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Fighters are reseeded after the first heat is complete. Couture's #2 Cole Williams calls out Shamrock's #3 Nick Barnes. Obvious going to be a short fight from the length of the commercial breaks and is, as Williams decks Barnes with the first punch and finishes him in seconds after a second KD. Shamrock's #4 Chris Lozano calls out Couture's #8 Mike Bronzoulis. Lozano keeps picking the guys who are going to be the biggest problem for him and it backfires as the less skilled but better conditioned Bronzoulis pulls away in the tiebreaker 3rdR to take the UD in probably the best fight of the season to date. Top level coaching throughout. Shamrock is down to 1 guy and both Couture's guys make it to the quarterfinal round. Too bad nobody's watching as Bellator is committing suicide with this Tito and Hambone Rassling Bullshit and I doubt there's gonna be another season of anything.
Thumbs up. Very good card.
Best fight: Ortega vs. Rinaldi
Worst fight: Morro vs. Polley
KO: Jouban
Sub: Ortega
Matt Manzares taps Steve Swanson with an armbar in the 2nd after a competitive round and a half. Alan Jouban gets second wind and explodes with combos to stop Chris Spang in the 3rd after splitting the first two in a striking war. HWs stink out the joint (what else is new) as Morro lays on Polley (Dos Santos' wrestling coach from TUF who he fired, who missed weight by THIRTY TWO POUNDS for his cancelled LHW fight on the WSOF card) for 3 to take a UD. Brian Ortega triangles Jordan Rinaldi in the 3rd after leading a high tech fight all the way. Kevin Casey in one of his better performances, even striking sharply, dominates Casey Ryan all the way for a UD. The card is outdoors and the ring mat is getting very slippery which definitely affects both fighters in the main, as Pedro Munhoz outworks a still very sharp Jeff Curran to take a 5R SD and the vacant RFA LW title.
UFC fs 1
Thumbs up sideways, as what is a card of competitive matchups on paper turns out mostly quick, entertaining squashes.
Best fight: Browne vs. Overeem
Worst fight: Howard vs. Hall
KO: have to say 3 way tie of Browne, Brown and Siler
Sub: same of Vick, McDonald and Chael
On the online prelims, James Vick quickly taps Ramsey Nijem with a Mackenzatine. OSP almost as quickly reverses a TD by Cody Donovan with whizzer and pounds him out with 6 rapid lefts from inside guard. Manny Gamburyan takes an odd UD over Cole Miller where it looked like Miller should have gotten a clean TKO at the end of the 1st with what sure looked on the replay to be a legal elbow just behind the ear but Manny conned into being an extra minute rest.
It was all one TV card with an arbitrary distinction between midcard and top card. Diego Brandao takes a clear 29-28 UD over Daniel Pineda in a sloppy fight of poorly conditioned FWs. MTB walks into one from Steven Siler and is dropped and pounded out in seconds, not even realizing he was out. Proper stop by Lavinge for once. Conor McGregor, getting a pop like he was Eamon De Valera's ghost, takes a dominant UD over the usually difficult Max Holloway, but reveals a weakness in his top game---he can get there just fine, but kind of shuts down once he's there. Says after the fight he broke his foot. Michael McDonald batters and nearly stops Brad Pickett all 1stR, gets taken down and pounded on in the 2nd but the second Pickett postures up, McDonald sinks the tri for the tap.
Leading the top card Michael Johnson looks like a different fighter, shredding Joe Lauzon with precision strikes of all types, scoring three clean KDs in a completely one sided 1st in which Lauzon is saved by the bell, then capping a dominant 2nd and ultra dominant 3rd with late power TDs. One judge amazingly scores it exactly right at 30-25.
John Howard and Uriah Hall stink out the joint with a 3 round sparring session with a silly flippy dippy finish. Hall again gives the fight away through indecisiveness. All he had to do was strike first. He really needs to get his ass into a real camp or to a good shrink because as is he's about the biggest bust ever.
Matt Brown wisely jumps on Mike Pyle and gets him out of there with a right hand, knee and G&P before Pyle can even get started. Pyle also does not realize at first that he was out.
Iuri Alcantara (note to Jonny Pipik: a 30+ year old guy with 30+ fights is not an 'upstart') almost pulls a quick upset, reversing an opening moments throw on Urijah Faber directly into mount and then threatening with subs, but Urijah manages to reverse and then stay on top of Alcantara for the remainder of the fight, totally dominating the 2nd round for what one judge correctly called a 10-8. I gave Alcatara the 1st and had it 29-27, but the judges gave all 3 to Faber. Good fight. Urijah still owns the niche between the champs and everybody else.
A leaner looking Reem folds up Travis Browne with knees including one that went to the head grounded that Yamazaki completely missed and the fight could have been stopped, but Browne survives, Reem gasses, and Browne drops him with the Bicuda Na Fuca kick and Yamazaki is very quick to call the TKO. Odd reffing but eh. Reem's cardio isn't getting better and there's no way he could deal with machines like Cain and Junior. Browne puts himself in title contention.
You know, IMO anybody who was picking Shogun was delusional, but I would have said anybody who picked Chael by 1stR sub was completely stark raving insane...

