


Kenny repeats Soares’ belief that Anderson’s next fight will be with Weidman.  Ray says Weidman has no problem with rematching Silva right away as he wants to prove to some of the naysayers that this fight wasn’t an accident and the rematch will end worse than the last one. (Awesome!  They have to do a UFC Primetime for the Weidman-Silva rematch)


They point out that Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar, and Edson Barboza all came from Ring of Combat (Weidman and Barboza even held the ROC belts), and all three won at UFC 162.


MMA Combine


Ron Kruck was in Las Vegas for the “MMA combine” where over 80 amateurs went through a variety of mental and physical tests and drills before MMA fighters and experts to gauge their athleticism and skill set to see if they have what it takes to go pro.  Urijah Faber, Phil Davis, and Tommy Schurkamp were at this event and discussed.


The event was actually an extension of the website, which is run by Phil Davis and Urijah Faber, which is designed as a central hub for amateur MMA.


At this combine, they tested skills in grappling, wrestling, and striking.  Not only were men in attendance, but also kids, teenagers, and women who gave interviews talking about wanting to see where they are at in MMA and if it’s worth pursuing.  Also former NFL player Seante Williams was there too.  Urijah Faber and Phil Davis put the event over with Faber saying he’s already seen four future superstars and Davis guarantees that a future World champion will come from


Justin Bieber vs. Dana White  WTF?!


Justin Bieber tweeted he wanted someone to send him a video of the Silva-Weidman fight and Dana White retweeted that and pointed out he should buy it on PPV.  Bas doesn’t like illegal downloads and thinks Dana should’ve tweeted back if someone can get him a free download of bieber’s new album or something, and thinks someone like Bieber making $120 million or something should just pay for the show like him.


Upcoming MMA shows

--July 13, Invicta (PPV)

--July 19, Legacy FC 21 (AXS.TV)

--July 26, Lion Fight 10 (AXS.TV)

--July 27, UFC on Fox 8 (Fox)

--Aug 16, RFA 9 (AXS.TV)


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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