Invicta live coverage from Kansas City - Coenen vs. Cyborg


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Von Plettenberg was supposed to weight 105, she first weighed 113 after cutting, now fighting and weighed in later at 123.

First round: Catron took this fight yesterday and is the bigger of the two. Von Plettenberg got the takedown right away. Catron worked for an armbar from the bottom. But Von Plettenberg escaped and got her back. Catron reversed to the top. Catron got a takedown late and Von Plettenberg going for an armbar late. Von Plettenberg 10-9

Second round: Von Plettenberg tried a takedown but Catron reversed on the way down to end up on top. Von Plettenberg up. Nice left by Catron. Catron went for a punch and Von Plettenberg ducked to take her down. Von Plettenberg moved to full mount and then got her back. Catron reversed in the final minute but Von Plettenberg back up. Catron is really tired and Von Plettenberg took her down again. Von Plettenberg’s round 20-18.

Third round: Catron landed a hard right. Left by Von Plettenberg. Catrone has a double underhook but Von Plettenberg got the takedown with 1:33 left. She spun into dominant position. Now she’s in side control. Catron regained guard. Von Plettenberg’s round, I’ve got 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Von Plettenberg


First round: Cummins landed a few early. Cummins landing better. Left by Kagen. Kick and punch by Cummins. Left by Kagen. Not much to this. Cummins close 10-9.

Second round: Left by Cummins. Kagen knocked her down with a left. Knee by Kagen. Cummins knocked Kagen to a knee. Cummins jumped on Kagen’s back in almost a piggy back to the side position. Cummins got her down and jumped on her back again. Kagen pulled out and got to the top. Cummins round 20-18.

Third round: Cummins landed some good punches midway through the round. Kagen with a left. Both were trading knees at the end of the round. Close round. Kagen’s round but could go either way. Cummins 29-28.

Scores: 30-27 Kagen huh? 29-28 Cummins 30-27 Kagen.  I'm stunned.


First round: Torres with a headlock takedown. Namajunas going for an armbar. Torres escaped and landing punches. Torres let her up. Nice left by Namajunas. Torres in with punches. Hard right by Namajunas. Torres landed punches. Namajunas tried a flying armbar but didn’t get it. . Namajunas on the ground maneuvered into another armbar. Torres got out and moved to the top. She’s on top punching. This is great round. Torres actually helped her up with her hand and then throwing punches. Great first round Torres 10-9.

Second round: Good right by Namajunas. Torres landed some kicks. Namajunas with a left hook. Side kick. Both throwing but Torres has more firepower. High kick by Torres blocked. Torres landing strong shots. Torres threw him down. Torres landing more punches. Both landing punches. Torres landing solid punches. Namajunas swept her down with a low kick. Very good second round as well. Torres’ round 20-18.

Third round: Crowd cheered both as the round started. Side kick by Torres. Trading punches. Headlock takedown by Namajunas. Torres threw an up kick. Namajunas on top throwing punches. Torres went for an armbar from the bottom. Namajunas out. Takedown by Namajunas. Namajunas on top as the round ended. Namajunas’ round, I’ve got 29-28 Torres. The two hugged after the fight ended.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 all for Torres


First round: Both very experienced strikes, both 36 years old. Both are against the fence. Nakamoto with knees and a hard elbow. Another knee by Nakamoto. Knee to the head by Nakamoto and Yankovich is hurt. Yankovich working for a heel hook on the ground. Nakamoto with punches on the ground. Now Nakamoto has hurt her back. Nakamoto with punches. As Yankovich got up, Nakamoto landed hard knees and more punches until it was stopped. Nakamoto looked really good here. 2:08


First round: Inoue is only 18, but already has some significant wins in Japan in the Jewels promotion. She’s also a champoin in shootboxing. Hyatt with a looping right. Hyatt landed a barrage of punches. Inoue with knees to the thigh. Now low kicks. Hyatt with uppercuts. Inoue with a series of elbows. Hyatt back with a series of knees. Uppercuts by Inoue. Another uppercut by Inoue. Hyatt with pucnhes and they separated. Solid body punches by Inoue. Inoue with a trip takedown. Inoue trying for an armbar but Hyatt blocking welll. Hyatt landing punches from the top as the round ended. Close very good round. Hyatt 10-9.

