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Just a FYI, Invicta aired in both HD and SD on DirecTV. The HD feed was $24.95 though, like most event PPVs. Unlike most events there was no immediate replay.
Given the length and overall quality of the show, I feel like I got my moneys worth for about 4 hours of fights.
-Michael Langan

Watched the show tonight because I had nothing going on. My first surprise was finding out at 9:59 AST that the PPV was $24.95 + tax = almost $29 on Bell here in Atlantic Canada. Well an HDMI cord later I was watching ustream on my TV for $14.95. I was a little worried, the feed was VERY choppy for the first five minutes in IE - then the feed stopped. I restarted in my chrome browser and very few issues the rest of the night. I was a little worried after the first few minutes but I'm glad it fixed itself. Maybe people logged in , it was horrible, and then shut off and watched the replay.
For the fights - I watch a lot of MMA and tend to fast forward past the talking and get to the fighting. I guess I care more about the fighters than I thought because I found this show LONG. The fights were all great - but - one great three round fight with two fighters you don't know on a UFC undercard is OK. Six in a row is a lot harder to take. I'm glad I didn't watch the preshow or I would have been real burned out by the end.
The announcers were sort of odd - Mauro I like from the Pride days, Julie seems likable (but too much giggling), and King Mo sounded like he was napping all night long.
The only fight that really mattered to me was the main event. I like watching women fight but for whatever reason, Cyborg is was too strong for anyone she is in with. It looked more like a beatdown than a contest. Cyborg might be smaller than she was but I don't think she is any less strong. I can't see UFC having her fight at all, when you watch it it looks like a man beating up a woman! Anyone uncomfortable with women on women violence is going to get turned off quickly. That being said, Cyborg is clearly super tough, and I was surprised at how well she paced herself int he fight. I expected her to get tired, and instead of going all out to finish her flurries were measured and she paced the fight perfectly. Coenan is obviously super tough but after the first 2 minutes it was obvious she had no chance if Cyborg got tired.
Overall I'd do it again, for $14.95 it is hard to beat and the fights were all good. It might be hard to get people together to watch the event  but that is OK at that price. I would never buy a UFC event alone, just too much money but that was not an issue here.
Andrew Warnica


I'm finding this very entertaining, but... JOE WARREN fills his slots before Couture, Shamrock or GREG JACKSON?!!? 


Thumbs up. In all honesty probably their least entertaining card so far, and somewhat cursed in terms of cancelled fights and last minute subs. but still really really good. Mo and Julie are excellent on commentary, and Mauro is fine when he remembers to act like a grownup, which he did almost all night. Judging was unusually good except for one mystifying lapse.

Best fight: Smith-Maia, HM to Torres-Namajunas

Worst fight: The two free opener fights were sorta so-so.

KO: Nakamoto

Sub: Penne

The early card was a mess. Livia Von Plettenberg missed weight by 8 pounds so they gave her scheduled opponent Cassie Robb the night off with pay, and put her in this fight one division up, with Katina Catron as a last-day sub. Very close fight, I think von Plettenberg edged it on takedowns and aggressiveness. Judges agree 30-27, 29-28 x 2. Molly Estes also gets a paid vacation as her opponent is deemed 'medically unfit'. Ashley Cummings and Emily Kagan go a competitive and spirited if pretty sloppy three. Cummings seemed to be a little more efficient ('less inefficient', more accurately). Judges go 30-27 X 2, 28-29 SD for Kagan. Mauro, 'Ashley Smashley' may be fun to say but you don't need to say it EVERY time you say her name. Third sub Tamika Brents manages to hurt herself warming up and Ediane Gomes gets the night off with pay also, so the undercard is reduced to 2 fights and they're left with an hour of dead air before the PPV.

Tecia Torres and Rose Namajunas kick off the PPV and already the 1st round is gonna be hard to top. Torres able to escape all Rose's subs and get the best of the striking. 10-10 by me. Pace slows in the 2nd. Remains very close till the late part of the round when Torres finds punching range and rattles Namajunas with combinations. Torres 10-9. Namajunas holds her own striking early and grounds Torres for most of the 3rd but Torres busier and doing more damage from the bottom. I would give her the round but doubt the judges will. I have Torres 30-28. Judges go 30-27, 29-28 X 2 Torres. The skill of these two for being in their early 20s and having only three fights apiece is ridiculous. Mo correctly observes that this is a future title fight.

As expected, Muay Thai champion Miriam Nakamoto quickly destroys boxer Duda Yankovich with knees from clinch.

