Bellator MMA Fight Master Review: A Story Of Two Fights

By Josh Nason

The review you're about to read is from Wednesday's Bellator Fight Master show, one of the least-watched episodes in the show's young history. The seventh episode was…. However, if no one is watching your great fights, it unfortunately doesn't matter. Regular reviewer Brent Wilson will be back next week.

#11) Evan Cutts (Team Warren) vs. #2) Cristiano Souza (Team Couture)

The undefeated Souza doesn't think that Cutts' striking is on his level, based on what he saw in the first fight. The 21-year-old Cutts says he's learning a lot from Warren, especially with his takedowns. He's expecting his first child, so there's that. Teammate Eric Scallan thinks he's in trouble against the 30-year-old Souza. Couture says that Warren is a wild card in this whole deal as he's still hungry as an active competitor.

Round 1

Souza is the more muscled of the two and throws with bad intentions early. It takes about a minute for Souza to start making his mark before it's target practical on Cutts. Souza landed lefts, rights and a nasty kick to the body, beating him up repeatedly as the two circled the cage. The fight gets to the ground and Cutts starts working for submissions immediately, nearly snaring Souza's arm several times. Souza is decidedly less active, laying on top, but not doing much to advance his offense. The fight gets to the feet for the last minute and Cutts is finally starting to throw as Souza seems to be wearing a bit. On a takedown attempt, Souza reversed into a top guillotine attempt but Cutts rolled through it. Souza won 10-9.

Round 2

Joe Warren is hardcore cheerleading before the round starts. Cutts takes the center and immediately forces the action as Souza is wilting. Cutts lands a slew of knees to the body and legs as Souza is trapped against the fence. We go back to the mat halfway through the round and Souza is working for a head and arm choke, but Cutts works his way out of it with limited issues. As we get to one minute left in the round, Cutts is working for a rear naked choke and gets reversed to which Warren said, "Jesus Christ!" Eventually, Cutts is able to get the advantage and locks on a triangle choke for the upset submission win. Souza went from nearly having Cutts down and out in the first round to being submitted in the second.

Winner: Cutts by 2nd round submission

#4) AJ Matthews (Team Couture) vs. #7) Eric Bradley (Team Jackson)

While Bradley does looks like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, he also bears a striking resemblance to Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure. Bradley was ranked as a top wrestler in the country but went to jail for eight months after pranking some fraternities. Must have been some hardcore pranks. Matthews hurt his shoulder during the fight-in bout and Couture thinks something might be torn. Do they not have access to doctors or is he avoiding a diagnosis?

Round 1

Bradley gets a takedown early, which is no surprise to anyone. Much of the first part of the round is Bradley stuck to Matthews like glue, but not completing anything like a big takedown followed up by ground and pound. Actually, that was pretty much the entire first round. However, Matthews did cut Bradley above his right eye so perhaps that will play out in the second. I have Bradley winning 10-9.

Round 2

This is more of the same. Bradley was in complete control, living on Matthews back for the entire round. Matthews, however, is managing to prevent most of the takedowns which doesn't say much for Bradley's future in the tournament. Put this fight in front of fans and this would get booed out of the building. This is an easy 10-9 round for Bradley.

Winner: Bradley by u/d

Jackson thinks that outside Joe Riggs, Bradley is the favorite to win. Bellator better hope not. Matthews says his shoulder was fine during the fight and that he wanted to test himself. He cries afterward. The show ends.

Next week begins the quarterfinals with Frank Shamrock taking in three guys, Jackson and Couture each bringing along two and Warren with one.

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