Second round: Hyatt out fast. Inoue with a takedown. Inoue landing some punches. Hard elbows by Inoue. Knees the body by Inoue. Hyatt back up. Inoue with knees to the thigh from close range. Inoue landed several punches from close range. Hyatt now back landing a lot of punches. Inoue took her down again as the round ended. Inoue’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Hyatt landed punches. High kick by Hyatt. Hyatt landing a lot of punches. In a clinch and Hyatt threw a knee. Big left by Inoue. Hyatt with more punches. Inoue back with punches. Hyatt landed more punches. Another series of punches by Hyatt. Both trading knees. Uppercuts by Hyatt as the round ended. Another good fight. I think Hyatt took it 29-28,but close competitive fight.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Inoue. I can’t say it’s bad call, but I had it the other way. Both looked good. Inoue at 18 is an incredible boxer. She may end up a superstar at this.


First round: Both landing some shots. Center tried a takedown but Calderwood blocked it and landed punches. Calderwood with elbows and Center got the takedown. Calderwood back up. Calderwood 10-9.

Second round: Calderwood landned some solid shots. Knee by Caldweood. Center tried a takedown but Calderwood stopped it. Center landed some punches. Center tried a takedown but Calderwood landed a knee to stop her. Spinning backfist and punch by Center. Close round, to Calderwood so I’ve got her up 20-18.

Third round: Takedown by Center. She moved into side control. Calderwood used the cage to get to her feet. Another takedown by Center. Calderwood went for an armbar from the bottom. Calderwood continued to work for it but doesn’t have it. The ref stood them up from the armbar attempt. That was ridiculous even though she really didn’t have the move. Calderwood with a takedown as the round ended. Center’s round so 29-28 Calderwood, but round two was close.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Calderwood.


First round: Calanoc landed a right and Penne back. Takedown by Penne after taking some punches. Penne with full mount. Punches by Penne who got her back. She’s working for a choke. She’s continuing to work for the choke with a body triangle as time is running out. Rivera-Calanoc tapped with a three seconds left.  4:57


First round: Maia has her against the cage and working for a takedown. Front kick by Maia. Takedown by Smith as Maia went for a high kick. Maia used a headlock takeover. Both landing punches. Both are swinging. Smith starting to overwhelm her just with volume of punches. She’s fighting like a Diaz brother, except using kicks as well as punches. This was a great round. Smith 10-9.

Second round: Maia came out . Maia got the takedown. Smith went for a heel hook but didn’t get it and Smith swept to the top. Smith landing hard punches from the top. Smith landing a ton of punches. Kick to the shoulder by Smith. Smith landed a left hook and a left high kick but Maia got the takedown. Smith working for an armbar. As they were trading holds, King Mo said this was like Dean Malenko. Smith’s round 20-18.

Third round: Both out doing a Frye-Takayama sequence. Both landing punches. Smith landeda high kick. Smith is landing solid shots. Maia looks like she was poked in the left eye. Both continue to throw. Smith landing more clean shots, Smith continuing to land and has Maia hurt. Takedown by Maia. Smith working for an arm triangle on the ground. Maia got out and now she’s on top. Maia is working for a D’Arce choke but doesn’t have it. Maia working for a guillotine. Smith out and thrownig punches. Smith with an elbow. Smith with lots of punches from the top. Smith landing tons of punches from the top as time ran out. 30-27 Smith

Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Smith


First round: D’Alelio has her against the fence and now Taylor reversed position. Taylor working for a takedown. Taylor got her down. D’Alelio reversed and got her back. Taylor with another takedown. D’Alelio was working for a Kimura. Close round. D’Alelio 10-9 but it could go the other way.

Second round: Taylor kneed D’Alelio in a bad place. And yes, it hurts women as well. Neither really established any advantage here. 10-9 Taylor so even 19-19 after three.