Bec Hyatt has blue hair tonight. Very close 1st with the Ozzie able to muscle the much smaller 18 year old recent HS grad Japanese Mizuki Inoue some but Inoue much more accurate with her strikes and able to land a TD and threaten with arm bar. Hyatt showing some actual skill for the first time but Inoue is out of her league skillwise and is she wasn't so outsized this wouldn't be close. Inoue should be probably two divisions down except I don't think there is one. 10-9 Inoue. Inoue completely dominates the 2nd both standing and on the ground. Excellent picking of shots and transitions between striking and grappling. Hyatt tries to steal it but Inoue takes her down at the bell. Almost 10-8. Inoue's pace drops in the 3rd and Hyatt's picks up. Inoue still landing the cleaner shots but Hyatt's round wide from sheer volume so 29-28 Inoue and to my shock the judges all get it right.

2 week sub Norma Center makes a very good showing vs. feared striker Joanna Calderwood, not only going the distance but getting stronger as the fight progresses and showing effective striking and grappling at moments and getting a TD and having top position for much of the 3rd, although Calderwood threatens with arm bar and gets a last moment TD herself and I still gave her the round. I thought Calderwood took the first two clear and takes the 30-27, 29-28 X 2 UD but Center is somebody to keep an eye on.

Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc boxes well early but the much taller and longer recently deposed champ Jessica Penne takes her down as soon as she wants to and works her way to body tri and RNC and gets the tap just before the end of the 1st.

Leslie Smith-Jennifer Maia is a FlyW title eliminator, Smith dropping a division. They just rip it up in the 1st, Maia more than holding her own. Smith hits a late flurry which might have been the edge in the round but Maia blasts back at the bell. Smith 10-9. Pick up right where they left off in the 2nd. Most of it's on the ground and a late round exchange gets a Dean Malenko reference from Mo. Smith may have edged the round with an arm bar attempt. Incredibly the pace picks up at the start of the 3rd till Maia catches an accidental eyepoke but that only slows things down for a few seconds. This is like Smith's first fight with Kaitlin Young. Smith starts rocking her and Maia counters with a TD but Smith threatens with an arm tri. Maia counters with a D'Arce. Smith escapes and takes top. This is off the chart. Smith tries top choke from HG. Postures up and pounds. Mounts, pounds and takes back but Maia rehalfguards. Smith remounts and finishes with a G&P barrage and time runs out. Smith definitely took over in the last half round. She seems even better at flyweight. I'd go 30-27 but the fight was much closer than the score. One judge goes 29-28. One of the best fights of the year.

Sarah D'Alelio showing much improves striking and unexpectedly beating Lauren Taylor to the punch, and as expected getting the better of the ground. Taylor gets some TDs but can't do much, then starts finding a little range late in the 2nd but she's way behind going into the 3rd and it doesn't get any better as Sarah continues to outland her about 3-1. The good judging goes out the window as Taylor gets a bizarre 30-27, 29-28 X 2 UD. I think they announced the wrong winner.

Long story short, Claudia Gadelha vs. Ayaka Hamasaki is an eliminator for a shot at Carla Esparza's title. Gadelha is skunking Hamasaki with a TD and ground control but is deducted a point for a knee to the head while grounded, although replay shows it actually hit the shoulder, not the head, so 9-9 round. Gadelha much stronger, stuffs the TD then gets her own easily and lather rinse repeat of the 1st. Mount with 1m left. Arm tri and passes to side but the bell saves Hamasaki. Could easily call that 10-8. Gadelha takes back standing, drags Hamasaki down and goes for choke. Hamasaki reverses. Gadelha reverses. Takes back. Hooks in and flattens and pounds. Mount. Finally finishes with G&P. Very one sided fight.

In the main, Cyborga or Cris Justino as she now goes by rematches previous victim Marloes Coenan for the vacant FW title. Marloes muscled up some for this but it doesn't look natural on her. 1: Cris dominates the 1st with two throw TDs and a couple KDs, and lands some good G&P but doesn't go wild and gas herself out like she has in the past. Cris wide 10-9. 2: Cris fighting very smart here, not wild. Her throws are the story of the fight so far. Picking her shots on G&P and forcing standups rather than play guard with Marloes. Close to 10-8. 3: Cris ending up on top every time Marloes tries a TD. Doing her damage then standing out. Marloes starting to get up very slowly. Think safe to say Cris at least LESS juiced and isn't hitting as hard as before as Marloes survives a midround barrage and then a late round barrage. That was certainly a 10-8. 4: Cris with another throw. Marloes with an illegal upkick but no damage and no point. Cris flattens her with a right, mounts and pounds. Marloes defends well. Cris stacks her on the fence and rains elbows. BJM has finally seen enough and steps in. Gotta say in some ways that was Cris' best fight. Definitely her most well rounded and mature. She dominated every aspect and did it scientifically. And her cardio looked unquestionable.

Crimson Mask

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