Feedback to Invicta

Thumbs in the middle
Best fight Tecia Torres vs Rose Namajunas
Worst fight Joanne Calderwood vs Norma Center
I am a first time viewer of Invicta and really had no intensions of ordering the show tonight but my plans for the night fell through and what the hell I could watch it on my TV and it was only 15 bucks.  For the most part the fights were good to great, especially the opener. My problem with the show is the rushing of trying to get every fight on the show. Outside of the main event I had limited to no knowledge of the other fighters on the show, so instead of having interviews and/or packages to help me get to know these fighters better they just rush 2 random women in the cage and than they fight. Over and over again...every fight until the main just became interchangable and left me no time to even gather my thoughts of what I just watched before 2 more fighters were rushed to the cage and greatly affected my enjoyment of it. In my opinion they would have been much better served to have concentrated on 5 or 6 fights on the ppv and shown more if time permitted.
It was also great to hear Mauro Ranallo calling MMA again, always enjoy hearing him
Will I order again? Maybe, if they have a main I want to see and I have nothing planned but I probably wont go out of my way to see again.
Wade Haugen

Thumbs up. Every Invicta FC show is a shoe-in for being a strong show and tonight was no different.

I ordered the PPV through Comcast and enjoyed the entire 4 hour live broadcast. I've watched Invicta streams before and the format of quick transitions between fights works for me as the fights themselves constantly deliver. From a production standpoint, there's some opportunities but understandable in that Invicta is only in it's second year of operation.

Fight of the Night: Tecia Torress vs. Rose Namajunas

Worst Fight: None worth noting

For me, Tecia Torres vs. Rose Namajunas was my favorite fight start to finish with Leslie Smith's performance and Mizuki Inoue/Bec Hyatt knocking on the door. The staying power for that PPV opening fight for me was the back and forth of it all, both ladies displaying immense heart and drive and not putting the foot on the gas all 15 minutes. Torres and Namajunas both have promising careers ahead of them. 

Miriam Nakamoto gets the honor of being the fighter who closed the show earliest and looked impressive routing Duda Yankovich in all of 2:08.

Mizuki Inoue at 18 years old displayed some of the best boxing in all of female MMA, really-really something. 'Rowdy' Bec Hyatt is going to be game every single time out and actually came on pretty strong at points and that made for an entertaining/closely contested bout.

Jessica Penne had a dominant statement of a performance in submitting Nicaldi Rivera-Calanoc with just seconds to spare in the first round. The exact way you'd want to return from a title fight loss.

Leslie Smith gets the next mention as she vs. Jennifer Maia continued tearing the roof off Ameristar Casino with their entertaining 3 round battle. Maia was absolutely game in a losing effort but Leslie Smith is the Chris Lytle of Invicta FC. Always an all-in crowd pleasing effort.

Unbeaten Claudia Gadelha showed great ground and top control in the Strawweight Title eliminator vs. Ayaka Hamasaki, handing Hamasaki her first pro defeat. For a minute there I thought if Ayaka could steal round 3 we'd be looking at a draw situation, but Gadelha quickly put the breaks on that and strongly ended the contest late in Rd. 3.

Coenen/Cyborg 2 going in, for me had a big fight feel to it. Cris Cyborg is so polarizing and Marloes has been impressive since the first meeting of the two 3 years ago in Strikeforce. But man was that a elongated beatdown. Coenen was down 3 in the hole on all score cards going into that fourth round and received a hell of a pounding for near 20 minutes. Marloes' performance really wasn't that of a title capturing one, and certainly not a points scoring effort either BUT to me that is more than 75% because of Cris Cyborg's unreal strength and control from the opening round on. I mean, she really had her controlled in nearly every position honestly. Marloes I though was on the verge of being stopped twice before the actual halt (later in the second when she turtled over) and moments before the actual stoppage in Rd. 4 but a heck of heart on that girl. W-MMA Pioneer and still a slue of great fights left in her, for sure.

But Cris is on another level. Her performance tonight was methodical brutality and I challenge any lady 145 pounds to try and hang with her for 25 minutes these next few years. Ronda vs. Cyborg is unquestionable a massive draw but as Cris said post fight, she went to Invicta to help build Invicta and currently Bantamweight is the only Women's division in the UFC. At 28, there shouldn't be too much a rush to get Santos over there, but I'd be kidding myself if I wouldn't be excited if the UFC somehow signed her tomorrow in any facet.  

The only real negative to this show that I'd really be prone to speak on was some of the 30-27's delivered tonight in tight/close match ups. Other than that, no complaints. The broadcast team stayed mostly consistent through all 11 fights, the 'slower' less entertaining bouts weren't bad and while some could see the production of the show as troubling, the Invicta format has proven to be letting the fights speak for themselves and essentially spoiling the spectators/fans with a hefty amount of broadcast fights per show on their main cards. Shannon Knapp and co. put on some nice matchmaking.

Kevin Anderson
in Utah

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