Third round: Both landing. They contiuned to exchange punches. They spent the ntre round trading punches and turned it on at the end. Very good fight. D’Alelio’s round so 29-28 for her.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 Taylor. She was lucky here.


The winner gets a shot at Carla Esparza's title.

First round: Hamasaki is the Jewels champion, and defended against Inoue, who was on the show earlier. Mauro Ranallo quoted Ed Whalen calling this one a ring a ding dong dandy. Then he quoted Jim Ross saying they wer quicker than hiccup. Takedown by Gadelha. Gadelha is working for an arm triangle. She let it go. Gadela remained on top the entire round. Gadelha threw a knee to the head on Hamasaki when she was down. It was blatant enough that a foul needs to be called. Boring round. 10-9 Gadelha but with the penalty it’s 9-9.

Second round: Hamasaki tried a takedown but Gadelha defended. Gadelha took her down again. She passed to side control. Gadelha landed a lot of body punches. She moved to mount. Gadelha landing punches. Gadelha working for a head and arm choke. She’s got it with seconds left. Almost a 10-8 round, but not quite, so 19-18 for Gadelha.

Third round: Gadelha got her back right away. Hamasaki reversed to the top. Gadelha reverswed to the top. Gadelha now in full mount. Galdelha landing hard punches for the top and ref Greg "Rich’s brother" Franklin stopped it. 3:58


First round: Cyborg was doing jumping jacks all over the cage. Coenen is a lot bigger than she was in Strikeforce. Cyborg isn’t nearly as muscular as before, but still more than Coenen. Coenen went for a takedown but can’t get it. Nasty elbow by Coenen. Both trading punches and Cyborg getting the better of it. Coenen landed an elbow. Cyborg with a belly to belly takedown. Cyrob landing hard punches from the top. Cyborg backed off. Cyborg moved in with a punch. She let Coenen back up. Cyborg decked her with a right. Cyborg moved into side control. Cyborg landed a punch and let her back up. Both trading punches. Coenen tried a takedown but Cyborg threw her down. Cyborg let her up again. Both trading punches but Cyborg go tthe better of it. Cyborg with a quick back suplex intoside control. Cyborg wonthe round easy, almost a 10-8 but not quite so 10-9.

Second round: Coenen went for a takedown bu Cyborg on top in side control. A quick back suplex like takedown by Cyborg into side control. Cyborg went back to the ground on her . She threw some punches and then walked away and let Coenen up. Trading punches. Coenen is in trouble now. Cyborg pounding on her. Cyborg moved away when she had Coenen down. Another back suplex by Cyborg. She backed off again. Cyborg went to the ground and landed a punch. Cyborg backed off again. Coenen went for a takedown but Cyborg ended up on top. Cyborg went for a can opener submission and didn’t get it. Cyborg’s round easily, up 20-18.

Third round: Coenen went for a takedown and ended up on her back again. Cyborg backed off. Coenen trying a hiptoss. Cyborg got her back and threw her down and then let her up. Cyborg landing punches. Cyborg with another takedown. Cyborg landing a lot of punches. Cyborg backed off again. Coenen landed a left hook and a right. Coenen pulled guard but Cyborg backed off. Coenen seems tired. Knee to the body by Cyborg. Cyborg landing a ton of punches standing. Coenen landed an elbow. Cyborg with a lot of knees and elbows. I see this a s 10-8 round so 30-26.

Fourth round: Coenen grabbed a leg for a takedown attempt, but couldn’t get it. Cyborg with punches and knees. Coenen with a short uppercut. Coenen landing knee so the body. Cyborg threw her down again. John McCarthy warned Coenen for throwing an illegal up kick since Cyborg was a downed opponent. Cyborg knocked her down with a right and is punching her on the ground. Coenen is in trouble again. Cyborg has full mount and is pounding her. It’s just about over. Cyborg throwing more punches to the head and body. Cyborg with elbows now. Coenen is blocking a lot of them. Cyborg landing a lot of punches and elbows. John McCarthy finally stopped it. 4:02

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