Bellator live coverage from Albuquerque - Biggest show in company history, Mo, Askren, Chandler

Notes live from the Santa Ana Star Center in Albuquerque, NM


First round: Pitbull dropped him and grabbed a guillotine. Downing escaped and got top position. Pitbull back up. Pitbull dropped him again. More solid shots by Pitbull. Downing got a takedown late. 10-9 Pitbull

Second round: Pitbull with a high kick. Pitbull dropped him with a right. Downing tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Another knockdown by Pitbull and another right cross dropped him again and this time the ref stopped it.


First round: Martinez threw him down and grabbed a standing guillotine. Martinez let it go and threw a right. Spinning backfist by Minakov. Martinez landed a left. Minakov got the takedown this time. Hard knee by Minakov. Martinez back up and landed a hard left. Elbow by Minakov. Minakov shot for a takedown again. Martinez blocking it and the round ended. 10-9 Minakov.

Second round: Martinez bleeding from the nose. Low blow by Minakov and they docked him a point without a warning. Maritnez got some shots in. Minakov tried a takedown and didn’t get it. Close round. Minakov’s round but with the point deduction it’s 19-18 Minakov.

Third round: Good right by Martinez. Bodylock takedown by Minakov. Minakov has his back. Maritnez rolled to his back. Minakov landing punches and elbows from the mount. Minakov landing a lot of punches from the mount. Now he’s dropping elbows. Minkaov throwing punch after punch until it was stopped. 4:02


First round: Noe landed a low kick. Moe took him right down. Mo landing punche and he moved to side control. Noe up and Lawal took him down a second time. Knee to the body by Moe. Noe backup. Mo took him down a third time even though Noe tried to block by grabbing the cage. Knee to the chest by Mo and he backed off and let Noe up. Another takedown by Mo. Mo landing a series of punches. Crowd is booing as Mo is punching him on the ground. Mo is landing a lot of punches, but not hard, until the round ended. 10-9 Lawal

Second round: Right by Mo and a takedown. Mo landing punches. Noe tried an armbar but Mo got out of trouble. Mo landing harder punches now. Mo punched him until the round ended. One-sided kind of boring fight so far. 20-18 Lawal.

Third round: The sound went off but Roy Jones Jr. is there, so I guess he’s really fighting Rampage. Mo took Noe down right away. Moe landing more punches. Noe has a nasty cut under the left eye. Noe back to his feet. Left by Mo. Big right by Mo. Another takedown by Mo. More ground and pound and Jason Herzog stopped the fight. This sets up Mo for a title shot this fall as champion Attila Vegh.  You mean you don't know who Attila Vegh is?

Mo in his interview talked about Attila Vegh but also brought up Emannuel without saying his last name, who is the guy who knocked him out earlier this year, so Mo said he'd be happy to take a rematch before getting his title shot.


First round: Koreshkov blocked the first takedown. Askren got him down and into mount. Askren working for a guillotine. Askren let it go. Now Askren has his back. Another takedown by Askren. Askren with some punches. Askren working for a choke and gave it up to throw more punches. Now Askren with elbows. He went for another choke but gave it up. Askren’s wrestling is so awesome. 10-9 Askren, almost a 10-8.

Second round: Askren went for a takedown and Koreschkov blocked and on top but Askren reversed to the top immediately into side control. I wonder if Koreshkov knew that was 100% for sure going to happen. Askren cheerleading a USA chant while he’s controlling Koreshkov. That wouldn’t be smart for almost anyone else, but Askren continued to control him. USA chant. Askren throwing some punches. Now some booing. Askren in side control. Askren throwing lots of punches. 10-8 Askren here so 20-17.

Third round: Koreshkov landed a knee as Askren shot. Did him no good. Askren is on top throwing punches. He continues to throw punches. Askren mounting and landing punches. They aren’t hard but they are beating him up. Another 10-8 round, so 30-25.

Fourth round: Askren took him down into mount. The crowd is booing. He’s working for a head and arm choke. Askren gave it up and is pounding on him. Askren is in full mount. Jason Herzog finally stopped it. A lot of fans booed Askren.


First round: Chandler hurt him with punches and finished him in about 44 seconds.

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