Crimson Mask

Hi Dave,
  Just wanted to give a huge thumbs up to UFC and the debut of  Fox Sports 1, Wow! What a great fight night, and I was also very impressed with the debut of Fox Sports 1 as a network, as they seem to be a really exciting network with UFC as a cornerstone of their programs. That was the best night of fights I've seen in a long time, either a free fight or PPV, this was just an awesome show from start to finish. All of the stars in the universe must have lined up tonight and presented the perfect fight card, I'm sure Dana White and the executives at Fox Sports 1 are all very happy. I could not believe the amount of UFC coverage today, with the pre fight interview show, the prelim fights, and the main card, I was treated to 6 hrs of UFC programming! I think I'm gonna like this network! 
Pre fight interview show in the studio with analysis of each fight by Jay Glazer, Brian Stann, and Kenny Florian. Very entertaining show to hype the fights, reminded me of the pre and post football talk shows before each game with the guys in the studio.
Prelim fights were very good, all of the fights were exciting and fast paced.
1. Diego Brandon over Daniel Pineda by decision, very fast paced 3 round fight, the right guy won.
2. Steven Siler knock's out Mike Brown, wow! Mike Brown is tough, very surprised to see him get knocked out, usually the other way around.
3. Conor Mcgregor defeats Max Halloway by an easy decision. Conor is impressive, UFC is really putting him over as the next big thing
4. Michael Mcdonald defeats Brad Picket by tap, very good fight, and impressive win.
Main Card Fights: 
5. Michael Johnson defeats Local Boston guy Joe Lauzion by decision, good fight, Lauzon's face is a mess!
6. John Howard gets the split decision victory of Uriah Hall, good win, disappointed to see Hall lose
7. Matt Brown knocks out Mike Pyle and his mullet. Good knock-out win, of course Pyle is pissed and protested, don't get knocked out dude!
8. Uriah Faber over Iuri Alcantara by decision, good to see Uriah get the win and get back in the win column, great fight
9. Travis Brown knocks the crap out of Alistair Overeem, awesome! Brown took some real punishment, Fedor levels of punishment, but came back like a beast!
10. Chael Sonnen defeats Shogun by tap with impressive guillotine choke.Wow! Didn't see that coming, impressive for Chael, got back in the win column as well and got to express another pro wrestling promo, but why pick on poor Joe Rogan and call him a middle aged stand up comic?
Great night of fights, big thumbs up, best fight of the night was Overeem and Brown, not really any bad fights but maybe Hall and and Howard due to the split decision and expected more from Hall? Big Thumbs up as well to Fox Sports 1 with a great debut as a sports network, up until Friday I had no idea if my cable provider was even going to carry the network since I was unable to get any information, but much to my surprise it happened, and this network looks awesome!
Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

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